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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hamas - PLO agreed to end the internal divisions

Hamas - PLO agreed to end the internal divisions

Islamic Resistance Movement ( Hamas ) and the Palestinian Liberation Organization ( Palestine Liberation Organization / PLO ) on Tuesday night ( 22/4 ) came out with the agreement and Memorandum of Understanding in order to end the internal divisions that had taken place eight years.

PLO delegation led by Azzam al -Ahmed , a member of the Fatah faction - led by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas - arrived in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday morning to meet with Hamas leaders on the implementation of Memorandum of Understanding and agreements referencing them .

That is for the first time since Hamas took over the coastal district pouch , senior officials of the PLO delegation came to the Gaza Strip to review the implementation of the signed agreements referencing Fatah and Hamas in Cairo, Egypt , in 2011 and in Qatar in 2012.

Ismail Haneya , Prime Minister of Hamas - the ruling in the Gaza Strip - and even Representative Hamas leader, told members of the delegation in Gaza City that now " is not the era of era of application and dialog again " .

It called for the full implementation of all agreements , Memorandum of Understanding and an agreement signed by both parties in Cairo and Doha .

Al -Ahmed also convey optimism towards the implementation of all agreements . "We have reached the moment of zero for end to internal divisions , " he said as reported by Xinhua news agency .

It also stressed the talks with Hamas leaders in the Gaza Strip will include the formation of association and designation date ruling maintenance presidential election and the members of parliament and members of the National Council of the Palestinian elections , the Parliament of the PLO in exile .

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