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Monday, October 20, 2014

The battle opposed ISIS back happened in Kobane

Kobane City
The battle opposed ISIS back happened in Kobane

The latest battles erupted in Northern Kobane, after two days of relative calm.
Fierce fighting erupted in the North of Syria, after Kobane, the situation is relativelycalm over the past two days.

The Kurdish fighters are estimated to have beat back militant groups that call themselves Islamic countries or ISIS who tried to take over the city.
The u.s. military says the troops, he did six times air raids around the city Kobane on Sunday (19/10) and Sunday (20/10).

Kobane, located on the border of Turkey, was the main target, and the fighting has forced most of the civilians left the city.

The latest battle occurred when Turkey said it would allow a number of KurdishPeshmerga fighters crossing into Iraq to fight against Syria ISIS.
BBC journalist Kasra Naji in the border Turkey said the decision was a great moral support for the fighters to increase their combat capability.

Officials in the Kurdish region of Iraq say they are ready to send troops but so far have not received any orders.

Turkey, have long been faced with the problem of the Kurdish fighters of the insurgency itself, to the present Kurdish fighters were forbidden to cross into Syria, butmany journalists say Ankara is more sympathetic to Kurdish fighters in Iraq.

U.s. military aircraft have provided a number of support weaponry, ammunition andmedical supplies to the Kurdish fighters to battle the militant group Islamic State (IS)in Kobane, Syria.

The u.s. central command said a C-130 transport aircraft that provide "lots" of help.

Earlier US air raids routed the militant groups IS the intention of taking control of a town near the border of the Turkey.

A number of journalists said this move would likely enrage major u.s. allies, namelyTurkey.

For decades Turkey has faced a rebellion the Kurdish militant group PKK, which is considered a terrorist group by the United States.

The militant group IS militants occupying the Syria and Iraq. Kobane city is one of theirstrategic goals, and fierce fighting has raged in the city for weeks, causing the evacuation of the majority of the civilian population. (BBC)

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