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Monday, October 20, 2014

Joko Widodo sworn in as the 7th Indonesian President, John Kerry, Malaysian, Australian , Singapore and Timor Leste, Papua New Guinea Presents

Joko Widodo sworn in as the 7th Indonesian President
Joko Widodo sworn in as the 7th Indonesian President, John Kerry, Malaysian, Australian , Singapore and Timor Leste, Papua New Guinea Presents

Thousands of people in the cornucopia Hotel Indonesia Roundabout with a variety ofcostume culture. In addition to traditional clothing, there is also a Royal costume.

Groups of numbered around 40 people wearing costumes of Red called TrumpetsIndonesia wearing gold and attribute sort of trumpet. Groups of the Kingdom wasmingling with other groups also attended the marches of culture at the roundaboutHI.

One of the troupe, Arif said that such culture is the March of events that awaitedIndonesia society. Arif said that her and her entourage came indeed to welcome the President of Indonesia Joko Widodo or commonly known as the Jokowi.

"We would like to welcome the President of Indonesia seventh. It means that seven isenhanced by the Lord, both in terms of physical as well as spiritual, "he said to theOkezone Roundabout in HI, Friday (20/10/2014).

Meanwhile, Arif said that much hope after Indonesia has a new President. Arif expectsIndonesia has many changes endowed the Lord.

"Indonesia's hope to be the fear of God. In addition, Indonesia's stand on truth,progress, prosper, wonderful, most exalted and dignified, as well as a healthy and prosperous Indonesia, Amen, "the lid.

President of Joko Widodo thanked Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono over his devotion tolead the country for 10 years.

"I personally and on behalf of the people of Indonesia thanked him profusely and rewards as high as possible on the devotion of Mr. and Mrs., Mr. Boediono with the mother, and the entire Cabinet is there," said Jokowi at the Merdeka Palace, Friday(20/10/2014).

SUSILO BAMBANG YUDHOYONO YUDHOYONO always given to pray for health. "Later we will still be met," said Jokowi.

Jokowi had the pleasure of having already invited YUDHOYONO to get around the Palace. "Yesterday I've delivered, demonstrated by pak SBY, from room to room in the Palace, from the living room to get around in the garden. Yesterday was also a lot of the bird at the Palace they are twittering everything, "said Jokowi.

Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the party Generra, Prabowo Subianto, arrived atThe Archipelago Complex III, the DPR/MPR RI, Senayan, Central Jakarta, Friday(20/10/2014).

Lexus car down from roughly 9 a.m. White WIN, Prabowo was not issuing a word of it.Deputy Chairman of the party, Generra Edhi Prabowo and Secretary-general AhmadMuzani and accompanying Prabowo.

Joko Widodo and his family

Prabowo who appears with a suit and tie and black peci motif stripes only lifted a hand to wave reporters smile, and then he headed for the leadership of the HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES Chamber.

Prior to Prabowo, already present in the Capitol of the red and white as CoalitionChairman PAN Hatta Rajasa and Golkar Party Chairman Aburizal Bakrie (Ical).

General Chairman of the PDI-P, Megawati Sukarnoputri, was grateful for the appointment of Joko Widodo-Jusuf Kalla (Jokowi-JK) as President and Vice Presidenttake place smoothly. His wisdom, the inauguration of Jokowi-JK it shook off the issueof strife.

"Yes, I feel grateful to God Almighty, that with all the dynamics that happened severalmonths ago, finally can all run well," he said after attending the inauguration ofJokowi-JK in the DPR/MPR Building, Senayan, Jakarta, Monday (20/10/2014).

According to Mega, lancarnya implementation of this inauguration is inseparable from the maturity of all parties as a child of the nation. So that it can realize the unity andthe unity of the nation.

Kegusaran Gibran Rakabumi, son of the first President of the Joko Widodo when first introduced in the Media, reap the bad impression for the public. Young entrepreneursget the bully from the users of social media Twitter.

Gibran considered could not be polite while attending the inauguration of his father.Starting from hairstyles that are styled mowhawk and formal, not impressed untilaccepted or who protest in response to the question of media crew.

"#Attitude son of Jokowi, not authoritative, hair style child President kok gitu ya ..." wrote the account owner @Treswahyudi.

"Oops ..."This is the first son of Kertabumi Jokowi introduction to reporters how sheeven grumpy and pairs face songong siih... * first impression peeve!! "says a Twitter account @TukangIngetin.

While some are calling the look on the face of the arrogant attitude of Gibran.

"His son Pakde Jokowi kok cute all wkwkwkw, Kaesang handsome, the Gibran songongbut songong funny. wkwkwkw, "said @Lisna_aa.

"Songong banget kok mukanye boy Jokowi," wrote @levisrokes.

Joko Widodo (Jokowi) became the 7th President of Indonesia would certainly notapart from the role of General Chairman of the PDI-P, Megawati Sukarnoputri.

The daughter of Sukarno, the Proclaimers confirm will escort Jokowi in the runningtime was marred during the period 2014-2019.

"Yes, because we have already agreed how to fix the condition, Indonesia's situation tothat, then we will continue to work hard in all areas. And I as the Chairman of the partywill support continued to flat-out what we create as part of the vision and the trisaktimay run especially, "he said after attending the inauguration of Jokowi-JK on Capitol,Senayan, Jakarta, Monday (20/10/2014).

Mega says, as senior and his position as a former President as well as a politician, he will not hesitate to help out and share experiences. Dial, however, Mega, does not mean he will intervene in the Government Jokowi.

"I am so it's up to him (Jokowi), as a senior I was obliged to share good experiencesfor both Government as well as Party Chairman, I also have to be willing," tukasnya.

Unknown, Mega also General Chairman of the PDI-P's Jokowi as a presidential candidate in the last presidential election finally voted. Jokowi are paired with Jusuf Kalla (JK) carried by the five parties while following the presidential elections, in addition to NasDem, there is a [CITATION NEEDED], Hanura, PKPI, and PME.

The people's Party welcomed the inauguration of Joko Widodo-Jusuf Kalla in a national monument tinged uproar. Thousands of volunteers Jokowi mutual scrambling to get food and drinks.

"May 15 bottles of beverages, scrambling in the past," said a volunteer Jokowi, Aisha(23), in Monas, Jakarta, Monday (20/10/2014).

Residents say Rawamangun came from 10.00 am to see Jokowi.

Other other: Upik, Aisha (40). The original female Petamburan, Central Jakarta, waswilling to jostle for the sake of getting a cardboard packaging milk 500 ml.

"Want to share the same groups. My sixes, each also carry the child, "he said.

The radar of Okezone, Division carried out by the Committee by way of a thrown from above the stage. This makes the women and children had to be rushed to get food and drinks.

Not a few residents who complained of unpreparedness of the people's Partyorganizing Committee. "This bunch mah instead of the Division but the looting," saidYanti, a visitor.

The mother of the two children complained because it only got four bottles of drinks.While at the same time, some people just get three to four boxes of drinks and lightmeals. "Rich people who can," he explained

Presidential Security forces or Paspampres ensures that everyone can enter to visit the Merdeka Palace, Friday (20/10/2014) afternoon. This contrasts with previousinformation from the National Committee for "the people's Thanksgiving", which limits the amount of 700 people.

"Everyone can enter, this special day," said a Paspampres who asked one of theresidents. [Read: Waiting For Jokowi, The Society Entered The Palace]

The answer was taken back by the paspampres citizens of any other request that every weekend to do similar things. "Try deh Saturday-Week kayak gini deh, happy people,"he said.

Early this morning, Joko Widodo and Jusuf Kalla was sworn in as President and Vice President of Indonesia. They give the oath of Office in the Parliament building. After being officially sworn, both directly to the Hotel Indonesia Roundabout, and thenparaded to use horse-drawn carriage to the Merdeka Palace.

Since early morning, residents were assembled right in front of the gates of the Palace to await the arrival of Jokowi-JK. They want to be one of the 700 people who are allowed to meet directly with Jokowi and JK in the Palace Courtyard.

President of Joko Widodo and Vice President Jusuf Kalla received numerouscongratulations from heads of State sehabat that is present in the inauguration of President and Vice President, Friday (20/10/2014). High hopes given to two helmIndonesia at this moment.

One of the expectations is given by Malaysia Prime Minister Dato ' Sri Mohd Najib TunAbdul Razak. Najib said his Government hopes that Jokowi and Jusuf Kalla couldsolidify the relationship of Indonesia and Malaysia very closely.

"They're both very understanding of this will be how important Indonesia-Malaysiarelations and I believe we will continue to work together again for Indonesia andMalaysia," said Najib after attending the inauguration of Jokowi-JK in the parliamentary Complex, Monday afternoon.

It is also submitted to the Sultan of Brunei Darussalam Hassanal Bolkiah. "Icongratulate Mr. Jokowi. I hope the relationship of Brunei and Indonesia are alreadyclosely, stay awake, "he said.

In the inauguration this time, a number of guests from foreign countries attended, including the Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbott, Prime Minister of SingaporeLee Hsien Loong, President of Timor-Leste Tours Matan Ruak, Prime Minister of the independent State of Papua New Guinea Peter O'Neill, United States Secretary of StateJohn F Kerry. After the inauguration, they eat lunch together Jokowi.

Third Republic of Indonesia President Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie claimed to be thrilledwhen Joko Widodo won elections in 2014 and officially became President-elect. Hebelieves, once sworn in today, Monday (20/10/2014), Jokowi will work the best forIndonesia.

"For me the novel is because of the simple people. He's not neko-neko. If she says Yes,a. A point. I believe, "said Habibie during the interview with Kompas TV, at his residence, The Patra Brass XIII, South Jakarta, Thursday (17/10/2014) ago.

According to Habibie, Jokowi is a figure that is not prepared to be President. However,he believes the Jokowi are ready for birth and inner to run the task.

"The new entry in the history of Indonesia only Wahid and Jokowi. Mrs Megawati has been prepared, the Chairman of his party, he experiences a myriad of. The others as well. Me too, "said Vice President Suharto's last.

Even without further preparation, Habibie, Jokowi still has a myriad of experiences.Jokowi was once the Mayor of Surakarta, Jakarta Governor, and entrepreneurs of furniture.

"He bought wood and created furniture, so give salary to people. He exports again. It doesn't make any difference to the people who make cars, airplanes, "said Habibie, who is best known for his achievements in the aircraft industry.

Habibie is aware, Jokowi is not a perfect figure and is unlikely to be able to do something that is perfect for all the people of Indonesia. Moreover, at the beginning of his leadership, according to Habibie, there will be challenges facing the Government. However, he believes the Jokowi Warrior figure is not easily discouraged.

"Hopefully this nation goes forward. There is not only growth, but also equitable. Not only equity, but no growth. Anyone who so Presidents, have to do that, "hope Habibie.

Look forward to the full interview BJ Habibie at the inaugural day TV Compass Jokowi-JK, Monday 20 October 2014.

The perfectionist nature and detail that has been known to Ministers from the figure of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono looked at the clean separation ceremonygeladi greet him with President-elect Joko Widodo, at Merdeka Palace, Sunday(19/10/2014) afternoon.

All that clean, SBY geladi busy pointing to the right and to the left while givinginstruction to the Minister. While the Jokowi prefer silence to listen to his predecessor's.
The radar of Kompas.com, SBY and Jokowi sit together in the two seats that are provided at the top of the stairs the Merdeka Palace. Under the martyrdom, there is apodium will be used interchangeably and Jokowi SUSILO BAMBANG YUDHOYONO on Monday (20/10/2014).

The ceremony opened with the arrival of a Mercedes Benz car which was the seventh President of RI, Joko Widodo, who portrayed the role of a substitute. Seventh President of the REPUBLIC then headed to the front of the Merdeka Palace. There,been waiting SUSILO BAMBANG YUDHOYONO who is also played by stuntman.

They both later climbed the podium together with his wife, respectively. Honoursawarded to Jokowi then with gunfire as much as 21 times. After it was sung the songIndonesia Raya.

After that, the officer who became a Jokowi saw the departure of YUDHOYONO along with Ani Yudhoyono who has also done pera replacement. They both walk around 300metres to gate out the song with the lyrics ' back off, Abstinence initially read "kulepasEE EE willing my heroes, fight". He read out a poem by three children who take the departure of YUDHOYONO.

Arriving at the gate, no military-style salute because SBY and Ani is not the Presidentand first lady. Gordon's troops which are rows of honor from the President of theSecurity Forces and the TNI from the three units and the police just stood along the road and Ani YUDHOYONO later came out of the Palace.

Although the geladi clean keep running smoothly, however YUDHOYONO seemedbusy providing corrections here and there. Once in a while he explained to Jokowi.While the economy Coordinating Minister Chairul Tanjung and the head of the transition team of Deputies Rini Soemarno also look familiar chat. The implementation of this net geladi finished at about at 17 pm.

Jokowi with Rini and Transition Teams of Deputies Andi Widjayanto and then getting into a car. Jokowi and Rini the same one car while the car shared Andi groups of the other. With the control of paspampres, they left the Court.

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