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Thursday, October 23, 2014

two France Reporters Valentine Bourrat and Thomas Dandois demanding four month prison sentence in Papua

Valentine Bourrat and Thomas Dandois
 two France Reporters Valentine Bourrat and Thomas Dandois demanding four month prison sentence in Papua

Public Prosecutor at the District Court in Jayapura, Papua, demanding four month prison sentence and a fine of Rp2 million subsider two months of confinement on two reporters France Valentine Bourrat and Thomas Dandois in Thursday's session (23/10).

Both were arrested in Wamena last August and was penalized with charges ofviolations of immigration laws that do coverage with a tourist visa.
This was the first time journalists are convicted and imprisoned for violations of visa,usually what happens is they'll immediately be deported.

"We decided to choose the road to give deterrent effect projusticia to other foreign journalists covering Papua without visa for journalists," said the head of the JayapuraImmigration Office Substation Tampubolon.

This case occurred before the commencement of the reign of President Joko Widodo, who never claimed to be seeking disclosure of Papua. But the idea would be to openPapua doubt can be realized due to the many people who benefit from the currentsituation of Papua.
"Such a situation will be maintained by the civil parties as well as with authorities sothey could cover his deeds, from violence and corruption and abuses," said VictorMambor from Papua's Alliance of independent journalists.

How strict entry requirements to Papua, according to the officials, applied for the sake of the security of journalists because it is believed to be a separatist armed groups still exist in some areas.

"If they had covered the entrance to Papua qualify without permission then held hostage by separatists, then ask for ransom, that's who's responsible?" saidTampubolon Substation.

Hearing the reading of the verdict over the two journalists that France is due to becarried out on Friday, October 24th. (BBC)

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