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Monday, October 20, 2014

Joko Widodo who known as modest person sworn in as the 7th Indonesian President

Joko Widodo sworn in as Indonesian 7th president
Joko Widodo who known as modest person sworn in as the 7th Indonesian President

President of Joko Widodo, beginning her tenure in the speech, said the unity andmutual is a key requirement to become a great nation.
"I am sure the history assignments we can weight pikul together, with unity, withmutual and with hard work," said the President of Jokowi, which was subsequentlywelcomed by the applause of the participants in the trial.
This speech was delivered after he was appointed and Jokowi taken oath as the seventh President of Indonesia in Building the House of representatives, Jakarta, Monday (20/10) afternoon.
Applause is heard more loudly when Jokowi specifically mentions his rival in the lastpresidential election, Prabowo Subianto.
"I respect my good friend and colleague, Mr Prabowo Subianto," he said.
In the broadcast live television broadcast, the camera then panned from close rangefigure of Prabowo who looks up and a military-style salute.
Jokowi also specifically mentions the figure of Hatta Radjasa has been elected,Prabowo Subianto pair in the last presidential election.
Don't get caught up disunity
Jokowi then stressed that unity is the prerequisite for the realization of a sovereignIndonesia.
"Now is the time uniting the hearts and hands, now it's time we together continue theexam the next history of the most severe," he said.
In addition to United, he stressed the importance of working together and working hard.
"Unity and mutual is a requirement for us to be a great nation," said Jokowi, stressingrepeatedly.

After appointed and sworn in, President Jokowi answering greetings meeting participants by waving his hand.
"We are," he said, "will never be great if stuck in keterbelahan and disunity."
"And we never really becomes independent with no hard work."
In the presence of members of the HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES, the MPR, DPD andinvited guests, Joko Widodo then invites all State agencies to work with the same spirit.
To all the people of Indonesia, the elements began to fishermen, labourers, tradersand professionals, Meatball Jokowi called for hard work and mutual as well as side byside.
The maritime State
In the latter part of his speech, stressing his determination to restore the JokowiIndonesia as a maritime State.
"The ocean, the sea, the Strait and the Bay is the future of our civilization," said Jokowi.
According to him, Indonesia has for too long memunggungi the sea, Ocean,memunggungi as well as memunggungi of the Strait and the Bay.
"Now is the time to restore them so that the Jalesveva Jayamahe, at sea thus we jaya, as the motto of our ancestors in the past, could return formations," he said.

Jokowi when sworn in as the seventh President of Indonesia.
Jokowi then quoted the statement of the President of Indonesia, Sukarno, first about the concept of a maritime country.
"That to build Indonesia into a big, strong country, prosperous, peaceful, we musthave a soul, the soul of Ocean Warti Chakra seamen bold, wading through waves andcrashing waves are rolled up," he said.
"As the operators are trusted by the people, I call upon all citizens of the nation to rise to the top of the ship of the Republic of Indonesia, and is sail together towardIndonesia Raya," he added that greeted the audience's applause.
"We will develop a strong display, we'll face all the storms and ocean wave with the power of our own," he added.

Joko Widodo, the winner of the presidential election last July, officially sworn in as President of the seventh Indonesia.
Known as Jokowi, this 53 year-old politicians give oath at the Parliament House withwitnessed hundreds of invited guests, including Prime Minister Australia Tony Abbott and Secretary of State John Kerry.
Jokowi, the former Governor of Jakarta, is Indonesia's first President who does notcome from the military or political elite.
After the inauguration, he will perform a carriage procession to the Palace with Vice President Jusuf Kalla.
The people's Party, titled music concert scheduled to take place at the monument and will be attended by Jokowi.
About 24,000 military personnel and police were deployed to secure the event, but the BBC'S Indonesia correspondent Karishma Vaswani says the situation in the capital so far this conducive and secure.
Facts about Jokowi
Born in 1961 in the city of Solo, his father was a Carpenter
Started his political career with PDI-struggle when he was elected as mayor in 2005,Solo
Elected to a second term in Solo period with the acquisition of 90% of the votes
Elected as Governor of Jakarta by 2012
Support a technology that promised to implement "e-governance" to trimbureaucratic corruption

Thousands of people who gathered at the National Monument square, Central Jakarta,cheered while brandishing three fingers as Joko Widodo utter the oath of Office as the seventh President of RI.
They watched the inauguration of President and Vice President through a huge screenmounted under the tugu Monas.
One of the company's employees, Suyatmo Japan in Bekasi. He intentionally took time off to enjoy a feast of Thanksgiving in the monument.

Suyatmo cycling from Bekasi to the national monument, Central Jakarta.
He arrived on the scene after cycling celebration from Bekasi on Monday (20/10) early morning GMT.
"That drives me to come because a mental revolution, vision, change of mind set ofour nation is being championed by our predecessor already wear off", it is clear that look serious Suyatmo watched the President's speech Jokowi.
In addition to the monument, the enthusiasm of the community looks at all the wayup to General Sudirman Street MH Thamrin.
They wait for the arrival of the President and Vice President of Joko Widodo Jusuf Kalla while enjoying free food provided by the volunteers. That kind of celebration, which was held to welcome the special new President, never happened before.
Mirza Afifah, a bank in Jalan karyawati MH Thamrin. He claimed to be enthusiastic to see the people's Thanksgiving Feast in front of his Office and enjoy the free food.

Thousands of residents gathered at the Hotel Indonesia Roundabout, Central Jakarta.
"This is the first o in Indonesia provided free food, as our people feel cared for," saidMirza.
The new Government expecting Mirza can do equitable development mainly toEastern Indonesia area and outside of Java island.
Similar enthusiasm felt Bustanul Fachrudin, teachers SMP 58 Jakarta. He deliberatelyinvited dozens of his students so that they understand the process of presidentialinauguration.
"This could also as a lesson so that students can see for themselves the old leader and the new President. I hope the programs that have been conducted in Jakarta, particularly the issue of education, can be forwarded. I am optimistic because he (JokoWidodo) kan person field, "explained Bustanul.

A number of his friends in his hometown of Solo, telling about the character, habitsand pleasures Joko Widodo when still young. Wrong-a story when Jokowi dijahili due to fly off the handle.
Friends Jokowi a bench while Mahmoud Nur, A HIGH SCHOOL, telling the teenagersalong with President Joko Widodo. Mahmud Jokowi explains is a reticent teenager.Jokowi is also a person who is diligent and clever.
"Mr. Jokowi used to be the same now that different really. It used to be that the person is subdued. But he was diligent, he often underlines with a ruler, an importantmatter. Because of the cleverness and kerajinanannya, he was always so champion, "says Mahmud now profession as this furniture hardware suppliers, as reported in theBBC maid Solo, Dawn Sodiq.
Mahmud Jokowi was given personally not interested to watch Buffalo jotos whichoften occur at that time.
"Pak Jokowi dont want if I were to take a look, he prefers to stay in the classroom," said Mahmud.
Mad dijodohin
One of the memories that still cling to his memory was when he were working on the figure of Jokowi. When that Mahmud menjodoh-jodohkannya with one of his friendsat his school. No suspected Joko Widodo reacted harshly.
"He was morose as I jodohkan. Mr. Jokowi at that time told me dont come. Finally he was upset, but I continue to let stand alone. Mr. Jokowi dont have a girlfriend duringhigh school. Lha wong dipacokke (dijodoh-jodohkan) just dont want that, "recallsMahmud with a laugh.

Jokowi photos with his wife, Riana and family nearby, when their wedding reception.
Mahmud often return home with with Jokowi. He often playfully home Joko Widodo.While playing to his home, he often nyelonong go directly to the room Jokowi. AsMahmud, as her main home Jokowi, he always played slow songs like Staind andBimbo.
"But it's not Jokowi happy with if belies the rock music. Because I see in her room was a lot of tapes of the rock band foreigner. There Are Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin. In addition, I noticed that there was in his room Playing pile, "said Mahmud.
The current magazine is a music magazine that often reviews the rock music. Themagazine stands in Bandung this often becomes a reference point for those who call themselves fans of rock music.
Want to be a mayor
Another favorite from Jokowi when he was in HIGH SCHOOL that is hunting with a BB gun. Each home school often hunt birds around his home in sources, but always nilwithout fruition.
"Dont ever be if the nembak" he said.
Mahmud himself became an outpouring of hearts Joko Widodo would start itspolitical position.
Then Jokowi said that he will have a new challenge, namely to run for mayor ofSurakarta. "He wanted to become Mayor of his motivation story want to organize the city of Solo," he said.

Wrong-a close friend of the young Jokowi in Solo, Mahmud.
Two friends sebangku HIGH SCHOOL when it was still often met. The reason, Mahmudis itself a supplier of furniture supplies deposit almost all furniture company ownedJokowi.
"I was so close, I was just being alone again yes manggilnya Seat, she is also mymanggil Mud. But if there are others such as aides or siapalah, we are each called himwearing the Pack, "he said.
Cry if yourself at home
Small Jokowi one other friend is Sutarti. He said, the former Governor of Jakarta wasquiet and studious child type.
"She was diligent and clever son. He just always learn malem. The person is also notbad, "said Sutarti.
First, Mas Jokowi always cry when alone at home. Because of his mother's father pasdid not exist in the home. While Mas Jokowi cry, my memboncengkannya homePakdenya in Gondang, "recalls Sutarti.
Sutarti home used to be adjacent to the residence of the family Jokowi in the bambooMarket Grinder, Banjarsari or South of the river Later, Solo.
Sutarti recounts the childhood of Jokowi not will look the same with the other kids.Tiny Jokowi used to play marbles, kites, fishing on the edge of time.
"Mas Jokowi that too often bathe in the same river and his friends," he said.

Sutarti, friends and neighbors near Jokowi while staying in Solo, Central Java.
He himself admitted during a small Jokowi already like his own family.
Sutarti eight years older than Jokowi this ngemong Jokowi and more often threeyounger sister.
"Yesterday the last fitting open house meet halal bihalal with Mas Jokowi at her house.Yes, he is still remembered by me, greets such as usual. "
"There is Not that different from the attitude of Mr. Jokowi elected President after yesterday," said Sutarti.

Joko Widodo – known as Jokowi – known as a modest figure, close to the people, andclean of corruption.
The third thing that's apparent in the footsteps rekamnya the lead Solo and Jakarta.
Born in Solo, 21 June 1961 it started his political career by becoming the Mayor ofSolo, Central Java, in 2005, with PDI Perjuangan carried.
Five years later, he was again elected as mayor with the acquisition of voice over 90%.
For being mayor, Jokowi renovate traditional markets and relocating residents from the riverbanks to a poor place to live decent.
Analysts say the step is capable of Jokowi given the childhood he lived on the riverand was condemned by the local government.
Behavior empathized with the community back proved Jokowi point forward in the elections and was elected as the Governor of Jakarta, Indonesia's capital city in 2012and then.
"Democracy for me is listening to the public, carry out what they want," he said in the first debate that aired on television.
"That is why I go to the villages, markets, meet people in the River, farmers and fishermen, because I want to listen to what the public want."
The method Jokowi to close to the public blusukan (exploration), which popularized the term spontaneous visits to the villages in order to dialogue with the communityand see their activity.
Mental revolution
When deciding to go forward as a presidential candidate in the presidential electionthis year, Jokowi gave "mental revolution" – a strategy for building the nation character, which can prevent the practice of corruption, collusion and nepotism as wellas intolerant attitude towards the differences, which still exist in the culture ofIndonesia.
Jokowi also States that the national character building can be done through education.
To support education and health sector development, Jokowi said it would make the program Card Indonesia Indonesia Smart Card and healthy as he had been conducted in DKI Jakarta.
Jokowi also said he will implement e-governance as an effort to reduce corruption inthe bureaucracy.
He gets great support from users of social media in Indonesia. In the campaignthrough social media, his name often becomes a trending topic in Twitter's cinemas.
Weakness is her lack of experience Jokowi led at the national level and in international relations.
However, a number of analysts said the weakness is her lack of experience Jokowi ledat the national level and in international relations.
Another snag when Jokowi rule, according to observers, is the support in Parliament.
Red-White coalition in parliamentary votes is very likely inhibit important policiesJokowi.
However, bright spots appeared when Jokowi encountered a party founder Generra,Prabowo Subianto, Jakarta, Indonesia, on 17 October.
Political observers Yunarto Wijaya said it was a "Welcome" that the momentum in thepolitical fight ahead that must appear "not political vengeance". (bbc)

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