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Monday, October 20, 2014

2 Year Wanders outside of the Earth, a mysterious U.S. Aircraft Home

the X-37B spacecraft
2 Year Wanders outside of the Earth, a mysterious U.S. Aircraft Home

Friday morning, October 17, 2014, United States military spacecraft returns to Earthafter secret mission endured days of 674.

Orbital Test Vehicle or X-37B, its name, which are shaped like miniature spacecraftlanded at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California on Friday morning local time.

"I'm very proud of the success of the team, which together make this third landingsafely," said Colonel Keith Balts, Commander of the 30th Space Wing in statementsquoted from SPACE.com.

However, the Commander did not explain what the X-37B spacecraft in such a long time. Also details of missions undertaken--including what the hell contained in it.Secret meetings.

Since its launch to the present day, what the hell the purpose and mission of theaircraft was carried out remains unclear. So it's still a mystery. U.s. Air Force officialssaid only the media that, "X-37B is the experimental concept of operations and risk reduction technology development of space vehicles to be used repeatedly," such asKapoww .com-quotes from the BBC, Saturday (18/10/2014).

Or in other words to be a test of technology that could be used for future satellitemissions.

It was the third mission of the program which began in 1999, and is currently theOrganization's Rapid Capabilities Office the US air force.

The first aircraft was launched on Thursday, April 22, 2010, and again after 8 months.While the second orbit in March 2011, and is beyond the Earth for up to 15months.

Aircraft in use today, the third mission launched in December 2012, is made byBoeing. Equipped with solar panels as a provider of power in orbit. Has a length of 9 meters and a wingspan of almost 15 feet, while achieving 4.989 does it weigh pounds.

The fourth X-37B mission is scheduled for launch from Cape Canaveral, Florida, by 2015.

The Program was initially commanded by NASA--and for wearing second-hand aircraftbelonging to the space agency. However, in recent times, taken over the Pentagon'sresearch unit, which then melimpahkannya to the secret units of the air force. The X-37B was built by Boeing Phantom Works Division in Seal Beach, California, andweighing about 11,000 pounds (5,000 kilograms).

When it launches, only a handful of u.s. military officials who know what exactly is in the unmanned aircraft along the 8.8 meter surface it is white.


There are two conjectures about the usefulness of the X-37B. First, the X-37B is beingtested as a platform-based weapons space. If true, it contradicts some international treaties. The Pentagon has denied the allegations. Analysts tend to agree with theobjection.

Analysts said it's unlikely the plane, part of a dangerous weapon delivery system. One reason he only got a machine with the ability to maneuver orbital low-power--thatreduce their ability to move quickly during a crisis.

However, the simple fact that he was a cargo plane can carry anything that fits into thespace, of small missiles to nuclear weapons--and make that objection is notsatisfactory.

Other allegations, there is also the possibility that the X-37B was launched to undergointensive durability tests. Like other robotic planes, United States Navy X47B last yeartaking off and then landing on an aircraft carrier for the first time. Then he underwenta number of tests-although nobody knows for what.

U.S. Air Force spokesman, Gary Payton, derides speculation that aircraft were the X-37B is the pioneer for a fleet of space weapons.

According to him, the main purpose of the launch is to test a space technology rather than establish a United States weapons. "I don't know how this could be called thearming of outer space," he said last year 2010.

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