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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Joko widodo evaluation of candidate names his Ministers

Joko widodo and Muhammad Jusuf Kalla
Joko widodo evaluation of candidate names his Ministers

President of Joko Widodo and Vice President Jusuf Kalla was sworn in on Wednesday(20/10) then.

President of Joko Widodo said it the middle name some re-evaluating the potentialMinisters.

This step was taken following the input of the corruption eradication Commission, theKPK, that some candidates are considered "problematic".
"It should be like that (there is a re-evaluation). That's the point of KPK and PPATK, "said Jokowi at the Merdeka Palace, Jakarta, Tuesday (21/10).

In the process of drafting the Cabinet, Jokowi gave up 43 names to the KPK and the center of financial transaction reporting and analysis (PPATK).

Jokowi do not break when the process of the determination of the Minister finish.
"As soon as possible," said Jokowi short.

Jokowi called his cabinet will contain 33 Ministers and 4 position Coordinating Minister or coordinating Minister for. The Ministers comprising 18 comes fromprofessionals and 15 representatives of the political parties supporting the coalition.
Jokowi also reiterates ministers coming from the political parties cannot be a duplicatepost.

The previous anti-corruption organization ICW urged delaying Jokowi announced the names of the Ministers for alleged corruption case related.

Up to now, it seems the President Joko Widodo take a different approach whenselecting candidates for Ministers in his Cabinet.
Practically no frenzied politics such as Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono's predecessor,Jokowi, selecting candidates Minister publicly.
PDI Perjuangan politician, one of the party who brings the Jokowi, Ario Bimo, ensuringeven seem to do the process of secretly Jokowi opened the door for publicparticipation.
"Since the beginning of Pak Jokowi always says, please, all the elements of the public to propose names (Minister)," said Ario.

"The final decision certainly is in a pack of Jokowi, which has the prerogative. Thisprocess certainly has its spectral type is widespread, "he said.
The names of prospective Ministers are already circulating in some last time. A number of media reported Jokowi sudha surrendered 43 candidates to Minister of KPK.
' Inevitable '

First want to create a leaner Cabinet, so there is a coalition Cabinet, which heproposed be equal their fat.
Cecep Hidayat said

Also available on internet sites that ask the public to choose who the Minister they want although not known for sure whether the site has a connection with the teamwho helped put together the Cabinet Jokowi.

Jokowi has confirmed that his cabinet contains 34 Ministers, 16 of which came fromthe party, which he described as professional party.
The number of candidates of political parties is something that is inevitable, saidpolitical observer from the University of Indonesia, Cecep Hidayat.
"Difficult indeed nullifying that sort of thing (for-for a Chair Minister to the people of the Centre). Jokowi have also been changed (mind). First want to create a leanerCabinet, so there is a coalition Cabinet, which he proposed to be the same gemuknya(with President Yudhoyono's Cabinet), "said Cecep.

Cecep adding various parties promise Jokowi will be waiting if he could compose the Cabinet contains people who are capable and has a clean track record. (BBC)

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