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Friday, October 24, 2014

European Club wants Qatar 2022 WORLD CUP to promote in the spring

Al Khor Stadium in workman Designer.
European Club wants Qatar 2022 WORLD CUP to promote in the spring

Al Khor Stadium in workman Designer.
The clubs biggest European football could ask FIFA to promote the World Cup 2022 toQatar in may, two months earlier than usual.
Implementation of schedule shift the discourse of summer grilling that's too, Qatarhas lasted many years.

The European Club Association (ECA), which contained, among others, Manchester United, Liverpool, Barcelona and Bayern Munich, concluded, the Organization in may,when the spring, could reduce some of the risks.

Discussion about this immediately comes after Qatar won the right to host the eventconsidering the feasibility of the country will experience a great heat in June and July,the time slot is usually used for sports biggest party after the Olympic.

Qatar 2022 Committee has always insisted that the show can still take place in the summer, referring to their plans to use the technology of air conditioning to cool offthe field, the stadium and the fans ' zones.

This week, Harold Mayne-Nicholls, who is leading the technical Commission of theFIFA, also suggested the implementation of early tournament, with matches taking place in the early hours.

Painting the stadium capacity that 85,000 Lusail, is equipped with special technology for cooling.
As for FIFA President Sepp Blatter earlier this week confirmed that Qatar 2022 World Cup should be moved to November and December.

"We can't carry out the World Cup in the summer," said Blatter.
"As the most suitable is the end of the year because of playing in early 2022 WinterOlympics with berbentrokan."

FIFA announced a "process of consultation," earlier this month, linked to risingconcerns about the safety of health if the match took place in summer whentemperatures often exceed 40 ° c. (BBC)

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