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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

U.S. sent 600 troops to Poland and the Baltic countries

 U.S. sent 600 troops to Poland and the Baltic countries

United States send about 600 soldiers to Poland and the Baltic states to affirm a commitment to the NATO allies amid tensions with Russia , so the Pentagon said on Tuesday .

Approximately 150 U.S. military personnel from the 173rd Airborne Brigade units located in Italy will arrive in Poland on Wednesday , AFP reported .

While the other 450 soldiers will leave for Estonia , Lithuania , and Latvia in the next few days to do the exercises together until the end of the year , said Pentagon spokesman Admiral John Kirby .

" Since the Russian aggression in Ukraine , we are constantly looking for ways to ensure the security of allies and friendly countries , " said Kirby .

Placement of U.S. troops is " a tangible manifestation of the commitment to carry out our obligations ensure security in Europe , " he said .

The move also is a " message to Moscow " that the United States " will assume its responsibilities on the European continent with a very , very serious . "

U.S. troops are leaving this week will stay for a month in eastern Europe and then rotated with other military personnel .

Rotation will continue until an undetermined time , Kirby demiikian information .

" How long this rotation will be performed ? I can not give you a specific time . However we will strive to maintain our presence until the end of the year , " he said .

The move is part of Washington's efforts to dismiss concerns among NATO members in eastern Europe , where the intervention of Russia in Ukraine has sparked vigilance .

Since the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis , the Pentagon has sent 12 F - 16 fighter aircraft and flight support teams to Poland .

Kirby said that there is the possibility of extra time with a member of NATO military exercises in eastern Europe .

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