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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Learn (Seek Sciences) for humans happy.

The ride was not finished (319)

(Part three hundred nineteen), Depok, West Java, Indonesia, 23 July 2015, 19:30 pm)

Learn (Seek Sciences) for humans happy.

God in his word in the Koran gives its blessings, including the provision treasure) breathe the air (oxygen) is fresh, the fish in the sea, the result of natural resources, such as petroleum, natural gas, gold, silver, wheat, and crop fields / paddy rice, wheat and corn to all sentient beings, whether human, or animal, and the Grace of God (sustenance) is given to the human body consists of a variety of groups, tribes, ethnic, language diversity, as well as variety of war
Na skin, both of which live along the equator as well as those living in the South Pole, the North Pole, the continent of Asia, Continental Europe, the continent of Africa, Continent of Australia, the Americas, and the peoples who live in the Pacific Ocean, and Indian Ocean.
Also they are now embraced Islam, Catholicism, Protestantism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Shinto, Kong Fu Tse, Zorroaster, animism, and those who are not religious Communists (Atheists).
Sustenance portion (wealth) depends on the effort (effort) in their search for sustenance, whether acquired by provision of knowledge (both scientific knowledge, and empirical), as well as philosophy.
The higher the knowledge the more likely he gained Treasure (salary).
When a farmer planting rice / wheat using science bilologi for example, he can choose the seeds in order to harvest the farm more productive.
Science can be obtained in two ways, if the science world, can be obtained in University (school / institute courses) or teachers who already have knowledge.
If the Science of Religion (Islam) Quran and Hadith to be gained by learning from both parents, the University (the school) as well as the Ustad (scholars).
The difference is that Science World, secular, are usually trying to find happiness the world alone.
While the Science of Religion, for happiness is not only the world but also the hereafter, because the science of religion (Quran and Hadith) could lead the world in order ikmu not deviate, such as not greedy in seeking wealth (wealth), no right of poor and good deeds of the majority n wealth we earn, and the science of the Quran also lead mankind that real life was not in the world (temporarily), but in the hereafter.
In searching for the treasure we are also guided to seek lawful possessions, not corruption, rob, and steal or rob the rights of others, eat also have to eat kosher food (except those forbidden such as pork, blood, carrion (carcass except fish) and merorok (sucking tobacco, Muhammadiyah fatwa Indonesia and Saudi Ulema Council Saudi smoking haram 'argument is based on the Quran and Hadith).
So Religious Science leads us to the treasure that we use it with blessings and happy.
How many rich people in the world, artists, singers richest in the world that actually lives less happy (stress) to end his life by suicide using drugs or sleeping pills (sedatives).
How many Muslims and that his property Moslem world just a little bit (just barely enough to eat and drink) but felt his heart happy and quiet life, ease of God given to him already an invaluable treasure.

Tips to memorize Al-Qur'an and Sunnah (Hadith / Al-Hikmah).

/ By
Al-Ustadz Yazid bin Abdul Qadir Jawas

A student of knowledge should know that studying has several steps that must be passed. He had to start from the most important then is important. He should not be in a hurry, even he must be patient and know the level of her abilities.

The scholars we never pass and deviate from their studies because of the gradual stages in their studies is the way congratulations to acquire knowledge. Staged in this study is based on the word of Allah wa Tabaaraka Ta'aala,

وقرآنا فرقناه لتقرأه على الناس على مكث ونزلناه تنزيلا

"And Al-Qur-an (We sent down) gradually so that thou (Muhammad) recite to the people and we slowly lower it gradually." [Al-Israa ': 106]

And the word of Allah Ta'ala,

وقال الذين كفروا لولا نزل عليه القرآن جملة واحدة كذلك لنثبت به فؤادك ورتلناه ترتيلا

"And those who disbelieve say: 'Why did al-Qur'an was not revealed to him all at once?' So that We strengthen your heart (Muhammad) with her and we read it tartil (gradually, slowly and correctly)." [ Al-Furqan: 32]

Many humans are prevented from studying because of its purpose in leaving the usul (a basic foundation). What is meant ushul is Al-Qur'an and Sunnah.

A prosecutor prioritize science let him to memorize Al-Qur-an and then the hadiths of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam. Such are advised by the Salaf to people who want to gain knowledge of them.

Imam Abu 'Umar Yusuf bin' Abdullah bin Muhammad Ibn 'Abd al-Barr (died th. 463 H) rahimahullaah said, "Demand has knowledge levels and stages that should not be violated. Who would break the whole, then he has broken the path of the Salaf, who violated their way on purpose, then he has lost, and who violated because ijtihad, then he had deviated.

Beginning of science is to memorize the Qur'aan and understand it. Everything that can help to understand it, then it is obligatory to learn it. I'm not saying that to memorize the entire Al-Qur-an is obligatory, but I say that it is obligatory (sunnah is approaching mandatory) and a must for anyone who wants to be a pious, not obligatory.

Al-Qur-an is a staple of science. Who is to memorize it before the age baligh, then take the time to learn what can help in understanding the form of Arabic, it is the biggest helper to achieve the goal in understanding the Al-Qur'an and Sunnah-Sunnah of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam .. ,

Then look to the Sunnah-Sunnah are famous, which has remained from the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam that a prosecutor with the purpose of science to the Almighty Allah in His Book. And Sunnah laws opened the Al-Qur-an for him ...

Any person seeking Sunnah-Sunnah, he should prioritize the hadiths narrated by the priests, who tsiqah and many hafalannya (huffazh) [1]. "Then, O my brother, you have to memorize the usul and seek help with it.

Imam Ibn Jama'ah (died th. 733 H) rahimahullaah said, "Let the (prosecutor science) started with Kitabullaahil 'Aziiz, memorize it with mutqin (really mature), earnestly to understand his commentary, and all knowledge (science Al- Qur-an). Because, al-Qur-an is a staple of science, its parent, and the most important. "[2]

Thus, the main target of the prosecution of science is to memorize the Qur'aan and the authentic Sunnah of the Prophet. After that let him memorize the books of honor, both in the field of Aqeedah, Fiqh, hadith, nahwu, or fara-IDH. Shaykh Muhammad ibn Salih al-'Utsaimin rahimahullaah said, "The most important thing for someone in their studies is to study the interpretation is entirely Kalamullaah because Kalamullaah science. Allah the Exalted says,

ونزلنا عليك الكتاب تبيانا لكل شيء وهدى ورحمة وبشرى للمسلمين

"... And We sent down the Book (Al-Qur'an) to you to explain everything as guidance and mercy and good news for those who have surrendered (Muslims)." [An-Nahl: 89]

Formerly the Sahaba never passed ten verses until they learn what is in it in the form of science and charity so that they learn the Al-Qur-an, science, and charity as well. I think this is the most important. Then going to the one of the teenagers-especially children-to start with memorizing Al-Qur-an ... At the same time let the prosecution of science devoted to the Sunnah because it is the foundation of the Shari'ah can not be separated forever, Al-Qur-an and Sunnah both a revelation. And what has remained in the Sunnah is tantamount to what is stipulated in the Al-Qur-an.

Allah the Exalted says,

وأنزل الله عليك الكتاب والحكمة وعلمك ما لم تكن تعلم وكان فضل الله عليك عظيما

"... And (also because) Allah has revealed the Book (Al-Qur-an) and wisdom (the Sunnah) to you and taught you what you have not known. The gift of God bestowed on you is enormous. "[An-Nisa ': 113] [3]

• Tips for Memorizing Al-Qur-an [4]
Previously memorized Al-Qur-an in view of the clergy was key. With it they start studying. That's why they never hesitated to start memorizing Al-Qur-an. Hafalannya is characteristic that appears in the community of scholars and prosecution of science. Most of the Salaf highly regarded disgrace for not memorizing Al-Qur-an. Among the evidence is what is expressed al-Haafiz Ibn Hajar (died th. 852 H) in Taqriibut Tahdziib (I / 664, no. 4529), the biography of 'Uthman ibn Muhammad ibn Abi Abi Shaybah, "He is tsiqah, a Hafiz who famous, but he has auham (a mistake) and said he was not memorized Al-Qur-an. "[5]

Indeed memorize Al-Qur-an is not an obligation on a prosecutor's knowledge, but on occasion was the key to memorizing and understanding way. Let a prosecutor science knows that memorizing Al-Qur-an and practice it can increase the degree elevation. Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said,

إن الله يرفع بهذا الكتاب أقواما و يضع به آخرين.

"Verily, Allah Ta'ala lift (degrees) some people with the Book (Al-Qur-an) and degrading the other with Al-Qur-an". [6]

Here are some things that can help throughout the prosecution of science to memorize Al-Qur-an:

1. Pray to God Almighty with sincerity in order to be given the ease of memorizing Al-Qur-an. Let memorize Al-Qur-an be done with sincerity merely for the pleasure of Allah Ta'ala.

2. Sound off his best verses have been memorized to a reciter 'good reading and memory.

3. Repeating ngulang memorized verses that have scheduled and try to discipline.

4. Using a Mushaf Al-Qur-an order to reinforce memorization.

5. Repeating ngulang verses memorized ten / twenty times peared also more-with standing, sitting, and walking.

6. Read the new verses are memorized in the prayer because it can further embed the rote.

7. Read the verse translation and commentary that has been memorized.

8. Steer clear of sin and maksiyat.

Imam adh-Dahhak (died th. 102 H) rahimahullaah said, "It is not a person to learn Al-Qur-an and then he forgets, but due to sin." He then read the word of God,

وما أصابكم من مصيبة فبما كسبت أيديكم ويعفو عن كثير

"And whatever misfortune befall you is because of what your own hands, and God forgive a lot (of mistakes)." [Ash-Syuura: 30]

Then he continued, "Tragedy is greater than forgetting al-Qur-an?" [7]

9. Determine a regular schedule to determine the limits of the daily recitation (what's memorized every day).

Arranged for not menyelisihi rules or change them, except as there are things to do emergency.

10. Should paragraph diahafal a little every day to be more attached

For those who have memorized several chapters of Al-Qur-an, or who have memorized 30 chapters, let him always muraja'ah (repeat-ngulang) on occasion and keep it well as Al-Qur-an is faster than the loss of tied camels.

Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said,

تعاهدوا هذا القرآن, فوالذي نفس محمد بيده, لهو أشد تفلتا من الإبل في عقلها

Always read the Qur'an this. By the One in which the soul of Muhammad is in His hands, indeed, Al-Qur-an is more easily separated than a camel in a knot "[8]

• Lock in the Memorization and Remembering
There are some important things that can assist in the prosecution of science to memorize or remember the lesson with a good overview, including:

1. mengikhlaskan intention for God and expect a reward from Him.

2. Away from the things forbidden and prohibited shari'ah.

3. The result of good business, eating kosher food and away from the haram.

4. Empty the hearts of various busyness.

5. Not memorize when very hungry, thirsty, tired, or when his heart was busy with other matters.

6. High-willed, earnest, and continued to repeat the lessons in order to successfully memorize.

7. Not discouraged by the ugly ability to memorize and keep repeating the lesson ngulang.

8. Repeating lessons with a voice that can be heard because listening can help in memorizing lessons.

9. Using the help of pen or paper to prepare everything that can help in memorizing, or repeat-pela-distance ngulang written manner.

10. And before all of the above, let always devoted to Allah Ta'ala. [9]

Imam al-Bukhari rahimahullah was a strong memory. He was asked, "Is drug forget that?" He replied, "Always look to book" (It is always read and repeat it). [10]

• Time-time for Memorizing
Imam Ibn Jama'ah rahimahullaah said, "The best time to memorize is when the meal; to discuss in the morning; to write during the day; and to muthala'ah and discuss (mudzakarah) at night. "

Al-Khatib al-Baghdadi (died th. 463 H) rahimahullaah said, "The best time to memorize is at the dawn of time, then mid-day, and later in the morning." He added, "Memorization in the evening over to bring the benefits rather than memorizing during the day, and when hungry (which is not very) is more beneficial than when full. "[11]

• Best Places for Memorizing
Imam Ibn Jama'ah said -menukil of al-Khatib, "The best place to memorize is room and any place away from the things that makes negligent." He said, "It is not good if there is memorized in a plant, around the verdant trees, on the banks of the river, in the middle of the road, and noisy places because it is (generally) can prevent the empty heart (to memorize). "[12]

• Must be familiar with the Prosecutor Science Al-Qur-an
'Abdullah bin' Amr bin al-`As radhiyallaahu 'anhuma said, "Messenger of Allah sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam air-word to me,

اقرإ القرآن في كل شهر, قال: قلت: إني أجد قوة. قال: فاقرأه في عشرين ليلة, قال: قلت: إني أجد قوة, قال: فاقرأه في سبع ولا تزد على ذلك.

"Read the Al-Qur-an (to seal) every month." 'Abdullah said, I said, "Really, I'm able to do more than that." The Prophet said, "then read (to seal) for twenty days."' Abdullah said, I said, "Really, I'm able to do more than that." The Prophet said, "If so, read (to seal) for seven days and not more than that." [13]

Jundub bin 'Abdullah ibn Sufyan al-Bajali (d between th. 60-70 H) radhiyallaahu' anhu never intestate, "I intestate to you, let fear of God. I also make one's will to you to always (read and appreciate) the content of Al-Qur-an because he was light on a dark night and the instructions in bright daylight. Know that Al-Qur-an can cause you to reach for something whose value is very high .... "[14]

[Copied from the book The Road to Heaven Sciences Demand "Demand Free Science", Author of Yazid ibn Abdul Qadir Jawas, Publishers Library At-Taqwa, PO BOX 264 - 16 001 Bogor West Java - Indonesia, Rabi'uts Tsani First published 1428H / April 2007M]

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