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Monday, October 20, 2014

Mystery submarine in the waters of Russia Stockholm

Swedish  patrole ships
Mystery submarine in the waters of Russia Stockholm

Corvette Sweden's hunt for the mysterious submarine in the waters of Stockholm.
Navy of Sweden expanded the search efforts after emerging suspicions that a submarine Russia may have problems in the waters of Stockholm.
The military has called for all civilian ships for not being on peairan between Nattaroisland and the Gatt Danzinger.
A source of Sweden told the BBC that the submarine was spotted in the water about25 km (16 miles) from Stockholm.
Russia's Defense Ministry denied the occurrence of the "unusual situation" on its ships.
It is said, the possibility of warning systems Sweden lit up by the NetherlandsSubmarine conducting exercises in the area.
However, this theory has been refuted Netherlands Ministry of defence.
"It's certainly not the Netherlands submarine," said a Ministry spokesman in the Haguetold the BBC.
Genesis terpola
A search involving helicopters, ships and have entered the fourth day.
Sweden denied the military was searching for the submarine, but are investigating the"foreign activities under the sea," with an intelligence operation.

A battleship Sweden in search of the submarine's mysterious "foreigners".
Navy of Sweden has asked all vessels to stay away at least half a mile from the militaryships.
An official of Sweden, who did not want his name known, told the BBC that the airspace around the search area have also been closed.
He doubted the incident occurred due to an error of navigation.
When asked why roughly a foreign submarine attempted to enter the waters ofSweden, officials said, "it's always about testing the readiness of Sweden, to seewhether we are awake and able to detect ... it is a way to test our skills in detectingand localizing the."
Sweden remains open up everything possible about which country was behind the incident, the officials said. He added that there was a similar pattern in the events in the past.
Operating day and night
The appearance of the Soviet submarines during the cold war in the past, sparked asecurity alert in Sweden in the 1980s.
Sweden The Local news site said the ship and the army have been deployed fromMoeja, North of Stockholm, to the Ornoe, South of the capital, using sensors in theoperation "took place day and night".
The Baltic region is engulfed in tension in the last few months, following the conflict in the East of Ukraine which gave rise to concerns about Russia's involvement again.
Russia has a number of submarines based in Kaliningrad, Russia's enclave locatedbetween Poland and Lithuania, and Sweden, as well as facing a much stronger fleetagain near Murmansk on the Kola peninsula.
Last month, the newspaper Expressen, Sweden reported Sweden airspace violations byRussia of two fighter aircraft, Sukhoi Su-24.
Sweden immediately launched jet aircraft to drive it. (BBC)

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