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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Seventeen burned, forests of Indonesia Living Stories

Fire in Indonesian Forest
Seventeen burned, forests of Indonesia Living Stories

Seventeen burned, forests of Indonesia Living stories (photos: between) 17 yearsIndonesia Forests burned, Lived the story Indonesia-Forests PEKANBARU, especially in the Riau area, destroyed by arson case endangered wild.

The Environment (Walhi) Riau noted at least 160,000 hectares of forest destroyedannually in Riau Province. The cause of the fire, but there was also the result of the function of land encroachment.

"Each year hundreds of thousands of hectares of forests destroyed by Riau over the function of the land. The current condition of the forests of Riau in the crisis, "said the Executive Director of Walhi Riau Rico told Okezone, Thursday (23/10/2014).

Walhi CITES, forest and land burning in Riau is the area of the concession company.Ironically, land and forest fires in Riau have occurred since since 1997. That is, it's been17 years of disastrous smoke constantly recurring each year. In fact, in a year could happen twice a season of smoke.

"In 2013, we reported hundreds of companies in Riau, the alleged burning of the land.Because we find their concession area on fire. Because it is effective way to open landis by burning. In addition to fast, certainly also cheap. Each year the company-that's allburning land. Of the hundreds of companies that we reported, only eight areprocessed. It was just the one that is currently clear legal process, i.e. the origin of theMalaysia palm oil company, PT Adei Plantation, "he explained.

As a result of forest fires and encroachment that continue to occur in Riau, he estimates the current protected areas in Riau is currently only 1 million hectares.Slowly if this is not handled properly by the Riau forest will all be destroyed. (Okezone)

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