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Monday, November 24, 2014

Militants attack Iraqi government Reply ISIS in Ramadi

Houses in Ramadi
Militants attack Iraqi government Reply ISIS in Ramadi

Arab media reported the Iraqi government forces retaliated ISIS militants in Ramadi, capital of Anbar province, Sunday, and achieve progress in Diyala province nearby. While the conflict lasted, the Sunni Arab tribes to ask for more weapons and air support from the government.

Iraqi government aircraft ISIS attacker opened fire in Ramadi, capital of Anbar province, on Sunday, while the Sunni Arab tribes to defeat the militant attacks from all sides.

Tribal leaders claimed to confront militants tried to infiltrate the government-controlled part of the city.

Anbar Provincial Council Chairman Sabah al Karhout said ISIS waging a fierce battle to capture the city.

Al Karhout said security threats against Ramadi Sunday horrible. He indicated, Sunni Arab tribes fighting the militants had received four aircraft loaded weapons from the government, but it needs more.

Al Arabiya TV reported the Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi discussed the issue of arming Sunni Arab tribes in Anbar province officials Sunday.

In a press conference in the Jordanian capital, Amman, on Sunday (23/11), the chairman of Parliament Selim al Jabouri, Sunnis, demanding the government of arming Sunni Arab tribes in Anbar.

Al Jabouri said all tribes have helped maintain Anbar province of ISIS terrorist attacks, and ongoing dispute with the leadership of the Iraqi government on how arming tribes and pay them. He added that some of the weapons had arrived but it was not enough and needed more.

To VOA, James Denselow, a researcher at the Centre for Foreign Policy, based in London, said the government forces are making progress in parts of the country, the dilemma is now centered on how the military arm without weapons falling into the hands of ISIS.

"The Iraqi prime minister asking Americans should prepare a list of Christmas gifts. According to me, he asked MA1 Abrams tanks 175, 146 Stryker vehicles, 50 Bradley fighting vehicles. The list is getting longer now," said Denselow.

Pentagon document prepared for Congress calling for the US to buy weapons for the tribal people, including AK-47s, rocket-propelled grenades, grenade and mortar, if the request is approved budget. (VOA)

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