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Sunday, October 19, 2014

ISIS to train pilots for fighter jets

ISIS to train pilots for fighter jets

The aircraft was taken is called a MiG-21 fighter aircraft, such as India, or MiG-23.

The pilot who joined the Iraq group that pressed on the Islamic State or the ISIStraining members of ISIS in Syria to fly three jet fighter they were noisy, said a group of activists based in the United Kingdom is following the development of this conflict.

The observer for Syria for human rights (SOHR) said eyewitnesses saw the plane being flown around the military airport in Aleppo.

Meanwhile, Iraq's army launched an offensive against the militia of ISIS near Tikrit.

The town is part of the territory of Syria and Iraq who snatched away the ISIS year.

Chairman Abdul Rahman SOHR, hemp, says ISIS using the Iraq became a pilot officerunder former President Saddam Hussein's Iraq to train its pilots in Syria.

"People saw the aircraft that were flown from the airport several times in the airoutside the airport," he said.

It is unclear how many pilots who defected.
Eyewitnesses told the SOHR, aircraft flown apparently is of type MiG-21s or MiG-23.(bbc)

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