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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Declaration total Indonesian Ulema Anti Shia Degree

Declaration total Indonesian Ulema Anti Shia Degree

Declaration is filled with danger and threat orasi on Shiites, to the plan of action to eliminate the Shiites in Indonesia .

 Representative scholars se - Indonesia gathered in Bandung, on Sunday ( 20/4 ) , the Declaration on Anti Shia event dubbed by the National Alliance of Anti Shia , to enable the removal of Shiite presence in Indonesia .

Also attended by scholars , the event was attended also by the declaration of thousands of Muslims and Civil Society Organizations or Islamic organizations from different parts of Indonesia .

Forum held at the headquarters of the Indonesian Ulema Ummah ( FUUI ) Bandung declaration orasi filled by a number of scholars , researchers, and leaders of Islamic organizations about the dangers and threats Shiites, to the plan of action to eliminate the Shiites in Indonesia .

Figure Nahdlatul Ulama ( NU ) from Central Java , KH . Abdul Hamid Baidlowi in orasinya say , Shia is the unorthodoxy very dangerous Muslims . Understand the Shia in it containing insults against the Prophet Muhammad with family and friends. In addition, he claimed the Shiite group also doubted the authenticity of the contents of the Holy Qur'an.

Head of the Board of Research and Research Islam or LPPI Makassar , Muhammad Said Abdus shamad say , the existence of Shia in a country more dangerous than the colonial army as corrupt Shia faith and religion directly.

" Because according to the scholars , the spread of unorthodoxy in a country more dangerous than the colonial army invaded the country. Colonial army just destroy the world, not directly damage the liver . But unorthodoxy destroy the world and the Hereafter , and to destroy the conscience and religion directly, " he said.

The event was attended by Shia Anti Declaration by the Indonesian Ulema Council ( MUI ) Center - Laws and Legislative , Muhammad Ma'ruf Baharun .

Baharun say , the formation of the National Alliance of Anti Shiite very good because it's an arms length from the work of the scholars. According Baharun , MUI support center alliance formation until the National Alliance of Anti Shia should always do the coordination and consultation with the MUI that the elimination of the Shiite movement in Indonesia can be more effective .

" That since the post- Reformation of 1998, the country is unlikely that we can expect to interfere in matters of religion . Because it's not the domain . This pure domain of scholars and people . Scholars and umatlah that should govern the behavior of the firm , including firmness as this morning . This should dikristalkan , should be solid , " he said.

Meanwhile, in a written certification , a spokesman for Al - Muntazar Shiite community , Abdi M. Soeherman say , the Declaration of Anti Shias do not qualify to be called because it violates the law, the Law of 1945 , as well as the values ​​and spirit of Pancasila. Anti- religious statement or a particular sect widely before the public is a violation of criminal law in hatred .

Event Declaration on Anti Shia is guarded by police forces . A number of access road was closed because of the present mass of thousands of people.VOA

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