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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Victims of the storm and Avalanche in Nepal Reached 29 People

 the storm and Avalanche in Nepal
Victims of the storm and Avalanche in Nepal Reached 29 People

Since Wednesday (15/10), the SAR Team has managed to rescue the climbers from the District of Mustang 78 and 157 people from the District of Manang.

Map location of Mount Annapurna in Nepal, home to snow avalanche incident, Wednesday (15/10) 9.

SAR team extend their searches, Friday (17/10), against the climbers are missing, sincea series of blizzards and snow avalanche struck the Himalayan mountains in northernNepal, early this week, killing at least 29 people.

The Government announced the establishment of a high-level Commission to monitor and coordinate rescue efforts, were shot after the outcry that officials are not doingenough to help the climbers trapped along a popular hiking paths.

With improved weather conditions, aircraft helicopters resumed their operationssearching for the climbers who were stranded in a larger area, so said BaburamBhandari, a high government official in the District of Mustang.

Dozens of people took refuge in lodges spread across the Annapurna, where deep snow had made it more difficult climb even further. Since Wednesday (15/10), the SARTeam has managed to rescue the climbers from the District of Mustang 78 and 157people from the District of Manang.

Two climbers from Hong Kong and 12 from Israel was flown to Katmandu, on Wednesday (15/10), and was hospitalized. (VOA)

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