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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Scientist found mistery of dinosaur

Scientist found mistery of dinosaur

After doing research for 50 years, experts can finally solve the mystery ofpalaeontology arm a giant dinosaur.

Since discovered two giant-sized dinosaur arm in 1960, scientists speculated about the types of dinosaurs the two arms owners.
The puzzle was answered when experts managed to dig up the rest of the dinosaur'sbody parts in Mongolia recently.

In a study published in the scientific journal Nature, the researchers said the dinosaurhad big hands, feet, and hump-like cows.

Yuong-Nam Lee, who led the study from the Institute of Geosciences and Mineral resources (Kigam) of South Korea, said: "this is the discovery of dinosaurs teraneh, this is beyond our imagination."

Slow moving
Before finding fossils in Mongolia, some experts suspect the dinosaur's body along a2.4 meter has with three gigantic claws.

In a variety of reconstruction, the animal was described as resembling Tiranosaurusrex-dinosaur predator-prey with its talons gripping a giant.

But the discovery in Mongolia to break such speculation.
An international team of researchers said the ancient animal's size is very large, thelength is about 11 m cached and weighing six tons.

Dinosaurs were very probably have elongated head shape resembles the beak of theduck and a big hump on its back.

Legs are short and stocky, but has a nail so that it is not easy to fall into the swampyplace that species lived.

The contents of her stomach shows that animals that eat a number of plants and fish.

"We do not know the function of the arms length, but chances are the animal usingthe arm with his giant claws to dig and collect plants herbs in a number of freshwaterhabitats," said Dr. Yuong-Nam Lee.

The ancient animal was named Deinocheirus mirificus meaning animals with largehand forms is terrible. (BBC)

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