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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Deaths from sunken ferry in South Korea rose to 128

Deaths from sunken ferry in South Korea rose to 128

 The death toll from a ferry sank in South Korea rose to 128 people on Wednesday morning , when hundreds of divers searching inside the ill-fated ferry .

Seven more bodies found in a search on Tuesday night ( 22/4 ) bringing the death toll so 128 people while 174 others were unaccounted for, such as reported by Xinhua news agency .

Search operations repeatedly suspended and resumed because a strong current coming sooner than forecast .

Waters off the coast of Jindo Island , where ferry boats which weighs 6,825 tons Sewol reversed on April 16 , is known as an area with a current second fastest in the country .

According to weather forecasts , current will slow down for four days until Thursday . Water temperature ranges from 11 to 12 degrees Celsius in the morning and wave height of 0.5 meters .

A total of 550 divers from the Coast Guard , Navy and private scheduled to do a search on board a ship , while 212 ships and 34 aircraft will help combing the waters to search for the missing .

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