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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Unfinished journey (149)

Joko Widodo with his wife and children
Unfinished journey (149)

(The one hundred and forty-nine, Depok, West Java, Indonesia, 20 October 2014, 03: 14 PM GMT)

Joko Widodo inducted today became the President of the Republic of Indonesia to the7th, Jusuf Kalla was elected to be Vice President. In contrast to the previous President of the Joko Widodo was pretty phenomenal in the country so that it becomes a majorinternational media spotlight, and this month becomes the main report (cover) Time magazine, having previously entered the list of the 50 most influential people in the world in Fortune magazine.

List of Indonesian President

Indonesian From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

President of the Republic of Indonesia is the highest governmental authority in Indonesia, as well as head of state. Indonesian Presidential institution formed in 1945 by Business Investigation Agency Preparation of Indonesian Independence (BPUPKI).

On August 18, 1945, the Preparatory Committee for Indonesian Independence (PPKI), choose the first Indonesian president Sukarno. Prior to the amendment to the Constitution of 1945, the president elected by the People's Consultative Assembly (MPR). After that began in the 2004 elections, the president is elected directly by the people who organized by the Election Commission.

List President [edit | edit source]
Here is a list of the President of Indonesia.
President of the Party Started served Finish served Vice President of Period
1 President Sukarno Sukarno.jpg August 18, 1945 December 19, 1948 PNI Mohammad Hatta 1
Sjafruddin Prawiranegara
(PDRI Chairman) [1] Sjafrudin prawiranegara.jpg December 19, 1948 July 13, 1949 without a representative nonpartisan
Sukarno July 13, 1949 December 27, 1949 PNI Mohammad Hatta
(President RIS) [2] December 27, 1949 August 15, 1950 PNI Vacant
(Stakeholder While
The President of the Republic of Indonesia) [2] Assaat PYO.jpg nonpartisan
Sukarno August 15, 1950 December 1, 1956 PNI Mohammad Hatta
December 1, 1956 February 22, 1967 Vacant
2 Suharto
(Acting President) [3] President Suharto, 1993.jpg February 22, 1967 March 27, 1968 Golkar
Suharto March 27, 1968 March 24, 1973 2
March 24, 1973 March 23, 1978 Hamengkubuwana IX 3
March 23, 1978 March 11, 1983 Adam Malik 4
March 11, 1983 March 11, 1988 Wirahadikusumah 5
March 11, 1988 March 11, 1993 Soedharmono 6
March 11, 1993 March 10, 1998 Try Sutrisno 7
March 10, 1998 May 21, 1998 Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie 8
3 Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie portrait.jpg official May 21, 1998 October 20, 1999 Golkar Vacant
4 President Abdurrahman Wahid Abdurrahman Wahid - Indonesia.jpg October 20, 1999 July 23, 2001 CLA Megawati Sukarnoputri 9
5 President Megawati Sukarnoputri - Indonesia.jpg July 23, 2001 October 20, 2004 PDIP Hamzah Haz
6 Yudhoyono SusiloBambangYudhoyono.jpg October 20, 2004 October 20, 2009 Democrats Muhammad Jusuf Kalla 10
October 20, 2009 October 20, 2014 Boediono 11
7 Joko Widodo 2014 presidential candidates Jokowi.jpeg October 20, 2014 While serving PDIP Muhammad Jusuf Kalla 12

Joko Widodo

From the Indonesia Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Ir. H.
Joko Widodo

7th President of Indonesia
Place Of Death
Took office
20 October 2014
Vice President Jusuf Kalla
Preceded by Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono
The Governor of DKI Jakarta the 16th
Term of Office
15 October – 16 October 2014
President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono
Deputy Basuki Tjahaja Full Moon
Preceded by Fauzi Bowo
Dawn Panjaitan (Acting) [1]
Replaced by Basuki Tjahaja full moon
The Mayor of Surakarta to-16
Term of Office
July 28, 2005 – October 1, 2012
Monark Pakubuwono XIII
President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono
Governor Mardiyanto
Ali Mufiz
Bibit Waluyo
Deputy F.X. Hadi Rudyatmo
Preceded by Slamet J
Replaced by F.X. Hadi Rudyatmo
Personal information
Born June 21, 1961 (aged 53)
The Flag Of Indonesia Surakarta, Central Java, Indonesia
National Anthem Of Indonesia
Political party PDIPLogo .PNG Indonesia Democratic Party of struggle
Husband/wife, Iriana
Children of Gibran Rakabuming Raka [2]
Kahiyang Ayu [3]
Kaesang Pangarep [3]
Alma mater of Gadjah Mada University
Job Employers
The Religion Of Islam
IR. h. Joko Widodo or familiar greeted Jokowi (born in Surakarta, Central Java, on June 21, 1961; age 53) was the 7th President of Indonesia the period 2014-2019. He was elected with Vice President Jusuf Kalla in the 2014 presidential election. Jokowi has served as the Governor of DKI Jakarta since October 15, 2012 until 16 October 2014accompanied Basuki Tjahaja full moon as Vice Governor and Mayor of Surakarta (Solo)since July 28, 2005 to October 1, 2012 accompanied F.X. Hadi Rudyatmo as DeputyMayor.[4] two years while undergoing his second period in Solo, Jokowi was appointed by his party, the Indonesia Democratic Party of struggle (PDI-P) to enterJakarta Governor election along with Basuki Tjahaja full moon (Ahok).[5]
Although his home was once condemned as much as three times during hischildhood, [6] he was able to welcome in the Faculty of forestry University of GajahMada University and after graduating successfully become entrepreneurs of furniture.[6] after that, his political career began with being Mayor of Surakarta in 2005.[7] he is best known is considered successful after changing the face of Surakarta city became a city of tourism, culture and batik.[8] on September 20, 2012, Jokowi won the JakartaElections 2012, and his victory reflects popular support for was considered a leader ofthe "new" and "clean", although he was more than fifty years.[9]
Since elected as Governor, his popularity soared and he continues to be the spotlight of the media.[10][11] as a result, emerging discourse to make a presidential candidatefor the presidential election, Indonesia, 2014.[12] in addition, the survey resultsindicate that the name of the Jokowi continue to highlights.[13] at first, the General Chairman of the PDI-P, Megawati Sukarnoputri declared that he would not announce the PDI-P presidential candidates until after the legislative elections of 9 April 2014.[14] However, on March 14, 2014, Jokowi has received a mandate from Megawati to advance as a presidential candidate from PDI-P, three weeks before the legislative elections and two days before the campaign.[15]

Joko Widodo, along with his mother, Sudjiatmi Notomihardjo (right), and his younger brothers in the ' my house ', Sunday market, South Jakarta, Thursday, September 20, 2012, at the time of the nomination of the Governor of DKI Jakarta.
Joko Widodo was born to Mihardjo and Sujiatmi Notomiharjo Noto and was thefirstborn and only son of four children. He has a younger sister named three people IitSriyantini, Ida Yati and point Relawati [16] before the renaming, Joko Widodo has littlename Mulyono.[17] his father comes from Karanganyar, while his grandfather and grandmother came from a village in Boyolali.[18] his education beginning withincoming SD Negeri 111 Tirtoyoso known as the school for the lower middle class.[19]
With the hardships endured, he was forced to trade, mengojek umbrellas, and so hipto seek own porters the necessity of school and allowance. When the other kids to school by bike, he chose to remain on foot. Bertukang wood craftsmanship inheritedfrom his father, he started work at the age of 12 sawing [6] [20]. Small Jokowi have experienced eviction home three times. Her eviction three times in his childhoodinfluenced the way he thinks and his future after becoming the Mayor of Surakarta asshould regulate the settlement of citizens.[21]
After graduating from ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, he then continued his education inJUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL the country 1 Surakarta.[22] when he graduated from JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL, he wanted to go to SMA Negeri 1 Surakarta, but fail so ultimately he entered 6 SMA Negeri Surakarta.[23]
Jokowi married Iriana in Solo, dated December 24, 1986, and has three children,Gibran Rakabuming Raka Kahiyang (1988), Ayu (1991), and Kaesang Pangarep (1995).
The study of entrepreneurship and
With the performance of academic societies, he was accepted in the Department offorestry, Faculty of forestry University of Gajah Mada. This dimanfaatkannyaopportunity to learn the structure of wood, utilization, and technology. He successfully completed his studies with the title of the thesis "studies on the consumption patternsof plywood on the final Consumption in Kodya Surakarta".
After graduating in 1985, he worked at the STATE-OWNED PT Paper Kraft Aceh, and placed in an area of pine forest in Gayo Highlands Merkusii, Central Aceh. But he feels no need to leave and go home after his pregnant wife seven months. She was determined to do business in the field of wood and working in enterprises Pakdenya,Miyono, under the banner of the teak Wheel CV. In 1988, he ventured his own business under the name open CV Rakabu, taken from the name of her first child. His efforts were successful as well as up and down the order finally deceived is not paid.But in 1990 he bounced back with a capital of Rp 30 million loan from his mother.[24]
This effort led him to meet Micl Romaknan, which eventually gave him the popular up to now call, "Jokowi". With honesty and hard work, he got the confidence and can walk around Europe that opened his eyes. Setting a good city in Europe to be his inspiration for applied in solos and inspired him to enter the world of politics. He wants to implement a humane leadership and embodies the friendly town for its inhabitants.[20]
Political participation
The Mayor Of Surakarta

Jokowi campaign fliers to become Mayor of Surakarta in 2005.

Jokowi and his Deputy F.X. Hadi Rudyatmo.
On the elections in the city of Solo in 2005, Jokowi carried by the IndonesiaDemocratic Party of struggle (PDI-P) and the National Awakening Party (PKB) which he ran as a candidate for the Mayor of Surakarta. He won the elections with a percentage of votes of 36,62%.[7] once elected, with a wide range of experience in his youth, he developed a Solo before the settings are bad and facing various denial communities to ditertibkan. Under his leadership, the Solo experience changes and becomes astudy in universities abroad.[8] thanks to the accomplishments of this Jokowi was re-elected as the Mayor of Surakarta in 2010 with the percentage of votes of 90,09%.[25]
Under his leadership, Batik Solo Trans bus was introduced, [26] the various regionssuch as The Ngarsopuro and the rejuvenated Slamet Riyadi, [27] and the Solo host of international events.[27] in addition, Jokowi also is known for his approach inrelocating street vendors who "humanize human".[28] thanks to this achievement, in 2010 he was elected again by a vote of over 90%.[25] Then, in 2012, he was nominated by PDI-P as a candidate for the Governor of DKI Jakarta.[5]

Rebranding Solo
Branding for Solo performed by agreeing to Solo city slogan, namely "Solo: The Spirit of Java". Step it does quite progressive for the size of cities in Java: he was able torelocate the former antiques dealer in Banjarsari almost without turmoil to revitalize the functions of the open green fields, giving the terms on investors to want to think of the interests of the public, doing a routine and open direct communications(broadcast by the local television) with the community. Garden Balekambang, whichdisplaced since abandoned by its administrators, whom he turned in the Park.[27]Jokowi also not shy denied any investors who disagree with the principles ofleadership.[29]
This Rebranding also supported the development of the image of the city of Solo asthe "city of culture" and the "city of batik". In 2011, for example, Solo batik Indonesiabecame the capital.[30] in addition, since 2008, the city has always held annually SoloSolo Batik Carnival.[31] under the leadership of Jokowi did the Solo was developed asthe town MICE, which stands for meetings (meetings), incentives (incentives), conferencing (Conference), and exhibitions (exhibition).[27] in response to branding,Jokowi an active approach to the investor, especially property developers for providing Convention facilities and hotels.[27] he also proposed the Surakarta to become members of the Organization of World Heritage cities and received in 2006.His success continued with Surakarta to host the Organization's Conference in October 2008. In 2007, Surakarta has also hosted the World Music Festival (FMD)which was held in Fort Vastenburg complex endangered species condemned to servebusiness and shopping centre. FMD in 2008 was held in the Palace complex ofMangkunegaran. In addition, the Solo host the Euro-Asian World Heritage CitiesConference and Exhibition in 2008, Solo International Ethnic Music Festival (SIEM) in 2007 and 2008 and the International Performing Arts Festival in 2009.[27]
Reconciling The Keraton Surakarta
On June 11, 2004, Paku Buwono XII had died without designating the Queen andCrown Prince, so any contradiction between his two sons, Sampeyan Dalem IngkangSinuwun Kanjeng Susuhunan Paku Buwono (SDISKS) XIII and Kanjeng Gusti PangeranHaryo (KGPH) Panembahan Tedjowulan Supreme. For seven years there were two Kings appointed by both parties in one of the Palace.[32]
This conflict eventually prompted the Government of the Republic of Indonesiaintervened by offering leadership dualism, by Paku Buwono XIII as King and SupremeKGPH Panembahan Tedjowulan as the representative or the Prime Minister. The signing of the agreement is supported by four representatives of the Minister, theMinister of the Interior, the Minister of education and culture, Minister of public worksand Minister of tourism and Creative Economy. But the conflict is not finished becausethe Royal family was still refusing some of this Union.[33]
The Summit is the refusal of the King and the Prime Minister to enter the Palace on May 25, 2012. Both were intercepted at the main entrance of the Palace atKorikamandoengan.[34] Jokowi eventually contributed to reunite this split after eight months to meet one by one the Royal family involved in the dispute.[35] on June 4,2012 finally DPR Marzuki Alie said expiration of the Surakarta Palace conflict which is supported by statements of willingness by the title Panembahan took off the greatTedjowulan, as well as the readiness of both families to do reconciliation.[33]

The Summit is the refusal of the King and the Prime Minister to enter the Palace on May 25, 2012. Both were intercepted at the main entrance of the Palace atKorikamandoengan.[34] Jokowi eventually contributed to reunite this split after eight months to meet one by one the Royal family involved in the dispute.[35] on June 4,2012 finally DPR Marzuki Alie said expiration of the Surakarta Palace conflict which is supported by statements of willingness by the title Panembahan took off the greatTedjowulan, as well as the readiness of both families to do reconciliation.[33] the ung.In addition, the line also opened discussions anywhere, such as in City Hall, stalls,wedangan, roadside, until in Loji Gandrung.[28]
After 54 times a session lunch together for 7 months, merchants began to melt andSolo City Government a respecter of traders who are willing to move to make aprocession to the new place.[28]
Conflict with the Governor of Central Java
In June 2011, Joko Widodo refused the establishment of the Mall at the site of the former factory of ice Saripetojo to limit the rise of the modern market and protecttraditional markets.[36] this Mall was the establishment of the Policy the policy of theCentral Java Governor Bibit Waluyo, [36] so the Seeds says Jokowi "stupid" because itopposes the policies of the Governor.[36] the statement triggered a harsh reactionfrom the citizens of Solo, which even denied the presence in the city of Surakarta.[37]Jokowi own respond with ease, and stated that "I was still dumb. Still have to learn a lot to a lot of people ".[36]
Improving public transportation
Jokowi's leadership, Batik Solo Trans (top) and Sepur Kluthuk Jaladara (below) was introduced
For public transport, Affairs of various types of transport have been realized, such asBatik Solo Trance which is the bus that operates within the city and connects the citywith International Airport Solo Adi Sumarmo airport.[26] For integrating transportation systems, Government of Solo and Yogyakarta signed a memorandum of understanding relating to the use of smart cards on a railroad linking both Express the Prambanan temple the town which can be also used in Batik Solo Trans and Trans Jogja.[26]
Jokowi in 2009 also launched a tourist train called the Netherlands remains SepurKluthuk Jaladara. The train was made in 1896 and the use of firewood as fuel is across the Office of the Mayor of Surakarta, Loji Gandrung, the Museum Library, Radi Danar Hadi Batik Museum, Sanggrah station, before returning to the station Purwosari.[38] in addition, on February 20, 2011, bus level Werkudara also operated and soon becameone of the icons of the Solo.[39]
In July 2011, Jokowi launched a Railbus Batara Krishna routes Shorkot-Surakarta.Railbus that operated in August 2012 is made by PT INKA. However, in November2012, this railbus is not running again because of the losses, and request a subsidy by the Mayor of Solo time F.X. Hadi Rudyatmo rejected by the DPRD Surakarta.[40]
Motor vehicle free day
In 2010, the Jokowi initiated a day free of motor vehicles along the Slamet Riyadi every Sunday from 6 to 9 a.m., although the streets were accosted passers from 5 am.[41] in addition, on Saturday, December 31, 2011 and Sunday, January 1, 2012, Surakarta citysuccessfully held its first motor vehicle-free night in Indonesia.[42]
Improving the education and health
In Solo, Jokowi public health maintenance program set Solo (PKMS) and the aidcommunity education Solo (BPMKS).[43] the Program provides free health servicesPKMS to poor people in Solo.[44] the cardholder PKMS consists of two classes, namely"Gold" and "Silver".[44] the "Gold Class" given to citizens who are truly poor (so all thecosts borne by the Government or health), while citizens who do not have health coverage get the class "Silver".[44] Meanwhile, BPMKS card is given to the students ofelementary and JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL in a poor Solo in order to be educated free of charge (both monthly dues as well as operational costs) in public schools or private.[45] there are three types of cards, i.e. "Platinum", "Gold" and "Silver".[45] the PlatinumCard is given to students who attended the school plus (free school of education programs in Solo), while Gold cards issued to citizens of poor and Silver cards forcitizens can afford.[45] the Platinum Card Holders are exempt from the monthly dues, money and personal expenses such as handbags, shoes, books, while the Gold card holders are exempt from the operational cost and Silver Card holders are treated likeGold card holders.[45] However, the exemption does not apply to the cost of high school students and VOCATIONAL SCHOOL, although they will be subsidized by 50%.[45]

Solo Techno Park and car Esemka
Jokowi's leadership, development of Solo Techno Park is completed. The complex was built in an area of 7.1 hectares in Jebres cemetery was intended as a place ofproduction and training techniques.[46] in the year 2012, Jokowi makes the Esemka(which is a car assembled students Vocational secondary school) as the official servicecar Jokowi.[47] Initiative Jokowi make Esemka got the attention of national media.[47]Solo Techno Park itself will serve as a Center for mass production of the car Esemka.[46] However, this car did not qualify for national eligibility test, [46] so the projectfaded and Solo Techno Park in 2014 produces digital printing machines.[48]
In 2011, Jokowi also signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with thePresident Director of PT GMF AeroAsia Richard Budihadianto about the development of the ability of providing the human resources in the field of aircraft maintenance, soSolo Techno Park became the site of an aircraft technician training.[49]
Other relics
On April 13, 2008, the Jokowi set up a culinary evening in Solo is called Satay (GladagFinland Bogan).[27] Garden Balekambang previously dormant is also converted into a small botanical garden are equipped with free Wi-Fi. In addition, the Bus Terminal Canbe rejuvenated, while nearby the bus Parks was open space.[27]
Jokowi also built and rejuvenate some markets, such as the Windujenar Market in 2010 [50] and the Depok bird market.[51] the market is located right on theWindujenar Ngarsopuro were transformed into artistic and equipped with open space for the community.[52] the area is then connected to the Slamet Riyadi Street adornedwith the presence of garden and free internet facilities.[27] Jokowi also launched anarrangement of corridors in the city walk Captain Mulyadi and Major Kusmanto wereequipped with facilities for pedestrians and the City Park.[51]
Under the leadership of Jokowi, Surakarta City Government supports the provision ofpublic toilets, to Solo city was elected to host the World Toilet Summit to-13 in 2013.[53] the public toilets were built in several places as in Slamet Riyadi, Finland GladagBogan, Laweyan, and with funding from the Government and private companies thatembody the social responsibility of the company.[53]
According to the case study in Majeed Rushda regarding Solo, Jokowi has improvedconditions of slums, improve health services, and reforming government to improve efficiency.[8] he was also open to the public, financial processes and provide one-stopservice for those who want to make business licenses or permits others.[8]
The Governor Of DKI Jakarta

The atmosphere at the command post of the winner of Jokowi in the way ofBorobudur 22
See also: election of Governor and Vice Governor of Jakarta, 2012
Jokowi was asked personally by Jusuf Kalla to run for the Governor of DKI Jakarta [54] on Pilgub JAWA in 2012. Because it is a cadre of PDI Perjuangan, then Jusuf Kalla ask for support of Megawati Sukarnoputri, who originally seem still in doubt. MeanwhilePrabowo Subianto also lobbied PDI Perjuangan to be willing to support the Jokowi as a candidate for Governor because it takes 9 seat again to be able to ask the prospective Governor.[55] at the time, was held almost chose to support the FauziBowo and Jokowi own almost refused to nominated.[56] As his Deputy, Basuki T full moon then became a nominated member of Parliament accompanying the Jokowimoved to Generra because Golkar has agreed to support Alex Noerdin as candidate for Governor.[57]
The couple was not originally seeded. This is apparent from a prospective place of death claims by Indonesia that the pair Survey Circle Fauzi Bowo and Nachrowi Ramliwill win the election in one round.[58] in addition, the MCC who scooped up more than 42 percent of the vote for the 2007 elections in the Adang Daradjatun also bringsHidayat Nur Wahid, who has known people as Chairman of MPR RI period 2004-2009.Compared to the other party, the PDI-P and Generra each only got only 11 and 6 seatsout of a total of 94 seats, compared to 32 seats belonging to the Democratic Party toFauzi Bowo, as well as 18 Seats belong to the MCC to Hidayat Nur Wahid.[59] However, LP3ES already predict that the Jokowi and Fauzi Bowo will meet in roundtwo.[60]
A quick count conducted a number of surveys on election day, July 11, 2012 and the day after that, saw the Jokowi lead, with Fauzi Bowo in second place.[61] the coupleturned in 2005, winning the DKI was seeded 2012 due to the proximity of the Jokowiwith Hidayat Nur Wahid during the elections of mayors of Solo 2010 [62] as well assupporting Faisal Basri and Alex Noerdin of the survey results are likely to switch to it.[63]

He will serve for five years and expires in 2017. As long as the Governor, he initiated a variety of programs such as Healthy Jakarta, Cards [64] Cards the smart Jakarta, [65]the auction title, [66] the construction of Rapid mass transit (MRT) and the monorail, [67] [68] return of the function of reservoirs and rivers, [69] as well as the provision of open green space.[70]
The second round of elections 2012

Jokowi campaign fliers and Basuki during elections.

Portrait of Jokowi as a Governor.
Jokowi tried to contact and visit all the candidate, [71] including Fauzi Bowo, [72] but only managed to stay with Hidayat Nur Wahid, [73] and gave rise to speculation ofcoalitions in the second round.[74] Later, Fauzi Bowo also met with Hidayat NurWahid.
But the situation turned around after parties supporting other candidates in the first round and even expressed support to Fauzi Bowo.[75] the Jokowi Relationship withthe MCC is also worsened by the presence of tudingan that the team's success gave rise to the issue of political mahar Jokowi Rp50 billion.[76] the MCC asked these issuesstopped, [77] while team success Jokowi refused tudingan to mention the number of such rewards.[78] the condition lose potential support from the big parties claimedJokowi as the phenomenon of "the people's Coalition against Coalition Party".[79] this claim was contradicted the Democratic Party because of the PDI Perjuangan andGenerra remains a political party that supports the Jokowi, unlike Faisal Basri andHendrardji which is an independent candidate.[80] Jokowi finally got the support ofimportant figures such as Misbakhun from the MCC, [81] Jusuf Kalla from the GolkarParty, [82] the J Sensory Piliang from Golkar, [83] and Romo Heri is the sister-in-lawFauzi Bowo.[84]
The political fight is also venturing into the world of social media with the launch ofJasmev, [85] the establishment of media center, [86] as well as the utilization of new media in political campaigns such as Youtube.[87] The Fauzi Bowo States also down tosocial media, but recognizes the advantages of successful teams and supportersJokowi in this channel.[88]
The second round also tinged variety of tudingan black campaign, which among other things in the issue revolves around SARA, [89] the issue of intentional fires, [90] [91]corruption, and transactional politics.[92]
Ahead of the second round, the various surveys that predict victory sprung backJokowi, among other 36,74% against 29,47% by SSSG, [93] 72,48% against 27,52% byINES, [94] 45,13% against 37,53% in the survey elektabilitas by IndoBarometer, [95] and 45,6% 44.7% against the institution's survey of Indonesia.[96]
After the second round of voting, the counting of results quickly showed IndonesiaSurvey Institute couples Jokowi-Ahok 53,81% with the winner. While his rival, FauziBowo-Nachrowi Ramli got 46,19%.[97] similar Results were also obtained by the Quick Count IndoBarometer 54.24% against 45.76%, [98] and five TV stations.[99] whileForecasts by Quick Count method is reinforced by the Real Count of the PDI Perjuangan 54,02% against 45,98%, [100] Cyrus Network of 54,72% against 45,25%.[101] and finally on September 29, 2012, on DKI Jakarta set a pair Jokowi-Ahok as Governor and Deputy Governor who is new to the program of 2012-2017 replaceFauzi Bowo-Prijanto.[102][103]
Before and after Jokowi became Governor of DKI Jakarta, he promised that he would add 1000 units of Transjakarta, then he could be contacted journalists 24 hours, that he would be working today in the Office and the rest of review of public service. He also said that he will not be displacing street vendors (STREET VENDORS), and will alsobuild a bunk not village apartment; then he will improve education and healthsystems, giving the award to all the Chairman of RT and RW, and he also promisedwould add to public space for adolescents Jawa.[104] when elected Governor of DKI Jakarta, problems began to arrive, and since the monsoon struck Jakarta and notbogged down over the issue, the public began to doubt and pessimism of the abilityJokowi in addressing the problems of the capital.[105]
Post-war Elections 2012
After the official vote, won in Jokowi on the other issues still blocking the efforts of his resignation by the DPRD Surakarta, but disputed by the DPRD.[106] the Interior Minister Gamawan Fauzi also States would hands down if this problem occurs, [107]since the appointment of Jokowi as the Governor of DKI Jakarta is not consideredbreaking any rules if at the time of registering as a candidate for Governor alreadydeclared ready to resign from a previous position if elected, and actually resignedafter being elected.[108] However, soon after, the HOUSE'S planned changes to thelaw No. 34 of 2004, so after Jokowi, the head of the run in other areas, must firstresign from Office at the time of registering as a candidate.[109]

The reason the Administration associated the resignation as Mayor of Surakarta andFauzi Bowo's term has not expired, pending appointment of Jokowi [110] preliminaryschedule from 7 October to 15 October 2012.[111] the inauguration tinged debateabout the cost because of the statement of Jokowi who want a simple inaugurationcosts.[112] the PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT later lowered the cost of the inauguration to Rp 550 million, from the originally budgeted $ 1, 05Miliar in Change ABPD. The inaugural event was also diramaikan by street vendors who menggratiskan the companionship.[113]
A day after the inauguration, direct Jokowi is scheduled to make a visit to the community.[114]
The Takeover Of Water Resources
Before Jokowi, the management of drinking water is done by the two main operators,Aetra (PT Thames PAM Jaya) and by Palyja (' PAM Jaya to PT). PT Aetra Air Jakartamanaging, operating, maintaining clean water supply systems, and investing in EasternJakarta, while by Palyja in the western part of Jakarta. Shareholders of Aetra is theAcuatico Pte Ltd. with ownership of 95 percent and PT Alberta Utilities by 5 percent.While by Palyja clean water supply to serve Jakarta Barat, South Jakarta, as well asparts of North and Central Jakarta. By Palyja owned 49 percent of Astratel, SuezEnvironnement and amounting to 51 percent. Both are holding a contract with the provincial Government of Jakarta to manage water in Jakarta.
Because it is not considered a Prime Ministry is able to provide, then Jokowi and Ahoksince the beginning of the takeover target has been the management of Jakarta'sdrinking water to make it more easily policed and controlled, but this intentionterganjal penalty to be paid by the Government in the provincial government if the contract termination in the middle of the road.[115] The effort is done in another way, namely by buying shares in the two companies through two Government-ownedLOCAL provinces, namely PT Pembangunan Jaya and PT Jakarta Propertindo (Jakpro).Both will be trying to take over the ownership of shares by Palyja with the plan of PT Pembangunan Jaya will buy as much as 51 percent shares of Suez Environment, whilePT Jakarta Propertindo acquires 49 percent stake Astratel. By Palyja but unfortunatelystill be sued by the LBH because venture water privatization is deemed incompatible with the Constitution of 1945, so the acquisition is still waiting for the Court decision[116]
On April 10, 2014, Jokowi stated that the takeover of the bright spots have been found, because the provincial Government had found the words agreed back in mastering the management of drinking water. Both sides feel the same destination so as not to have occurred the privatization of water resources, the only way is different.If the LBH and NGOs through the law suit, the provincial government made efforts bybusiness to business takeover. "Positive, already met titiknya. Because the spirit is the same. The same destination so that water management was taken over by the Government in this case LOCAL GOVERNMENT we are, "said Jokowi, after holding a meeting with the Coalition at City Hall, Jakarta.[117]
After the takeover by Palyja in full swing, the provincial Government of DKI also gives the signal will take over in a manner similar Aetra.[118]
An increase in the minimum wage province
On October 24, 2012, there was a rally at City Hall made a group of labourers from the Confederation of unions Throughout Indonesia.[119] initially the labour demandincrease in the UMP to Rp 2.79 million, which the complainant's invitation to dialogueby Basuki Tjahaja full moon with labour representatives. Use of survey numbers finally agreed a sufficiency of life Worth last month, from the previous dirata-rata of February 2012 to October 2012, [120] and various other points so that it becomes 13 deal.[121]
Jokowi later gave up counting the UMP deserves to Waging a Council originally gave rise to recommendation number Rp1,9 million. But the Council is plagued by laboractions that call back delegates, so this new figure represents the interests of employers.[122] finally agreed upon by various parties that Provincial Minimum wageof Rp 2.2 million which was later assigned by the Board of Waging.[123]
Jokowi perform various consultations, including with Menakertrans MuhaiminIskandar, Governor of Banten, West Java and the Governor to determine the UMP is right for workers in DKI Jakarta in order not to suffer inequality with buffer areas, butis still eligible to be workers.[124]

The protest occurred at the end of 2013 because of immediate increase in labor backthe UMP to Rp 3.7 million, [125] while employers refused the figure and wanted the number of Rp 2.29 million. Finally it was decided the central figure of $ 2.44 million.Labour declined because Rp 3.7 million figure to die [125] and got branded Jokowiand Ahok Cheap Wages as the father [126] and threatened to occupy the City Hall for days, but eventually broke up the demonstration by itself and UMP Rp 2.44 millioneffect in DKI Jakarta since November 1, 2013 [127]
Improving public transportation
On 10 October 2013, Jokowi inaugurated the construction of a Rapid mass transit(MRT) which was previously delayed for years.[67] later, on October 16, 2013, Jokowiwas also inaugurated the construction of the green line Monorail Jakarta along elevenkilometers.[68] in addition, in November 2013, regional government DKI Jakarta plans to hold a thousand bus Transjakarta.[128] However, a couple from 656 bus purchased from China was found to have been corroded, so there is suspected fraud perpetrated by officials of the Department of transportation (Dishub) DKI Jakarta.[129] in response to this problem, Jokowi detached Head Dishub Pristiono Udar DKI Jakarta andappointed Muhammad Akbar as his successor.[130] the Next fleet Transjakarta willmuch through E-catalogue system, not to mention an auction.
The Establishment Of PT Transjakarta
To improve the quality of service and a fleet of Transjakarta, hence starting December 30, 2013, PT Transjakarta was officially legalized. Thus his position stands on its own asa Corporately-owned areas, are no longer restricted to those powers as the executingUnit under the Department of transportation. By becoming its own company,Transjakarta is expected to work more efficient, agile, and flexible, including theprocurement of a fleet.[131]
Passenger Transport Plan of acquisition of Perum Djakarta (PPD)
Earlier, Transporting passengers to Djakarta or PPD is a STATE-OWNED Publiccompany which is under the Ministry of STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES. Because it is considered to have a lot of assets and a profitable fleet management of transport,then the Government of DKI Jakarta proposed takeover of the PPD, with one condition is payment of the debts of a fairly large, PPD Rp 170 billion. But Basuki Tjahaja Fullrepayment of this debt is considered comparable to the benefits which would beobtained by the provincial Government of DKI Jakarta. Unfortunately, this takeoverprocess is convoluted because the Central Government does not demonstrate a serious response to the offer. Minister of STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES, Dahlan himselfis in fact already approve this takeover.[132]
Pengandangan Metromini and Kopaja
After a number of accidents that befell Metromini and Kopaja, the provincial Government of Jakarta began to tighten rules concerning minimum safety facilitiesowned, among others, brakes, body, porous soil, speedometer, lights, and window glass. If cannot show such facilities, then these are bus died.[133]
The action pengandangan is inviting protests from drivers who feel the eyes of its search Metromini threatened. On August 29, 2013, dozens of drivers parked their fleeton the streets Metromini in front of City Hall and staff protested the obligation oftransport rejuvenation. In addition Pristono Udar, head of Department of transportation at the time, considered hurt drivers because it makes a statement thatMetromini was not needed anymore in Jakarta. They demanded the dirazia fleetreturned, but was rejected.[134]
Drivers who are not being heard and then damaging the fence and broke the glassCity Hall Bus and Bus Transjakarta. Since keberingasannya, the Governor and the Deputy Governor refused to meet and comment on their complaints. The perpetratorwas reported to the police were threatened with destruction because it leads tocriminal action.[135]
The launch of the bus tour rates
On 24 February 2014, Jokowi launched a bus tour level. Bus level with a capacity of 60passengers can be enjoyed free of charge and is intended to increase the allure of Jakarta to the tourists. This Bus runs every day from 09.00 to 19.00 with the route fromnew market to the Hotel Indonesia Roundabout.[136]

Six toll roads within the city
Six toll road projects inherited from the days of Sutiyoso and Fauzi Bowo, but recentlyreached an inauguration of the deal between private parties with the public worksMinistry, Fauzi Bowo shortly before the end of his term, as well as already determinedthe winner tendernya. So although most Sydneysiders, and Jokowi had opposed the project, but it does not have the authority to cancel it.[137][138]
Jokowi had a chance to slow down the execution of the project by asking for the inputof citizens, observer, expert, Ministry of PU, investors, Consortium on January 15, 2013,[139] but later Basuki Tjahaja full moon announces that there is no longer a term 6 toll roads. There is the integration of the entire ring road in Jakarta and is equipped with abus line.[140] private parties approve a request made public transportation facilitiesalong the highway.[141]
Cheap car
Based on Government Regulation No. 41 by 2013, the Central Government wanted to develop a program of Indonesia cheap car. Joko Widodo vehemently opposed the program because he thinks the program will aggravate congestion in Jakarta.[142]according to him, who should be encouraged is the procurement of bulk transport is cheap, safe, and comfortable.[142] he is also inviting the Vice President of the Republicof Indonesia Boediono to question this policy.[142]
The rotation of the Office of
Over the last two years in Office, Jokowi do an awful lot of alteration of the position ofbirkorat. In between head and head through the auction title, as well as mayors, headsof Department and Office through stops and the appointment.[143]
Auction Office
In April through June 2013, Jokowi creates a new system in the placement of the bureaucracy, the auction Office. In this system, every CIVIL SERVANTS were given the same opportunity to occupy the position it wants to meet the qualification and take the test. The test results were announced in a transparent and the provincial Government put the CIVIL SERVANTS according to the achievements and credentials.[66]
This led to a controversy with the rejection from the head and the head of its troubledas a result of this selection. One of the highlights is the head of the Warakasthreatened to memperkarakan auction system Office.[144] he initially refused to followthe auction selection position, but finally managed to get a position in theneighborhood North of the Monument.[145]

he effectiveness of auction terms into question after Basuki Tjahaja full moonadmitted 60 percent of Head Office of auction results are not satisfactory.[146] Evenwithin one year, the head of Ceger and bendaharanya was caught doing mark-upbudget worth $ 450 million and is now a prisoner of East Jakarta State Prosecutor.[147]
Polemic Head Susan
One of the elected village head in the auction process as was Susan Jasmine Zulkifli.He was elected to serve in the territory Of Lenteng. However, the appointment of head of Susan reaping protests from some people because the head Susan Christian, who is considered to be incompatible with the majority of the citizens of the Great MuslimLenteng.[148] this controversy strengthened after Interior Minister Gamawan Fauzi askJokowi reconsidering the appointment of Susan's head.[148] However, Jokowi insisted that he will not lose head Susan on the basis of religion and will only consider the performance of the head.[148]
Replacement of the head of Department
Replace the recorded Jokowi head of Department in Jakarta. The most highlightedamong other Udar Pristono, head of Department of transportation JAWA, Taufik YudiHai, head of the Education Office in JAKARTA, and Unu Report head of DepartmentHygiene Jawa. All three were put into a new position in the Governor's Team For the acceleration of development (TGUP2), along with four other people.[149]
The annual floods Jakarta
Inheriting a city bypassed many rivers and some of the positions that were lower than the sea level, the Jokowi sued could reduce even eliminate flooding from Jakarta. With the endorsement of the budget 2013 terlambatnya, floods in Jakarta shows the huge impact for city life without the accompaniment of prevention and handling the maximum.[150] However recognized this flood handling is better if compare the flooding in previous years.[151]
Throughout the year 2013, projects the normalization in series JEDI (JakartaEmergency Dredging Innitiative) conducted intensive. The best known is the return ofthe function of reservoirs, reservoir Pluit Ria Rio, and the Times Building. This venturewould bring him many plaudits, even from abroad.[69] with this normalization,recognized by the BPBD that the flood of 2014 is better than the previous year. The duration of the flood is longer because the peak of the rainy season which is longer, but widespread inundation is reduced.[152]
Flood emergency status announcements
In the face of annual floods Jakarta 2013 and 2014, Jokowi announced a floodemergency response status allows the Governor take the decisions necessary to cope with the disaster.[153]
Engineering weather
To divert the rain passing through Jakarta, DKI Jakarta provincial government in cooperation with the BNPB, the INDONESIAN air force, and through the scattering ofsalt NaCl BPPT that rained away from Jakarta. By 2013 this project quite successfullyreducing rainfall, but by 2014 is slightly hampered due to the slow pace of ratification of the GRANT and the difference in rainfall patterns over the last year.[154]
Revamping drains
Through a package of Emergency Dredging Jakarta Initiative (JEDI), ProvinisiGovernment of DKI Jakarta in collaboration with the Ministry of public works and the World Bank do the care system drains in Jakarta related to flood conditions in Jakartawith a total Fund of US $ 135.500.000. This Program was heating up as BasukiTjahajapurnama protesting against the sluggish program designed by the World Bankto demand faster execution. If the World Bank not willing, he allowed an appeal by the World Bank assistance. This request was met by the World Bank.[155]
Times and the target reservoir improvements through JEDI, among others, Flood CanalWest, Cakung, Cengkareng Drain Drain, Kali Angke, Kali, Kali Cideng Kamal, KaliSunter, Kali Krukut, Kali-Tanjungan Kali Cideng-Land cereals, Pakin Jelakeng Times-times-Great Times, Times Area of Mount Sodetan, Sahari Sentiong was Sunter, KaliGrogol – Secretary, Pluit, Reservoirs of reservoirs, reservoir Sunter Jasmine North,South, and Sunter Reservoirs Reservoirs Sunter East IIIMangga Bolong, Thence,Thence, thence, Swamp Dongkal Mansyur Babakan and Situ Cipondoh.[156]
The Normalization Of The Major Reservoirs
!The main article for this section is: Major Reservoirs
Normalization improvement system marks a Major Reservoir flood control in Jakarta.Characterised by the dismantling of the residence on the banks of its own by residentsin March 2013. Originally the relocation goes smoothly. But then came the tensionbecause few citizens resisted, even to bring up the incident reporting to Komnas HAM.Through diplomacy lunch, some citizens began to slowly move into and persuadedmany flats that have been prepared.[157]

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Normalization Of Reservoirs Ria Rio
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Normalization of Reservoirs Ria Rio also got resistance from residents and land ownersdue to disputes between landowners and PT Jaya Pulomas. Citizens had a chance todo the block, but was persuaded to want to voluntarily move to a decent flats. As forthe dispute of land, initially agreed upon are settled in court, but later the landownergives the opportunity negosisasi replacement price of land to be dredged asreservoirs.[158]
Jokowi promises will build the Opera House-capacity 9000-seat entirely on the banks of the Rio Ria Reservoirs.[159]

A broad view of the Reservoir Pedongkelan Rio, Ria, Pulo Gadung, East Jakarta
Normalization Of Western Reservoirs Tomang

Photo Rumen Tomang
!The main article for this section is: Reservoirs Tomang
West initially filled Tomang reservoir burst a water hyacinth population exacerbates the deposition and simultaneously displacing natural habitat has been more used to be there. Thus, in November 2013 Reservoirs Tomang Barat dredged up to go back tothe depth of the water hyacinth and the population should be removed with the costsof Rp 2 billion.[160]
The Normalization Of Bambon Swamp Reservoir
Bambon Swamp reservoir originally was just a small swamp in coconut Two Wetan,Ciracas, East Jakarta, which was inundated during heavy rain often occurs around the East and South Jakarta. As a result of local people constantly experiencing floods. Thenthe provincial Government of DKI Jakarta decided reservoirs was dredged to a depth of 6 meters and equipped garden like Reservoirs Ria Rio and Pluit. In contrast to the major Reservoirs and surrounding land, Rio Ria Reservoirs Swamp Bambon relativelyproblematic not so penuntasannya is expected to be faster [161]
Normalization Times Building
!The main article for this section is: Times Building
Because of the small capacity and poor maintenance, until November 2012, KaliPesanggrahan still overflowed and soaked the 2 RT in Ulujami.[162] in fact inDecember 2010 has targeted the normalization of debit 50 cubic meters to 115 cubic meters, however it still kept the auction process as a result of delayed too long. During the period August to October 2010 noted Times Building had been broken three timesdue to battle his old walls have water and dikes.[163]
The Program normalization Times Pesanggrahan Jakarta extended through backEmergency Dredging Initiative (JEDI) [164] the provincial Government of Jakarta andthe Ministry of PLUTONIUM by the end of 2013 to 2014, [165] as well as the sodetandevelopment projects supported by the Times Building to straighten the flow timesaround ITC Cipulir, [166] as well as the construction of reservoirs around South Jakartato store water in upstream so as not to overload rivers downstream from Jakarta.[167][168]
The work was halted due to objections of reservoir residents over the value ofindemnification, but concluded by direct negotiation with the Jokowi.[169]
Structuring the slums
Revamping the settlement is done through two ways, i.e. relocation to flats andrevamping the program through the village series.[170]
The village series
The Program is a fairly prominent from Jokowi is the homeworld series. This Programgives the opportunity to the citizens who want to improve the condition of her homewhich is not worthy of the subject must have an obvious proof of land ownership. Thearea gets help Hometown Series that often gets the spotlight among other high ground, South Of Cipinang prison, Bakti Anak Bangsa, Semper Barat, and Tambora. In 2013, the construction of the village Series conducted at 26 points. While in 2014, targeted 70 new Series Village will begin in early June, 2014.[171]
Construction and relocation to the bunk House
Flats to be the main solution to the relocation in large numbers. During the flooding of the reservoir Residents 2013, Jakarta Pluit, Reservoirs, and the Rio Times Ria Pakin, for example, was relocated, among others, to the Chic, Pine Flats Flats Flats Marunda,Tambora, and more. While in 2014, targeted 100 new high-rise earthquake resistant to accommodate other relocation.
In addition to its own building, the provincial Government of DKI Jakarta has also received grants from various Ministries on the condition that would fix it.[172][173]

Political imagery
Thanks to his campaign during the elections of the Governor of DKI Jakarta 2012 whopromised "New London", he leapt into a national figure known for clean, populist, and was able to resolve the problem.[252] its popularity soared it to dominate the survey-survey of presidential candidates as described in the following table:
Joko Widodo survey [view]
However, ahead of the presidential election, Indonesia, 2014, the alleged involvement of Joko Widodo in case of TransJakarta said Scotch elektabilitas Joko Widodo.[253] in addition, due to incessant campaigns are black, according to Saiful Mujani Research and Consulting community favorite trends of Jokowi decreases to 8% until April 2014.[254]
The international media spotlight
Jokowi else gets the spotlight of international media such as the Hindu India called The media who covered the phenomenon Jokowi a la India, [255] [256] United Statesmedia called The New York Times who covered the phenomenon of leadership down to the bottom, [257] [258] Australia media named The Sydney Morning Herald, [259]Thailand named media Bangkok Post, [260] and Japan media called the Asahi Shimbun.[261]
Joko Widodo get different nicknames from various international media like Obamafrom Jakarta by the BBC, Mr. Fix by The Economist, and The Man of Madras Shirts by TIME.[262]
A former successful team Jokowi allegedly involved in the case of Rusty busway, and even family Jokowi is accused of receiving a flow of funds busway Rusty; However, thedisputed Jokowi [263] [264] [265] and Attorney General Basrief Arief asserts that this case "yet or arguably not related to Jokowi".[266] Jokowi was also criticized for notcomplying with his promise to finish his term as Governor of Jakarta, [267] AlthoughJokowi himself stated that when he became President, it would be easier to take care of Jakarta because it has the authority to the project of the Central Government in the capital.[268] there is a presumption that the Jokowi included failing to cope with theflooding and misfire.[269][270] the assumption that Jokowi failed in coping withflooding and traffic jam in Jakarta make its popularity declined.[271] Data from theBPS also shows poverty in Solo rides when Jokowi became the Mayor of Solo.[272]Melesatnya Jokowi popularity also criticized as the influence of the media that oftenemphasise the goodness of Jokowi while his weaknesses are covered.[273][274] in addition, Jokowi is found aboard jet aircraft for campaigning from Banjarmasin toMalang, which are considered contrary to the simple lifestyle.[275] Meanwhile, Professor of Economics, University of Indonesia Taufik Bahauddin worryingcontroversies that occurred during the reign of BLBI scandal as Megawati, the sale ofSTATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES, the sale of VLCC tanker Pertamina and cheap gas salesto China would be repeated in the reign of Jokowi.[276]
The appearance of the name Jokowi on a National exam questions [277] and thearrival of the Jokowi on the campus of ITB [278] is also controversial because it is ratedas an act of politicking. (Continoe)

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