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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Case Michael Brown: Protesters do vandalism, looting

Case Michael Brown: Protesters do vandalism
Case Michael Brown: Protesters do vandalism, looting

The police threatened to arrest protesters who vandalize
Hundreds of demonstrators set fire to police cars and looting after the jury in Ferguson, Missouri, police decide who shot black teenager Michael Brown free of charge.

Michael Brown's family said they were very disappointed with the decision of the police named Darren Wilson was but asked people to calm down.
US President Barack Obama in a White House news conference after the decision, he said that while he could understand that the majority of Americans disappointed and angry, demonstrations should be conducted peacefully.

A week after Michael Brown was shot dead, protests continue
Clashes and violence continue to occur in the city of Ferguson, the state of Missouri, United States a week after police shot dead Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager.

The protesters on Saturday (16/08) to protest the actions of the police by throwing bottles at police who responded with tear gas.
Police have released a video showing Brown robbery at the store.
Family Brown asked the public to remain calm despite the CCTV footage shows Michael Brown stole from a store and intimidate shopkeepers.
Not "perfect"

Family Brown said their children are not "perfect" but criticized what they call the police trying to "justify the execution-style murder".

The killing sparked clashes between police and protesters over the incident.
"We do not want to see violence on the streets. Please keep protesting peacefully," said cousin Michael Brown, Eric Davis.

Human rights leader Al Sharpton aksasi say an apple a family headed by Michael Brown is scheduled to be held on Sunday (17/08).
"Family Brown never said Mike Brown is perfect," said a lawyer representing the Brown family.

Meanwhile, Obama promised menyuluruh investigation on the death of Michael Brown. (BBC)

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