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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Free Polycarpus December?

Free Polycarpus December?

INILAH.COM, Jakarta - Convicted of the murder case of human rights activist Munir, Pollycarpus, will be free from punishment in December 2011?

Director of the Human Rights Working Group Choirul Anam revealed, the news release of the suspect murder of human rights activist was already circulating.

"Gossip fastest-gossip is Polycarp will be free this December," said Choirul told reporters after the hearing Reconsideration, in the District Court of Central Jakarta, Tuesday (7/6/2011).

The news comes from the judiciary and the legislature, since last month. "A month and a half ago we got the information from many parties, that of the many parties that close to the judicial and legislative powers," he said.

According to him, PK submission by Mr Polycarp to the Central Jakarta District Court, it can be pointed out as one of the tricks performed Polycarp to the liberation of the human rights activist's murder charges.

"If today turns PK filed with vulnerable time such check is performed one month, then sent to the Supreme Court three-four months, so we were somewhat confident he will be free in December," he said.

However Choirul itself not know the exact reason for the liberation of the convicted 20 years in prison.

"At that time we also conduct an investigation but did not see the logic," he said.

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