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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Ferry Carousel : Last Communications says panic

Ferry Carousel : Last Communications says panic

The last communication network between South Korean ferry crew , Sewol , and Carousel apparatus reveals panic and doubt that sank the ferry crew .

In the newly released transcripts of communications Carousel Coast Guard , a crew of at least three times asked the Centre Vessel Traffic Monitoring the rescue ship is available if evacuations are carried out.

At 09:24 local time , 29 minutes after the emergency signal transmitting Sewol , a Coast Guard officer said , " Please come out and make sure passengers wear life jackets keeping and impose additional layers of clothes . "

A crew responded , " If the ferry evacuating the passengers, if you can save them? "
Snapshot communication Sewol

Task : " Please come out and ask passengers impose security jacket and extra clothing . "

Alan Jackson : " If a passenger ferry to be evacuated , if you can save them? "

Task : " Most do not have them imposed jacket peacekeepers and their evacuation . "

Alan Jackson : " If they evacuated , if they can directly be saved? "

Officer : " Do not leave them without peacekeepers. At the very least they should be wearing vests and evacuation keeping them ... We do not know the situation very well.

Captain should make the final decision and decide whether you will evacuate passengers or not . "
Crew : "I do not talk about it . I ask , if they evacuated now , can they directly saved? "

"At least make sure they wear a jacket peacekeepers and their evacuation , " the officer responded Ship Traffic Monitoring Centre on Jindo Island , Carousel .

As long as the crew completed the task urgent evacuation process , you are asked twice whether the passengers could be saved immediately .

New at 09:37 local time , a few seconds before the communication is over, Ship Traffic Monitoring Centre on Jindo Island , assured that the evacuation had been ordered .

delaying evacuation
Later known, the ship steered by Click inexperienced crew when the accident happened on Wednesday ( 16 /04 ) ago. Captain Lee Joon- seok , 69 , is not on the steering column .

It is not clear who ordered the evacuation .
Lee Joon- seok admitted to deliberately delay the process because he was concerned that the evacuation of the passengers will be drifting .

" The current was very strong current , temperature of the sea water is very cold . I think if those people leave the ferry without a proper assessment , if they are not wearing a jacket peacekeeping , and even if they do , they will be drifting and other difficulties , "said Lee .

MV Sewol reverse route from Incheon heading Jeju Island in the south of Carousel . The ship was carrying 476 people , including 339 students who took the tour of the school.

Investigation is currently focused on the causes of the accident . Some experts suspect that the incident happened when the captain decided to turn right on a sharp craft , cargo shed weight , so the ship is not balanced .BBC

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