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Monday, October 20, 2014

Australia revoke ban burka and niqab were

Australia revoke ban burka and niqab were

The Government of Australia changing back the decision to limit access to the Parliament in Canberra to women wearing Islamic face coverings.
Early October, the Parliament had declared all people who visit the building with aface covered in separate places should sit in public areas.
This step is considered to many as addressed to the Muslim women wearing the burkaor the niqab were so trigger charges of discrimination.
Officials say visitors must show their faces briefly to the security.
"After the process is done, you are free to move in the public areas of the building,including all of the room, with the cover of the face," said The Parliament's Services viaa statement.
This plan will affect Islamic woman who wears niqab were long underwear, where only the eyes of the wearer are visible and the burka are closing all over the face.
President of the Senate, Stephen Parry, said the earlier decision was issued due torumors of a group of people planning to attend the Prime Minister's October 2,wearing hoods and berunjukrasa in public areas.
He said the move was a temporary decision, and had not been applied until the last day of the parliamentary session.

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