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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The death toll air strikes Raqqa, Iraq increased

Raqqa city
The death toll air strikes Raqqa, Iraq increased

Smoke billowing in an air strike forces supporters of President Bashar al-Assad in Raqqa.

Nearly 100 people are believed to have died because of a series of air strikes against the government troops controlled Raqqa city group calling itself the Islamic State or ISIS Tuesday, activists said.
NGOs Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claimed at least 52 civilians were killed.
An activist from Raqqa, told the BBC the only hospital still functioning in the city trouble handling injuries.
Syrian government and the US-led coalition aircraft bombed often Raqqa, fully controlled ISIS in January.
The group has made the city became the capital of the caliphate which was proclaimed in June and run according to strict Islamic law.
Campaigners said the air strikes Tuesday, government warplanes targeting at least nine places, including a crowded market near museum Raqqa.
Most of the casualties caused by two attacks carried out almost at the same time in an industrial area near the train station.

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights stated that the population directly help victims of the first attack, a victim of the next attack. (BBC)

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