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Sunday, October 19, 2014

This is the Rp 12 billion Car Gifts Wedding Raffi-Nagita

Raffi Ahmad and Slavina Nagita
This is the Rp 12 billion Car Gifts Wedding Raffi-Nagita

KAPANLAGI.COM-Wedding Raffi Ahmad and Slavina Nagita apparently got special attention from clubs Lambhorgini Jakarta. Yaptonaga Johnson as CEO, gave the Lamborghini to the newlyweds.

Johnson says, as long as it's Raffi indeed iconic sports car that he heads. Around 12.00GMT Sunday (19/10), Johnson, along with fellow Club Lambhorgini and acclaimedlawyer lawyer Hotman Paris Hutapea arrived at the wedding reception was held Raffi.

"Raffi as the icon of our long time member also. Would have been approximately two years. What can we do to fit that name be, we provide this as a Lambhorgini Raffioperational car, "Johnson said in the Lobby of the Galeries Lafayette, Central Jakarta,Saturday (19/10).

A sports car Lamborghini Aventador Lp 700, cc, its 6500, v12 was transported by a special car. The car was estimated to be worth 1 billion dollars or equivalent to 12.4billion.

"Color Pearl White as the theme of her wedding," continued Johnson.
Johnson further explained, related legal ownership of that car will be taken care of bylawyer Hotman. That way, said Johnson, Raffi was able to use that car anytime.

"Hence in details and legal we submit the same bang lawyer Hotman. This car can use,Raffi's operations anytime, "he said.

After undergoing various processions starting from spray, then the Covenant of marriage. Later that night arguably the culmination of the wedding event Raffi andNagita. A recipe that will be made later tonight, Sunday (19/10/2014), will be held atthe Ritz Carlton, the choice of both of them. In traditional Javanese atmosphere wasalready a concept in a reception later that night. The reception is arguably the greatestartist reception is famous.

The invitation spread there are about 3,000, who will enjoy the feel of a traditional Javanese kentalnya in the reception. At the site of the reception already looks a variety of ornaments that newfangled certainly Javanese, from the shacks, batik shades alsoadorn the reception later. Not only that, there is also a bicycle and tricycle ornamentold model, which decorated the room with it's Java. There is also a small square shapesuch as the one in Yogya is also not to miss in this decor.

Despite that not only in traditional Javanese are visible, modernity has also enteredinto it. With the wide variety of flowers adorned the entire room. Selection of the flowers proved to be picked by Slavina Nagita. Same is the case with the spray and theCovenant of marriage before, this wedding reception will be directly covered by one of the private tv, which will commence later this afternoon.

Not only the reception in Jakarta which will be held later on 25 October 2014 Raffi andNagita still will hold a reception to be held in Bali.

Ahmad Raffi now and the official telam Slavina Nagita become married couples, and seemed very enthusiastic lawyer Hotman Paris Hutapea once gave them gifts. The previous lawyer Hotman had said it would give Raffi a Rolex watches for $ 2 billion, but now will give the other gift lawyer Hotman, what about?

Official already married, Raffi Ahmad Gets a Prize Lamborghini Cars Lamborghinialready prepared for a wedding present and Raffi Nagita. But this is not just a gift fromlawyer Hotman, but these gifts given by the members of the Club of Lamborghini. It has also been presented by lawyer Hotman while talking with sisidunia, Saturday(18/10/2014). Even the later lawyer Hotman will drive the car when receptions later.

It's great For Both "plan tomorrow, I along with other members of the Club gatheredat the Lamborghini Office Jl Simatupang, will be many Lamborghini to be heading toPacific Place, and when in the Lobby gift that will be given," he said. No doubt this will be a Lamborghini gift gifts special for Bbb and the also Nagita. But the public doesn't want to know lawyer Hotman type Lamborghini what would be given to Raffi andNagita. "Surprise aja lah, later also the tau," he said.

AFTER Friday yesterday (18/10) event consent kobul Raffi Ahmad and Slavina Nagitatook place smoothly and kidmat. Consent is the culmination of all the weddingprocession Raffi and Nagita, which started since Thursday (17/10).

All of the wedding procession using indigenous culture, for a great family Town ofbrides come from Jogjakarta. Of those gatherings held at both the residence of the bride becomes a prefix sets of royal wedding marriage celebrity style this year. Thenspray two prospective brides. The event was held at the residence of the bride.

While its still in the House at the bride then midodareni from 8 p.m. EDT to finish 21: 30 GMT.

On Friday, the day after 30ru Friday, held the event consent kobul. For the event the Summit held at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. In this event the Committee also limits an invited guest.

Plan for the party's reception will be held in Bali, at a luxury resort in Tabanan, on 25 October next.

Alila Villas Soori such decadence party places this young celebrity couples. According to recognition of Raffi's election its top recommendations of the wedding organizerwho worked on her marriage.

Resort is one of the most luxurious villa, has its own beach, there are also areas of rice fields. The villa Manager is so strictly maintaining the privacy of this place. Not everyone may come to this resort area. No wonder Hollywood performers often stay at this resort to enjoy on your holiday in Bali.

Plan a private party, held in a closed and only attended by relatives and friends close to Raffi and nagita only. Similarly this event without press reporters were barred fromcovering the alias.

Later plans there are about 200 guests who were invited to attend this event in Bali.Raffi Ahmad has prepared all the living accommodation, such as hotels, providingaircraft specially chartered from Surabaya to Denpasar.

Previously touted wedding Raffi Ahmad and Nagita as the most extravagant weddingsthis year. The cost for this event is estimated at tens of billion. Even Trans TVaccidentally broadcast directly the most spectacular wedding for two days in a row.

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