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Monday, April 21, 2014

MH370 : Exploration Undersea Finish 7-8 Days

 MH370 : Exploration Undersea Finish 7-8 Days

Search MH370 in the southern Indian Ocean sea floor to be finished in seven days , according to the Australian office on Saturday.

In Kuala Lumpur , the Malaysian Defense Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said , the search in the coming days will be important means of survival mission .

" Regardless of the outcome in two days, we need to review these operations, " he told reporters . " The search for today and tomorrow are crucial times . So , I ask everyone to pray , so that we get something in the coming days . "

Tim seekers are now focused on the area around the 9.6- mile signal detected on April 8 of the past . Investigators suspect the signal comes from the black box of the aircraft, the girl said the search told The Wall Street Journal on Saturday .

Analysis of a set of signals that untracked United States Navy ( U.S. ) between April 5 and April 8 demanding underwater search refinements ..

Bluefin unmanned submarines , 21 U.S. owned , who explores the ocean floor south of the Indian Ocean , so far has completed six separate finding mission . Exploration of the extent of 130 square kilometers has not been any results. Data have not been analyzed sixth mission . The seventh mission in progress.

" So far we are satisfied with the progress of the mission. Although , there are a number of adjustments that are triggered search plan weather and other unexpected situations , " Show Australian Coalition Coordination Center ( JACC ) without elaborating explanations . " We can accomplish the mission that focuses on the seabed in five to six days. "

Hishammuddin did not display the reason why the next two days to be important . Faced Islam while Australia indicate search term is five to seven days.

" In connection with the site , today and tomorrow becomes important . JACC and all members have narrowed the search area , which can lead to something , today and tomorrow , " he said.

If bluefin do not find anything, Show , the minister , the officer may need to evaluate the radar and satellite data to make sure they find the correct area . However , the search will continue , even if they do not find anything on Monday .

" That does not mean we will stop the operation. " " On Monday , we will be in a better position to determine the direction of the search , and at very high levels , " said Hishammuddin .WSJ

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