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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Jokowi Received U.S. Foreign Affairs, Discussed climate change and APEC SUMMIT

US Secretary of state John Kerry and Indonesian President Joko widodo
Jokowi  Received U.S. Foreign Affairs, Discussed climate change and APEC SUMMIT

Joko Widodo said President, climate change issues and plan a meeting with us President Barack Obama, became a Minister while receiving the U.S. discussion of John Kerry.

After the President is inaugurated, Joko Widodo (Jokowi) received a number of leaders and envoys of foreign countries, including the United States Secretary of State John Kerry at Istana Merdeka, Jakarta, Monday night (20/10).

President Jokowi said the issue of climate change and plans to meet with PresidentBarrack Obama became one of the topics of conversation with John Kerry.

Jokowi says, "Oh nah. Yesteryear (discuss) problem (the issue of) climate change (climate change). Then a second later met up with Obama in the APEC. That's all. "

Meeting of President Obama and his Jokowi will take place in the Asia-Pacific economic cooperation forum or the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) held in China, in November.

President Joko Widodo (right) received the Minister of Foreign Affairs AS John Kerry in Jakarta (20/10).
President Joko Widodo (right) received the Minister of Foreign Affairs AS John Kerry in Jakarta (20/10).

The President added, a meeting with John Kerry also raised the related question ofinvestment and infrastructure. However there is not much talk about things technicaland substantive and considering himself has just appointed, and does not yet have the Cabinet.

"Yes, she's not just his ministers have not dapet. I am anu-kan is the infrastructure and industry. I just tell you that there is indeed an investment in industry andinfrastructure, Yes please. But for more details after the later we met with President Obama. But it's still impersonal ketemuan of yesteryear, "said Jokowi.

In addition to meet Kerry, Jokowi on Monday night also receives other leaders fromforeign countries, namely Australia Prime Minister Tony Abbott, Prime Minister of Malaysia Datuk Sri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak and Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. According to the President of Jokowi, an average of talks with leaders of these countries to discuss investment issues.

However, according to the President, the Chairman of the foreign countries thatgenerally appreciates Indonesia's Presidential Inauguration procession.

"Frankly just now from the start of Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs trus lastYes emang shock. They delivered a populist democracy that's really growing up inIndonesia. They appreciate it, "added Jokowi.

During a visit to Indonesia in February, United States Secretary of State John Kerrywarns that the threat of climate change can no longer looked upon lightly. Kerry said the United States continued to urge all countries, including Indonesia, to anticipatethe threat.

"If we want to prevent the most severe consequences, we certainly don't have the timeanymore to do the debate over who is the most responsible. The answer is simple ... "It is the responsibility of all of us. In the end all the countries in the world have a responsibility to take part. If we have any hope to leave to the next generation, i.e. the Earth which is healthy and safe, "according to Kerry's explanation. (VOA)

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