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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Total boss plane crash because of ' gross negligence '

Christophe de Margerie
The Total boss plane crash because of ' gross negligence '

The accident happened at the airport of Moscow killing the boss of the oil companyTotal.

Investigators say Russia is the "negligence" that caused the accident at the airport inMoscow and resulted in the death of the Chief Executive of French oil company Total.

Christophe de Margerie died along with three crew members when the plane his company jet slammed into the vehicle shine snow on the runway.
Federal investigators said the driver of the vehicle shine snow was drunk, and a number of managers at the airport "negligent".

Margerie, who led the French oil company Total since 2007, is one of the leaders of a number of famous oil company.

Russia's President Vladimir Putin ordered an Investigative Committee of Russia to investigate the accident.

"This happened because of the Negligence of the officials does not coordinate well with the employees of the airport," said a spokesman for the investigative Committee of Russia Vladimir Markin.

According to Markin, some officials of the airport is most likely to be fired, and the role of a number of air traffic controllers are also being evaluated.
The boss of the Total killed in the Moscow airport

Christophe de Margerie was promoted to boss of the Total since 2007.
The Chief Executive of France's Total oil company, Christophe de Margerie, was killedin an accident at the airport in Moscow, Russia, on Monday evening (20/10) orMonday early morning GMT.

Vnukovo airport spokeswoman, Elena Krylova, said de Margerie, along with three crew members, were killed when the jet they were travelling crashed into a snow-cleaningvehicle on the runway.

"Yes, one of the passengers who died was the Director of Total," said Krylova.
The accident occurred when the plane tried to take off.
In Total, the third-largest oil company in Europe, has already confirmed that deMargerie was killed in the incident.

De Margerie-among others is known for its thick-his mustache was appointed Chief Executive of the Total in 2007, after leading the company's operations in various countries, including Iran, Iraq and Myanmar.
He joined the Total Group after graduating from business school in Paris, EcoleSupérieure de Commerce, in 1974. (BBC)

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