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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Dialysis (hemo dialysis): a death sentence?

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Depok, West Java, Indonesia, November 27, 2014, 02:19 (GMT)

dr esnawan antariksa hospital
Dialysis (hemo dialysis): a death sentence?

It has been nearly 18 times, more than two months I do dialysis (hemo dialysis), Alhamdulillah (praise be to God Almighty) I am now getting healthy (fit), is no longer as people want to die (faint) before I follow dialysis at Home Owned Hospitals Air Force  dr.Esnawan Antariksa

My wife and I had refused recommendations medicine physicians in Tugu Ibu Hospital, Dr. Salman that I should immediately do hemo dialysis.
Once threatened with Dr. Salman: '' If your husband  does not want  do hemo dialysis, I was not going on before the Lord, but the scientific theory of medicine that the mother's husband is not washed the blood, the life of your husband just had a month, that could be an annual blood washed, '' threatened Salman doctor.

I, my wife and daughter Salman doctor flinched at the threat of it, because in Tugu Ibu Hospital, despite being available equipment dialysis machines, but has not provided the surgeon who can install doublelement and recommended Semino then I put in the hospital doublement esnawan hospital.

At the hospital I went to see a doctor esnawan  dr widodo disease that will pair doublelement, such a tool in the neck to facilitate the process of dialysis.
Assisted by two senior nuns and sisters sisters Eta dina, on the first day Dr. widodo delay the installation process due to high blood doublelement I suddenly jumped so 210/90. I returned the next two days, although the return was delayed two hours because of my high blood pressure was 280/80. Having given my high blood pressure-lowering drugs were told to sleep for a whilin the operating room, my high blood pressure dropped to 260/80, the new Dr. Widodo dare put doublelement.

As a participant Social Security Government Healthcare (JPPS)  previous day I asking for a recommendation of a young female doctor in Poliklimik, Villa Pertiwi, Depok. I express wish to ask for letters of recommendation will be on dialysis in hospital Esnawan.

'' What can be cured mother dialysis doctors, '' I asked., Java mother's doctor: '' Well hopefully God still gives sustenance to the Father '', That means that as long as we are given a breath it means that God is still a member of sustenance on us. Allamdulilah. (Thanks to God Almighty only)

I chose the hospital esnawan thanks to the recommendation of my neighbors who live a block with me at Villa Pertiwi, Depok, Mr. Yusuf Effendi, who already this year to do dialysis ranging from Cikini hospital, hospital Islam Sukapura, North Jakarta and last in hospital esnawan space.

I chose to adjust to two days a week with Mr. Yusuf Effendi, because I can '' ride a car '' vehicle equally to the hospital. Belong to Mr. Yusuf, 71 years old, a former teacher retired Secondary Technical School (STM) This country has always faithfully accompanied by his wife, 61, who always message him for 4 hours of dialysis.

From left home at 10.00am, to the hospital around 11:00. AM in the morning, usually we waited about an hour in the waiting room yng now comfortably air-conditioned, while chat (chat) with other fellow patients.
Chat usually dominated Mr. Cecep, a retired Air Force colonel, who has six years of dialysis. Cecep, 63 yeas old father often brought his own car from his home on the way to the hospital Kali Malang. '' But, my first three years of suffering, I carried disposable hospital stretcher, '' the story of Mr. Cecep. '' I was to the hospital itself, so that my wife can take care of grandchildren at home Dad said Cecep, who occasionally also accompanied by his wife in the hospital.
Cecep's father admitted kidney failure due to complications of high blood pressure.

A wide variety of causes of renal failure patients have to go through dialysis, there is still an active police duty, students, workers and mostly retired.

Most of kidney failure is a complication of high blood pressure, diabetes, some drug toxicity, taking random drug without a prescription, minimal tonic tonic and soda-soda and food and beverage preservatives, or likes wine alcohol.
Now my daughter who worked so consultants Risk Management (risk management) clients include PT Bukit Asam Coal and PT IPC (Pelindo) ever '' commemorate '' his boss who likes to eat and drink in restaurant fast food. '' The boss do not often drink preservatives like that, later on dialysis as my father, '' cried my daughter, the boss, '' which is like buying drinks preservative dozens.

Every time I started dialysis I always talk with nurses which will install the washing machine hose blood in doublelement. '' sisters, there is no dialysis patients who survived out of this hospital, '' I asked. Almost all nurses no one dared to answer "Yes there is. But there is a grandmother, who had been on dialysis three times a week, then managed dialysis only once a week. '' It's too stubborn grandmother, after dialysis only once a week, but because of stubborn, vain eat everithing grandmother returned dialysis twice week, '' the story of a nurse.

There are also patients who had been on dialysis for 14 years at the hospital Esnawan, the sixth year he was no longer out of urine (urinary / urines).
There is a worker has three years of dialysis, dialysis he chose the night shift, so the next morning can actively working on a supermakrket.

Indeed, if we get bored too supine sleep for four hours to do dialysis. Every now and then I closed my eyes andr emembrance (ask for forgiveness to God Almighty and pray), occasionally literate than watching TV in front of the bed, or equal Chat wife or neighbor fellow patients.

True said Indonesian senior artist Ria Irawan, who like his confession on television, Ria Irawan cancer servics affected said ''we form of this disease so that we can introspection and repentance In God is the creator of the Universe''.

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