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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Victims of us air Raids Reached 553 People

US AIR RAIDS BOM in Aleppo syria
Victims of us air Raids Reached 553 People

Victims of us air Raids Reached 553 people. (Photo: Reuters)Victims of us air RaidsReached 553 People
SYRIA – United States coalition Attack (US) in Syria had been going on for a month.The attack also killed 553 people, including 32 civilians.

Syria Observatory based in the United Kingdom says, most of the victims came from a group of ISIS and numbered 464 people.

Meanwhile, six children and five women who were also victimized civilians. Thus, asreported by the Jarussalem of The Post, Thursday (23/10/2014).

In addition, 57 members of the al Qaeda affiliated Nusra were killed in air strikes that started a month ago. Most of the attacks occurred in the provinces of Allepo, Deir alzor, Idlib, Raqqa, and Al-Hassakah.

As is known, this is an international coalition attacks masterminded by the United States. From the number of casualties will probably continue to grow as the air strikescontinued.

A new video has emerged. Teesebut recordings demonstrating the ISIS is beingbesieged by coalition air strikes conducted United States (u.s.) in the town of Kobani.

The recording appeared on social media and showed the militants roam the streets of the city. They took refuge from the destroyed buildings while the sound of guns were heard in the vicinity. Thus, as reported by the Mail Online, Wednesday (22/10/2014)

This Video appears after the battle significantly going on in the city for two days.

The battle resulted in the followers of ISIS were pushed back to the outskirts of the city by a number of intense bombing raids by coalition forces, conducted in recent weeks.

Clashes between ISIS with coalition forces was inevitable. The radical movement trying to retaliate by carrying out an attack on all fronts to retake the city.

However, a series of bombings that occurred in the town of Kobani makes members ofISIS collapsed. Various explosions were making ISIS the beleaguered in city in the Syria. (Okezone)

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