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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Mexico's Government ordered the arrest of the Mayor of Iguala,

Mexico's Government ordered the arrest of the Mayor of Iguala,
The picture of lost students

Mexico's Government ordered the arrest of the Mayor of Iguala, where loss of 43students after the clash with the police last month.

General Jesus Murillo Karam said Mayor Jose Luis Abarca ordered policeoperations to prevent the mahawasiwa interfere with an event that comes alive.
Mayor Abarca and his wife, Maria de los Angeles Pineda, is reportedly hiding. In addition to the Mayor, Police Chief, Felipe Flores, also ' sought ' as individuals that govern the operations of kidnapping the students.

Eyewitnesses said the missing students was last seen taken into a police car after theSeptermber 26, which also killed six people, on Septermber 26 it.
Prosecutors also accuse the Mayor's wife has a relationship with the drug groups,Unidos Guerreros, which its leader, Sidronio Casarrubiasa, was arrested last week.

Dozens of police officers on duty during the incident have been arrested, followingreports that they submit the drug to the Group of students.
After the kidnapping was discovered a mass grave and the Government had suspected that the corpse is missing students.

Families of the victims and residents staged a rally to seek the  Government to Act immediately to find the vicims .

But DNA testing showed the 28 bodies in the mass graves was not from the missingstudent groups.

Thousands of families of the victims as well as ordinary citizens-doing a rally to protest the loss of these students. (BBC)

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