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Monday, April 21, 2014

U.S. shoots down MH370 ?

U.S. shoots down MH370 ?

An author is a former oil company executives argued that the United States might have been shot down on Malaysia Airlines MH370 and the country is now covering up the incident .

Writing in OpEdNews.com , John Chuckman , a former economist at the Canadian oil giants , asked , " Could the United States to shoot down Flight MH370 , either by accident or on purpose , and now they want to keep it ?

" The possibility of the discovery of the wreckage completely, although its location has been found , from four miles under the sea between mountains under the sea , is very far away , so the United States can remain confident that the physical evidence would never be found . "

Chuckman continued , " Actions like this time it's not happening , at least on three occasions , unfortunately , the American military to shoot down civilian aircraft ever .

"I do not know what makes events ( pilot or pirate ) flight MH370 shut off communication , change direction , and flying low , but I do not know ( why ) event was not observed by the eyes and ears of American military intelligence , " he said as reported back Daily Mirror , UK .

MH370 analyzed had flown into the Indian Ocean , while the U.S. has a military base located in the middle of the ocean that is Diego Garcia .

Before the rumors of a passenger MH370 , Philip Wood , posted a message on social media 4Chan , a request for help that the plane was hijacked and landed at a place in the middle of the Indian Ocean , Diego Garcia reference .ANT

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