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Monday, October 20, 2014

The dangers of cigarette smoke with pollution

Smoker cuuse pollutions
The dangers of cigarette smoke with pollution

Passive smokers live in cities with polluting
A study shows that passive smokers have three times higher risk of exposure to dirtyair particles if staying with active smokers.

A number of researchers found that live together with the same dangerous withsmokers living in cities polluted air as heavy as Beijing or London.

The researchers concluded: "this invention is to support the efforts to reduce passivesmokers at home, by carrying out non-smoking rules at home and the smoking banpolicy on housing unit."

Chief author Dr Sean Semple, of the University of Aberdeen, said "smokers oftenexpressed the view that the air police is more important than the passive smokers in their home.

When cigarette smoke can produce toxic particles in a bigger House than air pollutionin cities in the United Kingdom.
Non smoking rooms

They say the health of the people who don't smoke will be far better if they moved toa home free of cigarette smoke.
Smokers often expressed the view that the air police is more important than the passive smokers in their homes

Dr. Sean Semple, of the University of Aberdeen University
Research of a number of experts from the universities of Edinburgh and Aberdeen and has been published online in the journal Tobacco Control BMJ's.

Researchers say there is already strong evidence that exposure to cigarette smoke can cause a number of diseases such as respiratory and heart disease, for passive smokers.

The Government is expected to implement a policy of providing a space for smokersin the Office and public spaces, to limit exposure to cigarette smoke. (BBC)

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