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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A soldier was killed in a terrorist attack in Canada

Canada Police in front of Parliament building
A soldier was killed in a terrorist attack in Canada

A soldier was killed in a terrorist attack in Canada (photo: BBC) a soldier was killed in aterrorist attack in Canada OTTAWA-a brutal shooting Action takes place in Ottawa,Canada. A gunman opened fire so that a soldier was killed outside the houses of Parliament Canada on Wednesday local time.

The army later revealed named Nathan Cirillo. In addition to shoot Nathan, the perpetrators also wounded three others.

A few minutes after the incident, heard gunshots from inside the Parliament building.An eyewitness Alain Merizier's profession as a waiter at the Parliament building said, "there is a black car parked outside the Parliament building, suddenly a man carrying a gun out of the car and immediately opened fire, I haven't had a chance to save themselves."

John McKay, Member of Parliament of Canada also told there are gunshots in thehouses of Parliament. "I wonder why there are armed people can enter the houses of Parliament," said McKay.
The police have mengkonfrimasi that the offender had been shot dead, but the city of Ottawa is still in standby. So as reported by the BBC, Thursday (23/10/2014).

Prime Minister (PM) Canada Stephen Harper said that Canada would not haveprovoked the incident. He asked for an in-depth investigation conducted over this incident.

The shooting occurred a few hours after the Government of Canada issued a warningof terrorist threats in the country, it is likely related to the events of the death of a soldier because Canada was hit by a vehicle allegedly perpetrators of terrorists. PMCanada has also ordered a strict mejaga the entire city of Ottawa, in order that the perpetrators terrorists locked up in Ottawa.

From Washington, D.c. President Barrack Obama has telephoned PRIME MINISTERHarper. Obama denounced the shooting incident and promised to help prosecute the case in Canada. Until news is aired there hasn't been the party that claims to beresponsible.
Police Identify Shooter in the Parliament of Canada

Click HerePolisi the identification of the shooter in the Parliament of Canada (photo:ABCNews) Police Identify Shooter in the Parliament of Canada OTTAWA-the policehave conducted an investigation of the shooting which occurred near the Parliament building on Wednesday Canada yesterday. The perpetrators allegedly named MichaelZehaf-Bibeau, of the United States Government information (USA) principals have abirth name Michael Joseph Hall, later changed his name to Michael Zehaf-Bibeau.Thus, as reported by Reuters, Thursday (23/10/2014).

As already reported earlier, a gunman opened fire so that a soldier was killed outside the houses of Parliament Canada on Wednesday local time.

The police have mengkonfrimasi that the offender had been shot dead, but the city of Ottawa is still in standby.

Security services also received criticism over the incident, the accused was negligentsecurity so that the terrorists could launch an attack on the Parliament building.

But on Monday yesterday, a soldier also was killed was hit in Quebec but thesupermassive impactor, fled from the scene of Monday's event, should this be a serious warning to the security of Canada.

When the shooting occurred, was there an agenda of the meeting between PMCanada with members of the Parliament. The entire Parliament were forced to anggitaremained in Parliament until authorities can take over the security of the building.

Events are obviously very surprised many, given during this Canada is a country that is safe in the terrorist attacks.

Analysts suspect the Government of Canada's statement that participated in the war against this month at ISIS became the cause of Canada attacked terrorists.

Until news is aired there hasn't been the party that claims to be responsible for the incident. (BBC)

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