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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Scene in Social Media, Children's Psychiatric Hospital Sign Due too much private lesson

Scene in Social Media, Children's Psychiatric Hospital Sign Due too much private lesson 

VIVAlife - A sad news circulating on social media in recent years, about a 6-year-old girl, who had to put into a mental hospital in East Jakarta area. He should be treated there, due to too much studied by her parents took private lessons  this and that, outside of school activities.

So much to learn, these children to experience a mental disorder and should see a mental health expert. When the child was visited by a friend of his parents, the little girl still looks cheerful, though the words were out of her tiny lips, different from most children.
To guests who visit him, he displays the ability to quickly calculate, and can speak English, although still in the scale of easy words.

People who come to visit, so sad to watch this little girl conditions. While at the end of the room, the mother looks endless wiping her tears, she continued to cry in tears seeing kejiwaaan conditions experienced by his daughter. Seeing her mother continued to be sad, little plain and then said softly, "Mother do not cry dong, ... I've been smart right now? But I do not want to sleep at Mother yes. I wants bobo same doctor handsome and beautiful course. "

Regardless of whether this story is true or mere hoaxes in social media, but as parents, we should be able to reap a valuable lesson from this story. When asked about the case, RA Oryza sativa, SPsi, Psi, CH. CCR, a clinical psychologist from Awal Bros said, he also had heard this news and regretted if the story was true.

"If true, then this includes cases are quite rare because I rarely heard of a case, where there is a child that age should receive serious treatment in a mental hospital. Actually it does not need to happen, if we as parents, can be wise in terms of educating children, "said Oriza, Tuesday, November 25, 2014.

He explained, today many fathers and mothers who are not aware, that this time they have to impose their will on the child. The slogan that parents are protective figure and protector, instead of being turned into a figure that "torturer," if in terms of educating them too much weight sons and daughters.
To VIVAlife, Oryza explained in psychology there is the term burnout in children. This is the term for a psychiatric condition due to fatigue so, which caused too much work activity. So what are the reasons that cause a child to burnout and what things you can do as a parent, to prevent it?

Too Much Learning, Kids Can Make "Burned"
VivaViva - 14 hours ago
Too Much Learning, Kids Can Make "Burned" View Photos
Too Much Learning, Kids Can Make "Burned"
VIVAlife - Lately rumors on social media, a 6-year-old female child, to be admitted to the Mental Hospital (RSJ), due to too diforsir parents to follow too many lessons, in addition to school activities.

The children who are fed too many lessons at an early age, allegedly experiencing burnout (burning) or psychiatric conditions were very tired from too much activity. The full article on this story can be read here.

RA Oryza Sativa, SPsi, Psi, CH. CCR, a clinical psychologist from Awal Bros said the case is rare because usually mental disorders in children, no one has ever had to be sent to a psychiatric hospital.

To VIVAlife he explained, there are several factors that cause a person to have a psychiatric disorder. One of them should be seen first genetic factors, whether there is a history in the family and others. But it is often the case, the burnout child factors, usually triggered because the child was forced school age should not deserve the school.
"Or that as happened in this case, in addition to a busy school, the child in the home is still fed a lot of tutoring. Whereas in the growth of age, he has not been able to accommodate all of these things," says psychologist, who was a regular on the television talk show.

According to him, the way parents educate their children determine psychiatric conditions. If you are concerned your child is not smart, not achievement, and gives much of the burden in the form of les this and that, sooner or later it will torture the child.
Oriza mengakan, parents believe that a child should by itself would be smart, in accordance with the age and the lessons he absorbed, without necessarily have you forced in haste.

Attitudes among other parents, are often comparing the child with a neighbor's child, the child's cousins, or friends with children in the office. As if they would be embarrassed, if not superior to his other children. In fact they should be aware, the advantages of each child is different. There are great at teaching counting, there are good at drawing, and there is great in science lessons.
"So every child is unique, and not perhaps be compared like that," said the psychologist.

Do not force a child talent

Keep in mind, the task of the children were actually only two. The first play, the second study. So even as a father the mother we direct them to study hard, but do not forget the rights of children to get enough playing time.
Do not constantly forced to learn, but his playing rights removed. It is precisely this kind of unnatural and potentially make the child's brain burnout. Though the slogan that had been circulated, the world's children are playing.

Oriza said, the definition of a child is too smart not limited to just a good replay value. Smart was there every kind. If your child is not too well the value of a test in mathematics, but he looks great mengiring ball on the field, meaning when a large potential to become a footballer. Is not that good?

So, do the same flatten your child's abilities with other people's children. Why children are forced to be good at math, but there passionnya in sport? "Adequate a child's IQ is in the range of 90 - 110. So if his IQ test results in a range of numbers, it means that he has included smart. Never again you forced it into something, which naturally he did not understand. "

Added, to tutor her son was allowed as long as it does look like the subject area. But remember, not too much, because everything that is excessive is definitely not good.

The psychologist explained, other forms of Intelligence is in the association. A child who jaunty also a life skill that should be respected. According to him, a child must have at least one friend. As such, he is still able to interact with the environment, in addition to his family at home.

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