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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

he streak is the candidate Ministers Marked Red and Yellow of the KPK

Rini, Joko Widodo and Muhammad Jusuf Kalla, Maharani
he streak is the candidate Ministers Marked Red and Yellow of the KPK 

The streak is the candidate Ministers marked with Yellow and Red from KPKCoret &Prospective Ministers are marked Yellow Red from & KPK

JAKARTA-IndonesiaCorruption Watch (ICW) asked President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) does not compromise with a number of main name allegedly problematic according to assessment of the KPK and PPATK.

Coordinator of the ICW, Ade Irawan, suggesting Joko Widodo prospective members write off  Minister of yellow and red.

"ICW asking for Jokowi do not compromise. The streak is the prospective Ministers and members of the Cabinet who are in trouble because of the yellow and red cards from the KPK and PPTK or has no achievements. Do not select also the Minister of 'recycling ', "explained Forsberg in his remarks to the Okezone, Wednesday(22/10/2014).

He said, when the Jokowi to impose such names, then public confidence against the Government of Jokowi will be gone.

"Maintain a handful of troubled figures in the Cabinet would undermine the public's trust of Government or Cabinet for one period. Like the proverbial "damaged milk in all bottle speck of Indigo" stated he.

The people's Party's victory hopes Ade Jokowi not polluted with laying on troublednames on the Cabinet Jokowi-JK.

"Don't change the people's victory party with party people's suspicion simply becauseJokowi wrong choosing figures of his ministers. Remove those problematic and immediately enter the new figures to again be tested or selection by the KPK, the Directorate General of Taxes, as well as BEING public. There are still two weeks to getthe best figures, "he said.

Previously, circulating information Rini m. Soemarno entered in the list of strongcandidates, the Minister of State-owned enterprises (SOEs). Unfortunately, Rini is rumored to also enter the red list assessment of the KPK.

As it says Vice Chairman of KPK, Zulkarnain, red marks awarded to the candidates forSecretary of Jokowi, as the harbinger of an alleged corruption case.

The Chairman of the transition Team Jokowi-JK, it allegedly involved a number ofcases. One case of alleged corruption of Certificate Issuance Lunas (SKL) BankIndonesia Liquidity Assistance (BLBI).

Former Minister of industry and trade, also recorded High Prosecutor's Officeinvestigator has ever Jakarta, alleged corruption cases related to the sale of assets toEagle Mills Nusantara Indonesia (RNI).

Don't stop until there, Rini had been examined by the Working Committee (Panja)Commission I of the HOUSE of trade related processes yield Sukhoi fighter jets, helicopters and military equipment in Russia.

The case, in a process that has been a trademark of yield losses for the State. Rini, who has served as President Director of PT Astra International was referred by the HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES Defense ACT violation and the ACT on NATIONAL BUDGET. Until now still not confirmed Rini subject these guesses.

In addition to Rini, allegedly there are four candidates for Ministers who doubted the integrity and commitment of the code. The figure of the candidate Ministers doubtthat potentially be suspects of corruption. Even those names santer preached have accounts or suspicious financial transactions.

So the Minister could not Quite professional, but ...

Click HereJadi Minister Of Insufficient Professionals, But ...(Photo: Okezone)So the Minister could not Quite professional, but ... Professional-JAKARTA alone is not enough for a person to occupy the seat of the Minister. A Minister must be creative to make a viable programs for rakat.

"The Minister's spokesman mudi State. The President's stay agree and disagree onlyover the programs proposed by the Ministers themselves. So it's not enough to just be filled by a professional only, "said political observer Said Salahudin told Okezone, Wednesday (23/10/2014).

Power, said Said, there really is in the hands of the President, but the country's policydirection is in the hands of the Minister. "Such is the importance of the position of the Minister, how people were selected to determine the professional requirement policy, Yes is not enough. The Minister was to be a statesman, "he explained.

When the Minister is a professional, he said, will only think about profit and loss statement. Then, when viewing any profits earned, it is not impossible state assets will be pawned on foreigners.

"So the analogy as search partner. I am male, there is no longer any guy wants a girlasked. But there are other terms, such as beautiful, Cook, and others. Now, if the position of the Minister, certainly he should be professionals in their field. Stay tunedfrom those people who have the idealism, patriotism and defense of the nation. It was the one who could be called as a statesman, "he said. (Okezone)

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