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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

French troops to control Muslim Central African Republic

French troops to control Muslim Central African Republic

French peacekeeping troops stationed in the Central African Republic to control a convoy of hundreds of Muslims who are away from the threat of violence in the capital Bangui toward a city that effectively run by Muslim guerrillas , on Monday .

A Reuters witness said 102 Muslims guarded by 150 French soldiers , backed by helicopters patrolled over them , leaving the northern outskirts of PK- 12 by using a truck heading Bambari , about 300 km northeast of the capital , on Sunday.

Almost all Muslim citizens have fled from Bangui since Seleka Muslim guerrillas seize power in March 2013, was forced to retreat in January 2014. UN since then have reported "cleansing" of ethnic Muslims from the west of the country .

Inter- communal violence that swept the Central African Republic since the end of 2012 while fighting the power struggle turned into violence between Muslims and Christians has forced about 1 million people to flee their homes .

Nearly 200 thousand people have fled the country since December with more than 160 thousand people are expected to evacuate the year.

There was no violence during a trip to Bambari , a town that is effectively run by Seleka in the middle. But the fact that Muslims go there is a sign of the emergence of a de facto partition of the Central African Republic .

"I will stay in Bambari . Similarly quiet country I will go back ( to Bangui ) . Calm But if not , I will stay here , " said a woman in the convoy .

The convoy passed within Christianity in the capital of the anti - Balaka , who has done a lot of violence against Muslims, strong enough .

" We do not want Muslims living in Bambari ... They should come out and directly into Chad . 's What we want, " said an anti- Balaka fighter who identified himself as Paterne .

UN Security Council this month inaugurate the mandate of the UN peacekeeping mission measuring 12 thousand people to work in September , a form of recognition that 6,000 soldiers and 2,000 African peacekeeping France who have served in the country had failed to establish their influence.

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