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Friday, April 18, 2014

Ferry boat captain arrested in South Korea

Ferry boat captain arrested in South Korea

South Korean ferry captain who drowned this week has been arrested along with two crew aboard .

Lee Joon - seok , 69, among others, is facing charges of negligence in duty and violated maritime law .

The captain and two crew ferry Click Prosecutor arrested after asking the court to issue an arrest warrant .

Responding to accusations of delaying the evacuation , Lee said that he was worried about the passengers will " drift " when leaving the ferry " without coupled right decision " .

Lee has been questioned by police , and was arrested on Saturday ( 19 / 04 ) this .

" I apologize to South Korean society because it causes confusion and I apologize to the families of the victims , " he said .

Search hampered
The search for 268 missing people still hampered Click limited visibility and strong currents .

The divers saw objects like human body parts in a boat , on Saturday ( 19 / 04 ) , but still bad cause seldom view the body of the appointment has not been made .

Twenty- eight people were killed in the crash , with 179 people survived .

Sewol ferry sailing from Incheon , the island of Jeju .
The investigation focuses on the ship banked sharply before sinking and whether an evacuation order to save the lives of the passengers .

Pieces of pictures taken from the ship showed the crew instructed the passengers to survive when the ship in a tilted position .BBC

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