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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

US Foreign Minister Urges To Asia Leaders to Increase Efforts Opposed To ISIS

US Foreign Minister Urges To Asia Leaders to Increase Efforts Opposed To ISIS
John Kerry and Joko Widodo

Prevent the recruitment of ektremis in Southeast Asia is the main non-militarypriorities of the Coalition AS a unified group to quell ISIS.

Secretary of State John Kerry on Monday (20/10) called on Asian countries to increasetheir efforts against the extremist Islamic State (ISIS) and a lethal Ebola virus.

In Jakarta for the inauguration of the President of the "Jokowi" Joko Widodo, Kerrytook that opportunity to meet separately with Prime Minister of Malaysia Najib Razakand Australia Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

He also met Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, Philippine Foreign MinisterAlbert del Resario and also the President of Jokowi.

Officials in the Entourage of Kerry say preventing recruitment of ektremis in Southeast Asia, especially in Muslim majority countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia, is the main non-military priorities of the Coalition AS a unified group to quell ISIS.

United States wants these countries "do more and cooperate" to drive out extremistswho preach the news out of their territories, to oppose the ideology-the ideology ofextremists, prevent the flow of foreign fighters and take a crackdown on terrorist financing, according to the officials.

Kerry did not mince words in conveying his message, thank PM Najib over "strongstatements" his country against the radical ideology of ISIS, according to the officials.But Kerry also stressed that the international community should continue to taketough measures to foreign fighters, they said.

At Abbott, Kerry praised Australia's role in the Coalition, which includes a significantmilitary component, and said that Australia has felt the society own the problemscreated for foreign fighters.

The presence of citizens of Australia among the Warriors of ISIS "to make all people aware of how important the joining the global coalition and for all parties tounderstand the pertaruhannya," said Kerry on Abbott.

He also spoke of the efforts of the coalition military that has gotten a boost in recent days from the election, Interior Minister and Minister of defence of the new Iraq.

"It is especially helpful in the planning and implementation of our efforts," said Kerry.

Kerry's visit to Jakarta, which requires more than 26 hours trip just to be on the ground for 24 hours before he went to Germany Tuesday, aims to highlight thecommitment of the Government of Barack Obama in the Asia Pacific region, especiallyexpectations for Indonesia, the largest Muslim country in the world and third largestdemocracies.

Asia is home to the economy-the economy with the fastest growth. Kerry has madeeight visits to Asia in the last 20 months, and President Obama will fly to China,Myanmar and Australia next month.

Ebola-related, Kerry asked Asian countries to increase their contributions to the globaleffort to stop the spread of the virus, according to u.s. officials. (AP)

U.S. Commander: Kobani might fall into the hands of ISIS
General Lloyd Austin said at the Pentagon Friday (17/10) that the Group ISIS seems toprioritize to seize the town of Kobani in Syria.

Commander of the U.s. central command, which oversees the Middle East saysairstrikes U.S. led coalition and Kurdish ground forces had reached an "encouragingprogress" over the militant Islamic State or the ISIS tried to seize the Kobani, a border town in Syria but it was still "very likely" fall into the hands of such groups.

General Lloyd Austin told reporters at the Pentagon Friday (17/10) that the Groupseemed to have that ISIS took a decision to prioritize the seizure of Kobani.

Although the U.S. help in fighting in Kobani, General Austin says the u.s. military's primary focus is Iraq and help Iraq in the fight against forces of ISIS.

In an interview with VOA, the head of Iraq's military staff Babakir Zebari said he wassure Iraq's forces can "perform her duties" in defeating the Warriors of ISIS "if they geta strong support from the air as well as training."

General Austin said of the overall campaign against Iraq and Syria in ISIS that resulted in a weakening of the capabilities of ISIS, but "still need time." (VOA)

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