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Friday, April 18, 2014

PPP Support Prabowo So Candidates

PPP Support Prabowo So Candidates

United Development Party ( PPP ) on Friday afternoon ( 18/4 ) officially declared its support to the Chairman of the Board of Trustees Gerindra Prabowo to forward a presidential candidate in presidential elections next July .

" PPP has agreed to provide support to Pak Prabowo entirely as a candidate. PPPs judge Prabowo is the right person to lead Indonesia into the front towards Indonesia better . Those PPP is a blessing to Indonesia , " said the PPP Chairman Suryadharma Ali or commonly called in the SDA .

Prabowo was receiving such support . " I accept with a sense of responsibility for the support and confidence and trust in order to fight to safeguard the sovereignty , independence , safety , the interests of the whole people of Indonesia , " Prabowo said in his press conference at the House of PPP , Jakarta .

Prabowo also like to thank you for PPP support himself without the benefit other than to the interests of the nation ahead . " Chairman of the PPP , Suryadharma Ali , expressed the desire to convey openly support me . I was touched by the confidence of the SDA and the PPP leadership , especially the support without any conditions . 's Show keiklhalasan , statesman . I personally and on behalf of the party to say thank you , " he said . With the support of PPP , added Prabowo , Gerindra itself and get support and encouragement towards the 2014 presidential election .

" We today can boost , plus the confidence to build a nation that will come , " says Prabowo .

SDA asked all levels of both parties from the center to the branch to win Prabowo . " I hope the PPP ranks , from the central and local branches , can provide full support for kemenngan Prabowo on pilres later , " said the Minister of Religious Affairs .

SDA is docked to maneuver Gerindra itself has sparked an internal conflict in the PPP . Tail, 6 PPP cadres fired , ie 4 DPW chairman , Vice Chairman of the DPP Monoarfa Monoarfa , and the last Secretary General of the PPP M Romahurmuziy . Romahurmuziy dismissal letter signed by SDA on Thursday ( 17/4 ) .

Problem is justified dismissal PPP deputy secretary general Syaifullah Tamliha . Currently , Romahurmuziy replaced Muchsin Isa , who prior to his serving as deputy secretary general .

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