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Monday, April 21, 2014

. PM Ukraine : Emerging New Soviet Union would be so Disasters

. PM Ukraine : Emerging New Soviet Union would be so Disasters

Ukrainian prime minister has accused Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to return again the existence of the Soviet Union with the annexation of the Crimean recently incited riots and pro - Russian eastern Ukraine

Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said this Sunday ( 20/4 ) in the program " Meet the Press " on NBC TV channel in the U.S. , via a video connection from the Ukraine . He said the return of the Soviet Union under the Putin administration will be " the biggest disaster of the century. "

Previously Russia has said " angry " about the shootout that resulted in fatalities in eastern Ukraine that violates ceasefire for Easter . Ukrainian officials said details of the incident remain unclear .

Officials said the shootout at a checkpoint occupied pro - Russian separatists killed at least one person . Some reports said four people were killed , including the rebels .

But the Ukrainian group blamed for the attack denied involvement and accused the Russian special forces were behind the attack . The attack occurred near the town of Slavyansk , who controlled the militant pro - Russian .VOA

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