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Monday, November 24, 2014

British men argued so mercenaries in Syria

British men argued so mercenaries in Syria
Jamie Read (left) and James Hughes (right) flanking Jordan Matson in YPG unity.

A British man, who took up arms with the troops against the Kurdish militia groups or ISIS Islamic state in Syria, insisting that he is not a mercenary.
Jamie Read and James Hughes, a former British soldier, was reported to be between 15 Western citizens who participated fought with the unity of the Kurdish troops nicknamed YPG.

Both, who also took up arms alongside the British Army in Afghanistan, appeared in a photo spread in social media.

In the photo, both posing with a citizen of the United States, Jordan Matson.
Matson known through media coverage after he expressed his involvement with YPG unity at the forefront of the battle in Syria.

The BBC, Read admits he and Hughes not mercenaries. He said deliberately helping Kurdish people fight the jihadists, without pay.
"No ... there is no concrete evidence to support these allegations," he said.
Read declined to say where he and his colleagues fought and whether there are other Britons associated with YPG unity.

Previously, a number of Western countries, such as France and the US, admitted arming Kurdish people against ISIS.

In fact, the Pentagon said US troops will be deployed to several areas to train Iraqi troops and nine unitary three Kurdish Peshmerga brigade.

YPG is an array that is formed against the Kurdish people for ISIS militia groups in Syria.

be detained
A freelance journalist, who helped YPG for the sake of media relations, told the BBC that the YPG provide weapons, uniforms, food, and accommodation to Western citizens who fought. However, he continued, YPG does not give money to them.

YPG denied they paid off Western citizens who contribute up arms against ISIS.
"I can not say with 100% authority regarding their motivation ... However, the impression I get is that these people have served their country in the armed forces of each and have a strong feeling against terrorism. They see us as a struggle between the struggle of good against evil, "said the freelance journalist.

The Foreign Office said anyone who fought in Syria would be arrested once set foot in England. They will be charged with an offense that relies on their involvement in terrorism.

More than 500 Britons allegedly involved with ISIS in Syria and 100 of them have been arrested this year. (BBC)

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