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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Pro fauna Indonesia opposed plan to build a nickel Smelter in Baluran

 Pro fauna Indonesia opposed plan to build a nickel Smelter in Baluran

Activists by Pro fauna Indonesia
ocessing plant on behalf of PT Situbondo Metalindo it feared would threatenthe future of ecosystems Baluran, which became habitat for various wildlife that is protected.

Activists by Pro fauna Indonesia Surabaya Chapter conducting rallies in front of theOffice of the Governor of East Java, on the Memorial page, Surabaya, 23rd October2014 (photo: VOA/Peter).

By Pro fauna Indonesia doing rallies in front of the Office of the Governor of East Java,Surabaya Hero Street, Thursday (23/10), urging the cancellation of plans to build a nickel processing plant near the Baluran National Park near Situbondo, East Java.

The presence of Nickel smelter feared would damage the ecosystem around the National Park, as well as disrupt wildlife and people living around the National Park.

Rallies are packaged in the form of transformative theatrical and silent, the actiondone by Pro fauna Indonesia Surabaya Chapter activists in front of the Governor's Office in Surabaya, East Java as a form of protest and rejection of the plan to build the processing plant or a nickel smelter, in an area adjacent to Baluran National Park, in the region of Situbondo.

Nickel-processing plant on behalf of PT Situbondo Metalindo it feared would threatenthe future of ecosystems Baluran, which became habitat for various wildlife that is protected.

By Pro fauna Indonesia Defends plan to build a nickel Smelter in Baluran

List Of PutarUnduh
Campaigners by Pro fauna Indonesia, Swasti Prawidya Mukti said the Nickel smelterdevelopment efforts near the National Park has started with the opening of land foraccess roads, which it can disrupt mobility and sustainability of existing wildlife inBaluran National Park.

"Should the national parks indeed, no allocation to it, and that is a violation of the lawif we examine in terms of law because it was a National Park conservation area that ishighly protected, and wildlife-wildlife there are directly ternacam by opening the road or development activities that, because many of the vehicle's passing by, then there is no physical boundary between the area of the National Park with the factory, "saidSwasti Prawidya Mukti.

In addition to the disruption of wildlife movement, space construction of smelteraccording to Swasti Prawidya will have an impact on natural ecosystems, in particulardamage in Baluran, pollution caused by activities of the smelter.

"Reports from the process of refining Nickel it. one was the sulphur-containingsubstances SO2, when it evaporates into the air in contact with the atmosphere thatwe can trigger the onset of acid rain. So in an area that is very likely to occur are acid rain directly will pollute the soil, water and air, not long after will definitely damage thetissues of plants, "he said.

According to Swasti, plants will be affected by the fast onset of acid rain caused by thesmelter. "If plants were already damaged, dead, well certainly not long after wildlife-wildlife there also will follow, as well as its people," explained Swasti.

This rejection action word Swasti, also is urging the Government of East Java provinceto stop or cancel the planned construction of a smelter near Baluran National Park.

By Pro fauna Indonesia said Swasti, also charge the follow-up letter of objectionsaimed at the environmental agency of the province of East Java, which was addressed to the Government of Situbondo to reassess a plan granting the permit.

"The Government of the province of East Java, from the Environment Agency (BLH) hasissued a response to a letter of protest by Pro fauna, so there is already a letter fromBLH. This letter was addressed to the Government of Situbondo to review the permitfrom the establishment of the factory. Is it really a permit was out or not, SitubondoDistrict Government should already give a response to the Government of East Java province, how the results of their review, "added Swasti.

Team members Review the Ministry of forestry, Smelting Satyawan to VOA revealed,from the results of monitoring and meeting with the company, it still has not beenable to conclude about the readiness of companies to build a smelter. Some of the required data, team up to now have not been met by the company, as the basis forthe conclusions and recommendations of the granting of a permit from the Ministry offorestry.

"Until now it turns out the data we need is not all were given by the company, so wecan not provide conclusions with respect to the application. We are still waiting fordata that is more complete, yes it's there yet, there is no site plan for example, howwater usage, energy use, waste handling how details of how the handling of noise pollution, how, that is why we do not yet know what kind of fence, shape, "saidSatyawan.

Meanwhile, Secretary of The Situbondo Saifullah, as a follow up of the VOA confirmedplans to build smelters near the Baluran National Park, up to now has not been willing to provide the information asked. (VOA)

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