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Friday, April 18, 2014

Continued Mrs. Doubtfire movie produced

Continued Mrs. Doubtfire movie produced

Film comedy Mrs. Doubtfire who have successfully won a Golden Globe in 1993 is currently being made ​​newest edition .

Actor Robin Williams fixed veteran actor is believed to be the main character of a father who masquerades as a nanny in order to meet their children after a divorce with his wife .

In a film that is able to make a profit of up to 400 million U.S. dollars , the audience will always be remembered by the scene when the father disguised by using wigs and other accessories to resemble the figure of a nanny.

Site Hollywood Reporter , the film Mrs. Doubtfire advanced will also remain directed by Chris Columbus , while the screenplay writer Elf ( 2003) , David Berenbaum will write the screenplay .
Best in his time

According to the website The Wrap , the design of a sequel or continuation of Mrs. Doubtfire movie has been done since 2001 , but the project was never continued .
In addition to starring Robin Williams , the film Mrs. Doubtfire II will also bring back the actress Sally Field and actor Pierce Brosnan as supporting actress .

In 1993 , the film won numerous awards , from best actor Robin Williams digaet , best comedy movie to the best music .

The film was able to beat the closest competitor , Sleepless in Seattle , starring Tom Hanks .BBC

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