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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

China Noted the economic growth Since Late 2009

China Noted the economic growth Since Late 2009
Chenese car
The leaders predicted would not issue a drastic step to encourage economic growthunless there is a major downturn in the employment market.

Visitors see the electric car company-made EV E30 China Dongfeng Motor Co., in the China industry exhibition in Shanghai. (Photo: Dok)
Visitors see the electric car company-made EV E30 China Dongfeng Motor Co., in the China industry exhibition in Shanghai. (Photo: Dok)

IMF: Global Economic Growth Melamban
U.S. capital markets authority: there is a practice of pyramid schemes $ 129 Million in China
The Growth Of Asian Billionaires Fortune Fastest-
The Government is optimistic the investment Target of 2014 will be achieved
The security of supply of the meat is in doubt, the U.S. Franchise Restaurants in Chinalose money

China's economy grew by 7.3 percent only in the third quarter from a year earlier, lategrowth since the beginning of 2009 in the world's second largest economy is.

Figures issued Tuesday (21/10) by the National Bureau of statistics that beat market expectations, but raised concerns that China will not meet the target growth of 7.5percent this year.

"Despite the slowdown of GDP the third quarter, the number of workers and pricesgenerally stable. The national economy is currently in a situation that makes sense. For the three quarters accumulated growth was 7.4, the third quarter was 7.3. This is aslowdown, compared to the same period last year, according to Sheng Laiyun, spokesman for the National Bureau of statistics.

This year China announced stimulus measures, including increased spending forinfrastructure projects, such as railways, public housing and credit enhancement.

But the leaders predicted would not issue a drastic step to encourage economic growth unless there is a major downturn in the employment market.

The Growth Of Asian Billionaires Fortune Fastest-

Although Asia is behind Europe and North America in terms of the total number ofbillionaires, but they noted the region's fastest-growing wealth.

In Asia, China has the most billionaires with 190 people.
In Asia, China has the most billionaires with 190 people.

The number of Billionaires 2.170 World People
The rich Asian population Increased in the year 2012

Billionaires-Asian billionaires led by tycoons-tycoons in China enjoy the fastest wealthgrowth this year compared to other rich people in the world, according to a report,Tuesday (17/9).

The combined wealth of the billionaires of Asia grew by 18.7 percent from a year agoto US $ 1.41 trillion, according to a report of the Wealth-X, a research firm specializingin high-income individuals, and UBS Switzerland bank.

Asia add 52 billionaires earning US dollars this year, making the total number ofbillionaires in the region of 560 people. As many as 33 of the 52 new billionaires camefrom China, or 63,5 per cent.

Although Asia is in third position behind Europe and North America in terms of the total number of billionaires, those from Asia recorded the fastest growth of wealththan any other region in the world.

Asia covers 30 percent of the net increase in billionaires globally in 2014, according tothe report.

The number of billionaires in the world went up 7 percent from last year to 2,325, which is a record, or an increase of 155 people. If merged, their wealth reaches $ 7.3trillion, or up 12 percent.

Most Asian billionaires earned their wealth in the area of real estate and industrialconglomerate. Only 11 percent of amassing a fortune from the financial sector, banking and investment, much smaller than in other countries.

Asian billionaires billionaires-the youngest in the world, also with an average age of 61 years, and only 13 percent who inherited wealth in full.

In Asia, China has the most billionaires with 190 people, followed by India (100), HongKong (82), Japan (33), Singapore (32), Taiwan (29), Taiwan (29), South Korea (21),Indonesia (19), Thailand (17) and the Philippines (13). (AFP/VOA)

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