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Friday, October 24, 2014

US military: Troops Iraq Needs several months to wipe out ISIS

Kurdish fighters on the streets in the town of Qara Tappa, Iraq (21/10).
US military: Troops Iraq Needs several months to wipe out ISIS

U.s. Central Command officials, Kurdish ground attack capabilities that long in Iraqneed more time.

Kurdish fighters on the streets in the town of Qara Tappa, Iraq (21/10).

The u.s. military said Thursday (23/10) that the Iraq military requires a few more months to be able to take the offensive to retake territory captured Islamist groupIslamic State (ISIS).

Iraq Kurdish troops, known as peshmerga, are getting ready to leave for Syria-Turkeyborder to defend the city against the forces of Kobani ISIS, but according to officials of the U.s. central command, the ability of the Kurds did a long ground attack in Iraqneed more time.

The officials, who gave the information to a horde of journalists, also said the Anbarprovince in Western Iraq is still disputed, although it has been helped by the American-led air strikes.

America has continued the bombardment from the air against the militants in Iraq andSyria of ISIS. Central Command said Thursday the Americans have done nine attacks inIraq and six in Syria in the last day.

Syria says the activists more than a month of American-led air strike in Syria has killed553 people, the most militant of ISIS and the Front of al-Nusra associated with al-Qaida.

Militants Attack US Back in Iraq and Syria of ISIS
Americans continue air strikes against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, by launchingnew attacks 15.

Smoke billowing from the U.S. air raids against positions of the ISIS in Kobani, Syria(22/10).
Smoke billowing from the U.S. air raids against positions of the ISIS in Kobani, Syria(22/10).

The u.s. central command, said Thursday it made nine attacks in Iraq yesterday, four of which are destroying insurgent operations near Mosul Dam and three other attacksstruck militant positions in South Fallujah.

Meanwhile, the u.s. military said air attacks struck six targets in Syria, four of which arenear the restive town of Kobani, where Kurdish fighters and Islamic States fought for weeks to master the region, just south of the border with Turkey.

Huge plumes of black smoke as a result of the boom in Kobani could look from acrossthe border in Turkey.

A new American attack occurred while activists say Syria a month U.s.-led air strike inSyria has killed 553 people, mostly militants of the Islamic State and the associatedNusra Front of al-Qaida.

The Syrian Organization for Human Rights Obsevatory onshore United Kingdom saidthose killed included 464 fighters of the Islamic State and 32 civilians.

The group, which has extensive sources in the territory of Syria, said the confidentactually more militant Islamic State who died but not reported because of the difficulty of entering some areas targeted by air strikes.

U.S. fighter jets, along with Arab countries partners, performing more than 200 air attack in Syria since the 22nd of September, as part of efforts to stop the expansion of the Group of Islamic countries. (VOA)

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