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Thursday, October 23, 2014

The U.S. Supply of weapons in Syria Again Fell into the hands of the enemy

US Air Raids in Kobani
The U.S. Supply of weapons in Syria Again Fell into the hands of the enemy

The US Department of Defense or the Pentagon confirmed that the militant Islamic State, ISIS, seized a shipment of 28 weapons and medical supplies sent United Kurdishtroops Monday.

U.S. air strikes on militant positions in the ISIS Kobani, Syria (photo: dok). The US-ledcoalition military assistance to Kobani fielded for the Kurdish fighters there.

Defense Ministry spokesman Col. Steve Warren said, two out of 28 weapons shipmentbeing dropped by air by the Kurdish forces Americans to combat militant Islamic State,ISIS, does not arrive at the destination.

"Yesterday we announced that one large package sent strayed and destroyed. Since then we re-examine shipping it and concludes that the second submission also hasstray and possibly fall into the hands of the enemy, "said Warren.

The shipment of weapons that include a small weapons, hand grenades, equipment and medical purposes, as well as ammunition.

Colonel Warren says, the wind seems to have caused the shipment, which was loweredby parachutes, bolted from the planned route. But the loss of the shipment was nottroubling the American Defense Department.

"There will always be errors in this type of operation such as this. In fact, we alwaysbring a lot more to submissions dropped from planes, large package that would stray,"he added.

A video recording released Tuesday by media group ISIS shows the extremists were checking a number of weapons and other objects. Colonel Warren said, that shipmentof weaponry in the file will not strengthen the enemy, but the 26th big package taken by the Allied forces will really help them.

Nassan Idriss, a spokesman of the Kurdish forces that fight ISIS Kobani, expressedoptimism as he delivered the Colonel Warren.

"We say to the international community and the Coalition since the start of this attackthat we need help with weapons and ammunition. With the help of this we will be able to defeat the ISIS on the ground, "said Idriss.

The American command Center said U.s. aircraft conducting six raids near the town ofKobani in last 24 hours. Kurdish forces, backed by coalition air forces have preventedISIS mastered Kobani for weeks.

Meanwhile, in Iraq, a dozen American-led air strikes helped fend off attacks in MosulDam of ISIS are strategic, said Colonel Steve Warren.

The American command Center said, the attacks that have hit several targets in theISIS.

Large dams was a very important infrastructure which has been repeatedly attacked byISIS. (VOA)


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