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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Russia Angered over Deadly Shooting in Eastern Ukraine

Russia Angered over Deadly Shooting in Eastern Ukraine

Russia expressed anger over a deadly shooting in Eastern Ukraine in violation of the truce at Easter . However , Ukrainian officials stated the details of the incident are not clear .

Officials stated shooting at a security checkpoint guarded pro - Russian separatists have killed at least one person . Most reports said four people were killed , including members of the separatist .

Russia in a statement expressed anger at provocations launched by the fighters , and these attacks prove the absence of Kyiv authorities desire to control and disarm the nationalists and extremists . Moscow urges Kyiv in order to control its armed extremists .

However , a group of Ukrainians who allegedly carried out the attack denied involvement and accused the Russian special forces were behind the incident .

The attack came just hours after the Ukrainian government announced a pause in a security operation to get rid of the pro - Russian militants from their buildings seized in recent days .

Foreign Minister Andrii Deshchytsia termination associate it with the Easter holiday , and said , pause it would give more time for the European monitors to organize special missions aimed at easing tensions in Eastern Ukraine .

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