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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Why the devil (Satan) became enemy number one man?

The ride was not finished (360)

(Part three hundred and sixty), Depok, West Java, Indonnesia, August 31, 2015, 6.16 pm).

Why the devil (Satan) became enemy number one man?

Allah in Surah Sad words in verse 71-88 warns people that the devil (Satan) is the enemy number one, because the devil will deceive humans oath to follow the invitation in order to accompany the devil in hell.
The only way for humans to avoid the temptations of the devil, is to ask for help and protection of God that we include those who survived, to obtain the grace and guidance of God to be saved in the life of the world that is filled with a test and put God to heaven lasting and wide as the heavens and the earth.

Sad commentary Paragraph 71-88
Verses 71-88: The explanation of the creation of Adam 'alaihis greetings, vanity Devil, warning against the temptation of the devil, the task of the Prophet sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam, and explained about the threat to the disbelievers.

Shaad verse translation Letter 71-88

إذ قال ربك للملائكة إني خالق بشرا من طين (71) فإذا سويته ونفخت فيه من روحي فقعوا له ساجدين (72) فسجد الملائكة كلهم أجمعون (73) إلا إبليس استكبر وكان من الكافرين (74) قال يا إبليس ما منعك أن تسجد لما خلقت بيدي أستكبرت أم كنت من العالين (75) قال أنا خير منه خلقتني من نار وخلقته من طين (76) قال فاخرج منها فإنك رجيم (77) وإن عليك لعنتي إلى يوم الدين (78) قال رب فأنظرني إلى يوم يبعثون (79) قال فإنك من المنظرين (80) إلى يوم الوقت المعلوم (81) قال فبعزتك لأغوينهم أجمعين (82) إلا عبادك منهم المخلصين (83) قال فالحق والحق أقول (84) لأملأن جهنم منك وممن تبعك منهم أجمعين (85) قل ما أسألكم عليه من أجر وما أنا من المتكلفين (86) إن هو إلا ذكر للعالمين (87) ولتعلمن نبأه بعد حين (88)

71. [1] (Remember) when your Lord said to the angels, "I am going to create man from clay [2]."

72. Then when I have perfected it happened and I breathed spirit (creation) -ku him [3]; then submit you to prostrate [4] to him [5]. "

73. So the angels prostrated all,

74. unless the devil; he boasted [6] and he belonged to the heathen [7].

75. Allah said [8], "O Satan, what prevented you prostrating to what I created with My two hands [9]. Do you brag or you (feel) belonged to the (much) higher?"

76. (Iblis) said [10], "I'm better than him You created me from fire, and him You created from clay [11]."

77. God said, "Then you come out of heaven [12]! Verily, you are the cursed creature [13],

78. And indeed, My curse is on thee till the Day of Judgment. "

79. The devil says, "My Lord, I tangguhkanlah until the day they are raised [14]."

80. Allah said [15], "And ye were among those given the suspension,

81. until the predetermined time (Day of Judgment). "

82. (Iblis) replied [16], "By Your glory [17], certainly I will mislead them all,

83. Except Thy servants are elected among them [18].

84. God said, "So true (is my oath), and the only truth is what I say [19].

85. [20] Behold, I will fill Hell with you and with the people who follow them all.

86. [21] Say (O Muhammad), "I'm not asking for little else to you it (dakwahku) and I am not among those who fetched [22].

87. Koran is nothing but a warning for the whole of nature [23].

88. And behold, ye shall know (the truth) news (Qur'an) after some time again [24]. "

[1] Then Allah wa Subhaanahu Ta'aala mentions angels arguments, see also surah Al-Baqarah: 30.

[2] That Adam 'alaihis greetings human father.

[3] So it becomes alive. Leaning against the spirit of Allah wa Subhaanahu Ta'aala is a glorification to Adam alaihis greetings, as disandarkannya said temple (house) to God so that it becomes Baitullah (House of God), which shows the privileges of the house.

[4] That is prostrate reverence, not prostrate worship.

[5] Then the angels prepare themselves for it because they follow God's command and as a tribute to Adam 'alaihis greetings. When the creation is complete both body and his soul and God tests the intelligence of Adam and the angels in terms of science, it seems clear intelligence Adam than the angels, and God Subhaanahu wa Ta'aala ordered the angels to prostrate.

[6] With respect to the command of his Lord and against Adam alaihis greetings.

[7] In the science of Allah wa Subhaanahu Ta'aala.

[8] Denouncing the devil.

[9] Yani which I have honored and be particular to create it with both my hands, where it requires you to not arrogant against him.

Ibn Jarir narrated by sanadnya that until the Mujahid, in which he tells of Ibn Umar, that he said:

خلق الله أربعة بيده: العرش, وعدن, والقلم, وآدم ثم قال لكل شيء كن فكان

"God created the four creatures with His Hand, namely: the Throne, heaven 'Eden, Qalam (pen), and Adam. Then He said to everything, "Be!" So be it. "

[10] Against Lord.

[11] He thought that the fire is better than land. It is qiyas are imperfect (damaged), because fire is a bad material, defective, height, unfocused, and light. While the soil is material that is quiet, tawadhu ', grow plants, and he beat the fire and put it out, while the fire needed to enforce the material, while the stand-alone ground.

[12] There are also saying, from the sky and from a glorious place.

[13] That is expelled.

[14] This is due to the rigors of malice and hostility to Adam and his descendants so that he can mislead people who have ditaqdirkan God will go astray.

[15] To grant the petition of his because according to his discretion.

[16] After the Devil knows that he was given the suspension, he showed a bad attitude to the Lord because of enmity to God, to Adam and to their offspring.

[17] The letter ba 'in this verse could mean qasam (oath), which is the Devil swear by Allah courage to mislead people. It could also be for Istianah (for help), namely because the devil knows that he is weak from all sides, and that he can not mislead anyone unless desired Allaah, then he asked for help with the might of Allah wa Subhaanahu Ta'aala to mislead Adam's descendants.

O God, we are descendants of Adam being sought opportunity by Satan and his army so that he can mislead us, we asked for help with the might of thy and power of your great and your grace extensive that You help us combat it, survived their tricks and we kind thought to you that you will grant our request and we believe in the promise you that you will be granted those who pray to Thee, and we have to pray to You as You commanded us, then graciously our petition, in fact you never break a promise.

[18] What is meant by Mukhlas here are those who have been given taufiq to obey the instructions and commands of Allah wa Subhaanahu Ta'aala, ie the believers. O Allah, make us of those who Mukhlas it.

[19] According to Shaikh As Sa'diy, that mean God's word is, that is the nature of my truth and the truth is my speech.

[20] It is jawabul qasam (answer of the oath in the previous paragraph).

[21] After the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam to explain their arguments and explain to them the straight path, Allah wa Subhaanahu Ta'aala sent His messenger to say as mentioned in the paragraph above.

[22] That I'm not a person who claims to have something that I do not have, and I do not say something I did not know, so I do not follow other than that has been revealed to me.

Masruq once said, "We came to Abdullah bin Mas'ud, and then he said," O man, whoever knows something, then say, but anyone who does not know, say "Allahu knows best" (God knows best). Including science because someone says to something that he did not know, "God knows best", Allah Almighty said to the Prophet guys, "Say (O Muhammad)," I do not ask you for any salary dakwahku and I'm not including people who takalluf (burdening themselves). "

[23] That the Qur'an is a reminder of something that will benefit them both associated with serious benefits and religious world, so that the Qur'an is the improvement state of the universe and as evidence for those who still oppose whereas knowing.

[24] Truth news Koran was nothing done in the world and some are implemented in the Hereafter; which takes place in the world as the truth of God's promise to the believers that they will win the battle with the idolaters, and which takes place in the hereafter as the truth of God's promise of reward or calculations to be performed on humans.

As Sa'diy Shaikh said, "The letter contains a memorial to this great wise, which is great news, the rule of proof and propositions for those who deny the Qur'an and against it, and deny those who carry it, as well as notification of servants God Mukhlas, the reward of those who do right and those who are disobedient. Therefore, Allah swears in the beginning, that it contains a warning and in the end God menyifatinya that he was a warning to the universe. Similarly Allah wa Subhaanahu Ta'aala reproduce warning in between the beginning and end of the letter, such as his word, "Wadzkur 'abdnaa", "Wadz ibaadanaa kur", "Rahmatan min indinaa dzikraa wa", and "Haadzaa Zikr." Ya Allah , we teach him something we do not know, remind us that we forgot something, either forgotten in the sense of neglect and abandon it. "


Ustadz Isma'il Abu Muslim Al-Atsari

We realize that each one of these has a great enemy? Enemies who really want us astray and hurt. The enemy is not visible, but it has a lot of deception and the way to achieve its objectives. That syaithan (demons).

Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala has warned people to not be tempted by it. Allah Almighty says:

يا بني آدم لا يفتننكم الشيطان كما أخرج أبويكم من الجنة

O son of Adam, do not you ever be deceived by Satan, as he has succeeded in removing both the mother father of heaven. [al-A'raf / 7: 27]

Therefore, by His mercy, Allah Almighty ordered the man to make syaithan as enemies. because in fact, the enemy of human syaithan. Allah Almighty says:

إن الشيطان لكم عدو فاتخذوه عدوا إنما يدعو حزبه ليكونوا من أصحاب السعير

Verily Satan is to you a clear enemy, so make it an enemy (mu), for verily devil-devil it only invites his party that they may be inmates of the fire blazing. [Fatir / 35: 6]

How lunge towards his enemies? Everyone already knows the answer that is trying hard to be overwritten any opponent regardless of all the badness and goodness.

Imam Ibn al-Qayyim rahimahullah to comment on the above verse, "Allah commands to make an enemy syaithan this as a warning that the (human) exert any ability to fight and fight. Syaithan so it was as if an enemy that never stops and never failed ". [Zadul Ma'ad, III / 6]

In carrying out the action mislead and destroy people, syaithan has two arms that is doubtful and lust. Therefore, those who want to survive must be jihad against syaithan armed with science and mentazkiyah (cleaning) soul. Nafi Sciences' (which is useful) will produce self-confident, which would reject doubtful. While tazkiyatun nafs will give birth to piety and patience, which makes it able to control lust.

Imam Ibn al-Qayyim rahimahullah said, "Jihad against syaithan has two levels: First, reject doubtful and doubt is thrown syaithan servant; Second, refusing lust and desires ugly thrown syaithan servants. The first jihad that will end with a conviction, while the second jihad will end with patience. Allah Almighty says:

وجعلنا منهم أئمة يهدون بأمرنا لما صبروا وكانوا بآياتنا يوقنون

And We made between them that the leaders who guide by Our command when they were patient. And it is they believe in Our Signs. [as-Sajdah / 32: 24]

Allah Almighty religions preach that leadership can only be achieved with patience (and keyakinaan), patience will resist lust and desires ugly, and belief will reject doubts and doubtful. "[Zadul Ma'ad III / 10]

So humans against syaithan weapon is knowledge and patience. Science sourced from the Qur'aan and Sunnah of His. Then the science so that the soul be clean and pure, and develop patience.

That is the way to face the deceitfulness of Satan globally, whereas in details are as follows:

1. Faith And Allâh Mentauhidkan Properly
Indeed the whole strength, power, perfection belongs only to Allah Almighty. Therefore, a servant who helped and protected by Allah, nothing will be able to harm her. This is the first and primary weapon of a believer in the face syaithan that is faithful to true to Allah, worship Him with sincerity, sole trust only in Him and do good deeds according to the rules of his. Allah Almighty to preach that syaithan not have the power to servants who believe Allah and His mentauhidkan. Allah says.

إنه ليس له سلطان على الذين آمنوا وعلى ربهم يتوكلون

"Indeed, the devil possess no power over those who believe and sole trust to his Lord. [an-Nahl / 16: 99]

Ibn al-Qayyim rahimahullah said, "When the devil knows that he has no way (to master) the people are sincere, he excludes them from a conditional oath to mislead and destroy (human). The devil said,

قال فبعزتك لأغوينهم أجمعين)82(إلا عبادك منهم المخلصين

"For the sake of power, I will mislead them all, except Thy servants who Ikhlash [Shad / 38: 82-83]

Allah Almighty says:

إن عبادي ليس لك عليهم سلطان إلا من اتبعك من الغاوين

Behold my servants no authority to you (Satan) against them, except the people who follow you, the people astray. [al-Hijr / 15: 42]

So sincere is the way of freedom, Islam is the vehicle of salvation, and faith is a security cover. [al-'Ilmu, Fadhluhu Wa Syarafuhu, p. 72-74, tansiq: Sheikh Ali bin Hasan Al-Halabi]

2. Sticking To the Book and Sunnah With the understanding of As-Salih Salafush
When Allah Almighty degrade human beings on earth, surely He includes instructions for them. So that people living in this world is not left alone, without guidance, commands and prohibitions. Allah Almighty lower the scriptures and sent the Apostles who carry a warning, explanation and evidence. Whoever turn away from Allah, then he will fall prey syaithan and cast down into eternal crash. Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala says.

ومن يعش عن ذكر الرحمن نقيض له شيطانا فهو له قرين

"Those who turn away from the teaching of the Lord of the Merciful (al-Qur'ân), we held him satan (misleading), then the devil that is the friend that always accompanies it. [az-Zukhruf / 43: 36]

Therefore, the survivors of trickery syaithan is to follow the path of Allah, follow the Book and Sunnah with the understanding salafush as-Salih. Allah Almighty says,

ومن يشاقق الرسول من بعد ما تبين له الهدى ويتبع غير سبيل المؤمنين نوله ما تولى ونصله جهنم وساءت مصيرا

"And whoever opposes the Apostle after the obvious truth for him, and follow the path that is not the way the believers (ie the companions), We let him freely to the apostasy that has mastered it and we insert it into Jahannam, and Jahannam that bad -buruknya place back. [An-Nisa '/ 4: 115]

3. refuge in Allah from syaithan Disorders.
This is the best of the way to save yourself from syaithan and soldiers, seek refuge to Allah Almighty, for He is All-Hearing, All-Knowing and omnipotent.

Imam Ibn Kathir rahimahullah said, "meaning" I seek refuge with Allah from syaithan accursed "that I ask for protection of Allah from syaithan are cursed that bothering me on my religion, or in my world, or stop me from doing something that is commanded (God Almighty) me , or encouraged me to do what forbidden for me. Because no one can prevent syaithan of humans except Allah.

Therefore, Allah Almighty ordered to take heart and be gentle to human syaithan, by doing good to him, so tabi'atnya (good) reject interference (which he did).

And Allah ordered the (human) take refuge in Him from syaithan jinn, because he did not accept bribes and acts kindness will not affect it, because he has tabi'at evil, and will not prevent it from you unless Yang has created. "[Tafsir Ibn Kathir, 1/14, publisher: Darul Jiil, Beirut, undated]

Invoking the protection is performed in general at any time, on any plagued by syaithan, and also performed at certain times dituntunkan by Allah and His Messenger.

Allah Almighty says:

وإما ينزغنك من الشيطان نزغ فاستعذ بالله إنه سميع عليم

And if you are overwritten something temptations of Satan, then seek refuge to Allah. Indeed, He is the Hearing, the Knowing. [al-A'raf / 7: 200]

As certain times dituntunkan to beristi'adzah among others, when disturbed syaithan; the whisper of evil; disruptions in prayer; when angry; nightmare; will read the Koran; will enter the mosque; will enter a defecating; when he heard the howling of dogs and the braying of a donkey; when will berjima '; morning and evening; isti'adzah for children and families; when stopped somewhere; when going to sleep; etc. Details of the arguments are all contained in the authentic hadiths.

4. Reading the Qur'an
Indeed syaithan would run away with because reading the Qur'an, as in the hadith as follows:

عن أبي هريرة أن رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم قال لا تجعلوا بيوتكم مقابر إن الشيطان ينفر من البيت الذي تقرأ فيه سورة البقرة

From Abu Hurayrah that the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said: Do not make your houses as graves, syaithan actually ran away from home which was read surah Al-Baqarah in it ". [HR. Muslim, no: 780]

Syaithan has opened one secret to Abu Hurairah, that it was justified by the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam. Syaithan said:

إذا أويت إلى فراشك فاقرأ آية الكرسي (الله لا إله إلا هو الحي القيوم) حتى تختم الآية فإنك لن يزال عليك من الله حافظ ولا يقربنك شيطان حتى تصبح فخليت سبيله فأصبحت

"If you occupy your bed, then please read paragraph seats (laa ilaha illa Allohu huwal hayyul qayyuum) until you finish the verse, then surely you will always be a guard from Allah, and syaithan will not approach you until you get in the morning". [HR. Bukhari]

5. Increase Dzikrulloh.
Dzikrullah is a very strong fortress to protect themselves from interference syaithan. It is known from the preaching of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'alaewat His Apostles, among others, through verbal Prophet Yahya Alaihissallam, as the hadith below:

عن الحارث الأشعري أن النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم قال إن الله أمر يحيى بن زكريا بخمس كلمات أن يعمل بها ويأمر بني إسرائيل أن يعملوا بها ... وآمركم أن تذكروا الله فإن مثل ذلك كمثل رجل خرج العدو في أثره سراعا حتى إذا أتى على حصن حصين فأحرز نفسه منهم كذلك العبد لا يحرز نفسه من الشيطان إلا بذكر الله

Al-Harith Al-Ash'ari, that the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said: "Verily, Allah commanded Yahya bin Zakaria q with five sentences, in order to practice it and he ordered the Children of Israel that they practice it (among others) ..." I command you for dhikrullah (remember / mention Allah). Indeed parable like the parable of a man being pursued by his enemies quickly, so if he had come to a strong fortress, and he saved himself from them (with shelter in the castle). Such a servant would not be able to protect itself from syaithan except with the recollection of God ". [HR.Ahmad]

So if you want to survive the deception and disruption syaithan, let always wet tongue with a concentration in the liver accompanied dhikrullah.

6. Stay Together the people of the Muslim Jamat
Join the congregation of Muslims in performing a variety of worship with the congregation dituntunkan, is one way to save themselves from the target syaithan. Because the real syaithan is a wolf who will pounce on man, as wolves will attack sheep menyempal of the group.

عن أبي الدرداء قال سمعت رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم يقول ما من ثلاثة في قرية ولا بدو لا تقام فيهم الصلاة إلا قد استحوذ عليهم الشيطان فعليك بالجماعة فإنما يأكل الذئب القاصية قال زائدة قال السائب يعني بالجماعة الصلاة في الجماعة

From Abu Darda ', he said: "I have heard the Prophet sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam said:" There are three people in a village or the fields, not founded the congregation in their prayer, unless syaithan master them. So join the congregation, because the real the wolf will eat the goat alone ". [HR. Abu Dawood, no: 547]

7. Knowing the power syaithan Tipu-So beware.
Syaithan was very enthusiastic misleading people, he spent his time and all his ability deployed to undermine human. Allah Almighty warns His servants who believe from the mortal enemy of the word:

ياأيها الذين ءامنوا لاتتبعوا خطوات الشيطان ومن يتبع خطوات الشيطان فإنه يأمر بالفحشآء والمنكر

O ye who believe, do not follow the steps of Satan. Whoever follows the steps of Satan, the devil was told do indeed heinous act and what is wrong. [An-Nuur / 24: 21]

One way to avoid deceit syaithan is knowing and dismantle the deception it so it can be avoided. Because people who do not know the evil, he will easily fall into such disrepute unnoticed.

8. menyelisihi syaithan And Avoiding Deceptive Means-ingredients for human.
Syaithan is the enemy of man. Therefore, we must position them as the enemy. Allah Almighty says:

يآأيها الناس إن وعد الله حق فلا تغرنكم الحياة الدنيا ولايغرنكم بالله الغرور

O mankind, indeed the promise of Allah is true, then not ever let life of the world beguile you, and once let not the devil that clever trick, deceive you about Allah. [Fatir: 5]

Among the realization of the above is to act menyelisihi syaithan. For example:

• syaithan eating and drinking with his left hand, then selisihi him to eat and drink with the right hand.
• syaithan did qoilulah (break at noon), then we selisihi by qoilulah.
• Do not wasteful (tabdziir) because people who do tabdziir is saudarasyaithan.
• Doing something quietly and carefully, because the attitude of haste from syaithan.
• Let us make every effort so as not to evaporate, because it is from syaithan.

The arguments that we mentioned this, contained in the authentic hadiths.

Among the realization of hostility towards syaithan is is away from the means used by syaithan to mislead people, such as: music, song and khamer.

9. Sure That Deception syaithan That Weak
Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala says:

إن كيد الشيطان كان ضعيفا

Surely the guile of Satan is weak. [An-Nisa ': 76]

However deftly spread syaithan the trap-trap, we must be sure that the actual trickery syaithan was weak. Provided we always obey Allah the Almighty. Among the weaknesses syaithan namely:

• He can not open a locked door, accompanied by prayer (the name of Allah).
• He also can not eat with people who say bismillah when they wanted to eat.
• Nor can spend the night in the house entered by the occupants while reading a prayer

10. Taubat And Istighfar.
While still alive, people always need to repent and seek forgiveness to God Almighty, narrated in a hadith:

عن أبي سعيد الخدري قال سمعت رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم يقول إن إبليس قال لربه بعزتك وجلالك لا أبرح أغوي بني آدم ما دامت الأرواح فيهم فقال الله فبعزتي وجلالي لا أبرح أغفر لهم ما استغفروني

From Abu Sa'id Al-Khudri, he said: I heard the Messenger sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said: "The devil said to Robbnya:" For the sake of glory and majesty, I will always deceive Adam's children as long as the spirit is still there in them ". Then Allah says: "For the sake of glory and majesty, I will always forgive them for they beg for mercy to Me". [HR. Ahmad]

Published Lajnah Foundation Istiqomah Surakarta, Jl. Solo - Solo Purwodadi Km.8 Selokaton Gondangrejo 57 183 Tel.

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