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Sunday, April 20, 2014

The majority of the population of eastern Ukraine refused to join Russia

The majority of the population of eastern Ukraine refused to join Russia

 The majority of the population in the eastern Donetsk Ukraine protests Russia did not want to join with Russia but considered illegitimate government in Kiev , according to a poll released Saturday.

Some 52.2 percent of the population who were asked in that region, where separatist violence in which the pro - Moscow menduduk a number of cities , saying they refused to join Russia , while 27.5 percent wanted ruled Moscow .

Among the 3,200 respondents throughout the southeastern Ukraira Russian-speaking inhabitants of their number who refuse to join the Moscow rose to 69.7 percent , according to a poll of Kievs Institute for International Sociology published in the newspaper Mirror Weekly Russian language .

In the Donetsk region , where separatists announced an independent republic and prosecute organized a referendum on autonomy demands Ukrainian federalist and 41 percent said they wanted a decentralization of power .

Residents in the eastern regions remain highly suspicious of the rulers while Kiev , which took power from president Viktor Yanukovych 's pro - Moscow after he was ousted in February after bloody protests .

Approximately 74 percent of respondents said they thought the acting President Oleksandr Turchynov invalid , the poll said .

Russia , NATO said deploying about 40,000 troops on the border, said it had the right to intervene militarily in Ukraine to protect the Russian -speaking population and denies Western accusations that Moscow was behind separatist violence .

But 57.2 percent of those questioned in Donetsk said they felt their rights are not violated and 66.3 percent mengataan reacting against Russian military intervention , according to AFP .

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